The Lazy Moms Guide To Cleaning


The Lazy Moms Guide To Cleaning is a 29 page ebook with helpful house cleaning tips, decluttering, minimalism, organization and mindset transformation. Download and Read Anywhere.



Start cleaning less and living more with this helpful house cleaning guide divided into sections for decluttering, simple organization, going more minimal with exercises that build a better mindset around the daily chore list.

  • 29 pages of reading, interactive worksheets
  • closet purging 101
  • tackling one space at a time
  • decluttering vs. organizing
  • how to create a room just for you
  • self care tips
  • challenge of the day

Ditch the hoarding mentality, go a little more minimal and start to enjoy the household cleaning just a little more. Chemical free is the way to be!

PDF Download- read anywhere. Available for immediate download. Simply purchase and then hit the download button.