• diy coffee scrub
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    DIY Sugar Body Scrubs || Coffee Exfoliate

    If you’re a fan of our page then you know how much I love creating good ol’ coffee body scrubs. With sugar being the main ingredient, it’s super easy to whip one of your own up right at home to enjoy the ‘day spa’ experience. I’m really into the ‘all natural’ way of life so, here’s a DIY sugar body scrub coffee beauty product that will make your skin feel sugalicious! I will make enough that lasts several months and even with no preservatives, it maintains it’s potency. The key is adding enough coconut oil. If you do make a sugar body scrub and weeks later notice that it has…

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    How To Make Your Hair Grow Fast

    If you’re wondering how to make your hair grow fast, I’ve got you mama! Sometimes we mistakenly chop off all of our hair and, we totally regret it. Even if the stylist says, “You need to cut your hair,” I’m saying NO, you don’t. Now granted, if it’s completely fried and you don’t mind trimming the heck out of it, go right ahead. But, today we’re going to repair your hair so that it appears healthy once again. Grow Your Hair Lightening Fast I can’t remember why I wanted to chop my hair off, but I did and I really disliked it. So of course I tried everything to help…

  • self care routines for women

    8 Self Care Routines

    I think it’s often easy to slip away from our own self care routines and truthfully it’s not just a mom thing…it’s a person thing. We tend to get wrapped up in life, work, the kids, and taking care of others; which is all fine and dandy but, the real person who needs special attention is YOU! Here’s 8 things I’m currently doing to perform my own self care routines that make me feel better instantly. I would love to hear what you have been doing this past month as well. 8 SELF CARE ROUTINES THAT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER INSTANTLY Personally I go through bouts of neglecting myself and…

  • how to make your nails grow fast

    How To Make Your Nails Grow Extremely Fast

    How to make your nails grow extremely fast. It was always hard for my nails to grow fast and keep them at a good length. But, I found this one trick that makes them long and strong. Happened by complete accident. I was working a rather hectic work schedule and my main goal in our cleaning business at the time was to start cleaning naturally. So I started cleaning with white vinegar. Somehow I was wiping surfaces with a cloth that had this product on it and all of a sudden I noticed my nails becoming stronger, healthier. White vinegar does this trick? No. Can’t be. I was trying to…

  • boost immune system

    11 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System

    Hello Loves! I know I’ve been talking a lot about boosting your immune systems on social media but I wanted to really give you all a good look into how healthy and life changing this is. It’s a trying time and there’s no better way to practice better choices. For me, foods are the hardest. How natural do we eat, how well do you sleep? These are just a few things that help boost our immune system, so let’s dive in. Here’s 13 ways to de-stress if you need some tips! How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally What is the first thing you think of when trying to boost…

  • how to strip your hair

    How To Strip Your Hair From Toxins All Naturally

    Hello Beauty Lovers! A couple of months ago I started detoxing my hair from all sorts of pollution. As most of you know, I work in the cleaning industry, live in the south where the sun is incredibly damaging to your hair and my body’s immune system needed a boost. I quickly started adding vitamins and minerals to my daily routine and over the past few months I already notice a difference in how I look & feel! My hair has been blonde for years. I am constantly replenishing the nutrients back into my curly locks but, I didn’t realize that I was doing it all wrong. Until now. Naturally…

  • coffee and banana smoothie
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    Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen

    For all my coffee loving, collagen booster sisters out there, try this coffee protein smoothie! It’s sinfully delicious with an added banana for those necessary health benefits. Did you know that by consuming at least 2 bananas a day will help your digestive system tremendously? It’s hard for me to eat one, so I’m taking it slow. And, if you allow the banana to turn a little brown, even better. That’s when it’s richest. After my gallbladder removal I’ve learned a ton about my insides. Eating healthier foods that really make me feel better is super important. Oddly, ice cream doesn’t bother me as much. Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen…