9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About The Benefits of Coffee

Ever wonder what the benefits of coffee are? Interestingly enough there’s plenty of health and wellness facts about coffee that maybe you didn’t know about. Today we’re breaking down all the good that comes with this most popular drink and you’re about to learn something new.

Many of you may remember that I went all black years ago. Upon a Pinterest post, I discovered that you need a little sugar in your coffee to balance your insulin levels. Some studies that have been read DO NOT offer that information. A lot of things that I come across just state, ‘If you drink more coffee, you’re less likely to develop diabetes’. They don’t clarify that you need the sugar in the black coffee so, I started adding about 1/2 teaspoon back into my cup. I feel like it makes a huge difference. But, my body is weird and I often have to switch things up from time to time. Can you relate?

Interesting Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

  • Coffee Can Reduce The Effects Alcohol Has On Your Liver– while many studies just mention the fact that ‘It’s Good For Your Insides’…they don’t tell you in depth why the COFFEE is good. Livestrong spells it out for us. If you or someone you know has struggled with having too much alcohol in their system, tell them to drink more coffee please! It can reverse the effects and give your liver the proper care that it needs.
  • Reduces The Risk Of Suicide + Depression– maybe you already knew this and so did I but it’s extremely important to keep up the awareness about these two because I’ve battled them both in my lifetime. And, as many of you may have, just knowing that coffee in our lives can help save us is a true gift. Drink more and go on lots of coffee dates! I love you.
  • All Coffee Is Not Created Equal– most coffee is grown in countries with little to no standards regulating the use of pesticides and chemicals. Farm rich, organic coffee is far more healthy than Folgers (I’m guilty of drinking this daily) and inexpensive brands. Pay a little more for a better coffee life!
  • Adding Cinnamon is an Added Bonus– I love cinnamon and knew that it was healthy but not this healthy. Adding just a little to your coffee every morning can do a boat load of positivity for our bodies.
  • Coffee Tightens Your Skin– um hello, why do you think I make so much coffee scrub? I usually just use on my face (because it is so messy) but, if you rub into your skin (do in the morning only-or when you want to be wide awake) to watch the cellulite and wrinkles fade. Not to mention this homemade body scrub makes your skin super soft.

Coffee Benefits For The Health Enthusiasts

  • Helps Grow Hair– this is one I haven’t heard yet but those suffering baldness, alopecia, here’s a reason to drink at least 2-3 cups a day.
  • Coffee Boosts Your Mood– it’s an instant mood booster after the 3rd sip
  • Coffee Could Help Reduce Chronic Pain– true story! I went in to have an unexpected surgery and the physician on duty said I had a high tolerance to pain. He didn’t understand why I wasn’t screaming or crying when he pressed the area that was affected. I said, ‘I don’t know, maybe because I have kids!?’ But after doing some research I discovered that it was because I drank coffee. I suffer from migraines and chronic pain. Coffee really helps. If you drink too much though, it will cause headaches. So be sure to balance your coffee intake.
  • Coffee Makes You Social– I never liked talking to people until I started drinking coffee. It’s a natural way to get over social anxiety and become the life of the crowd.

There’s a ton of health benefits relating to coffee. Did you know that it could help with erectile dysfunction? Certain cancer fighting studies out there claim coffee is the all natural way to detox as well.

What’s your go to coffee everyday? Until next time, more coffee please.

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