A Coffee Addicts Morning Routine

How does a coffee addict craft the perfect morning routine? It all started with a strict nightly habit that set her up for success. I personally enjoy presetting the coffee pot to go off at a specific hour each day. We use a Ninja all in one and the time it takes to brew coffee is roughly 10 minutes. If I’m not waking the same time as my husband and there are several hours in between us getting out of bed; I will use a single cup pour over maker.

Oh hey coffee lovers! I’m Victoria, call me Vic. I started craving coffee in my 30’s. A little story about how family gatherings revolved around coffee. Initially I disliked the smell of coffee on my breath and everyone else’s, but there was something about the aesthetics that really made me an addict today. I’m not so addicted that I need 5 cups a day anymore, but I certainly enjoy a few cups. I’ve gone from black to ditching creamers and switching to milk, try it with brown sugar rather than regular and concoct whatever iced coffee I come up with for the afternoons.

How A Coffee Addict Spends Her Mornings

Between 4-6 AM, I wake up naturally. The sun usually rises here around 7. We now live on a preserve and the master bedroom is right next to it. Sun shines in naturally with blinds closed. The coffee pot is set the previous night. I usually won’t get up unless I smell it brewing. The scent alone gets me going. Well now that I’m in my 40’s, the bladder just wakes me up no problem.

I almost always go back to bed for a few more hours because I need my beauty sleep. I cannot express how important sleep is to our well being. I’m currently practicing getting a full 7 hours without any distractions. Some things I do at night to prepare for bed:

  • set a diffuser with lavender
  • tidy up the bedroom and master bath areas
  • wash my face, floss, brush teeth and put jammies on
  • use a weighted blanket to relieve stress and restless leg syndrome
  • sip earl grey tea or another blend
  • watch a netflix binge with my husband for a few hours
  • get the pets all cozy in
  • set the coffee pot and restore the water in containers
  • clean up kitchen and living areas, throw cat toys out

Morning Self Care Routine For A Coffee Addict Mama

10 Things I Do Every Single Morning

  • Check my phone– I always turn the notifications off before bed so I can actually get a good nights rest. The only reason I check the phone straight away is because of my girls. The other things can wait until I’ve had a cup of coffee
  • Go to the bathroom and brush my teeth (lightly)
  • Splash cold water on my face
  • Pour my coffee– If Doug gets up at the same time, I will pour his too. He rarely pours mine but he’s getting better, LOL
  • Make the bed
  • Move the stuff in front of the door back to it’s normal place. (I have severe anxiety before I go to sleep but that’s another topic)
  • Sit down on and visit with the cats while drinking my coffee. If I’m the only one in the living room then there is no tv on during this time. I use this time to reflect, gratitude, thoughts for the day
  • Check the dryness of my lanai plants and water if necessary, prune
  • Give myself at least 2 hours before I begin working


We made a big move and relocated back down south to help my mother in law and not even 3 months of being here was smashed by a truck who’s driver had no insurance and was texting. So, I’ve been really taking my mornings to relax as much as I possibly can. I run a stress free life (I’d like to think), and it’s just important for me to slowly adjust to new surroundings, etc..

Normally it takes me years to recoup from trauma. I will gain weight, lose weight, have good days and bad ones. More often than not I’m extremely tense. Natural remedies is all I can do. I barely remember to take Aleve for inflammation let alone go to a doctor for treatment.

I enjoy iced coffee after two cups of hot. A black cup and a cup with milk (whole now) and some sugar. Not a lot. I have been so good about cutting my sugar intake. I am allergic to store bought creamers, wheat, soy, nuts, everything.

Working From Home

Since Covid, I’ve been mostly working from home creating ways to bring in some extra income and selling on FB marketplace. It’s been nice to have that outlet.

  • Start up the computer– Emails are the first thing I open due to shop related messages and sales. I make sure I check everyday because my listings all state 1 business day. I then work on editing posts if necessary. If the website looks good or has recently been updated I will wait a week before making changes.
  • Open The Apps– The ONLY reason I open these so quickly is because I have notifications that need to be addressed in certain groups we run. FB is an important one to update and the others typically get pulled open to post come afternoon time.

Morning Is Me Time

Finally I get to address my beauty routine. Whew. Never saw that coming. A quick splash of cold water on my face is all I do before really washing up. I throw my hair up in a messy bun if I’m not washing today and get to pampering. These rollers are everything mama!

Bouncing back and forth between the bathroom, the kitchen and wherever the computer is, I find a way to figure out what time I’ll want to head out for the day. I’m lucky enough to make my own schedule so, typically I wake up 3-4 hours before I need to leave the house.

Mornings Be Like ☕️

Routine is everything for me. Being organized is a must. Little things like not having the coffee set the previous night could throw my entire day off. Or not loading my own dishwasher, clearing the sink or picking things up off the floors.

Yes, I do all of that cleaning before leaving the house. I have to. If Mama’s house ain’t clean, nobody’s house is getting cleaned.

During busier months I will do more nightly routines to make mornings flow much easier. I am a sloppy, lazy house cleaner but I’m very efficient in the way that I do things. I’m also very quick. I’ve been doing it since I was 12. You don’t have to do it all perfectly. I’ll never be a perfect house cleaner, but I will be a consistent one that maintains some style of sanity.

How do you tackle your morning routines? I’d love to hear. Take it easy mama. Until next time, more coffee please.

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