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13 Natural Ways To De-Stress – how to handle everyday stress

how to deal with stress
how to relieve stress naturally

I’ve been sort of mastering my way through life living all naturally in terms of health issues and stress. Most of us live day by day carrying this baggage without even realizing it. Until one day your body says, ‘Hey, hey you! I need some extra attention over here’. I struggle with health issues that arise from everyday stresses and it’s extremely important for me to listen to my body. If two days go by and my shoulders start to feel that elephant sitting there, I know it’s time to take action. One of the things I used to struggle with is sleep. I’m a mom of two girls. One is 20 and the other just turned 15.

Natural Ways To De-Stress

My whole life after having them has been sleep deprived. I would function on maybe 5 hours of sleep per night, sometimes less, sometimes a little more. But I never slept more than 2-3 hours at a time. I am an all natural girl. Yes, I’ve taken the OTC medications to help relieve inflammation and Excedrin for migraines. I have never been on prescription meds for anything. So today we’re going to talk about the ways that help me de-stress and perhaps a great way to start is by stepping up your ‘YOU’ game.

1.) Drink Lemon Water– this is a great way to start refreshing your mind and body. A full glass of water with lemon really gets you recharged.

2.) Step Away From Everything– the only way to ‘DE’ anything is to remove from those triggers. Whenever I’m at an all time high, I quickly put the phone down, take time to breathe and go outside. This can be just for a moment throughout my day and I’m instantly feeling better. When you remove yourself from whatever bothers you, you give yourself a chance to calm. We need calmness otherwise we are filled with too many hormones that get out of whack.

3.) Go For A Brisk Walk– not everyone does this and I recommend more than anything. Even if it’s just to the corner and back, it helps improve your vitality. I’m no Dr. but I know what I’m talking about.

4.) Eat An Apple– apples are high in vitamins and antioxidants. Chew on an apple and watch how relaxed your body gets.

5.) Detox– this is simply by cleaning out all the bad toxins in your body. Whether it’s with a food cleanse or a hot bath with sugar scrubs, I recommend this every couple of days to keep your stress under control. I immediately get the cloves of garlic going when my body needs a quick flush. Yes, eating raw garlic smells but you need to heal your insides.

6.) Rest– It’s easy to say more than do but it’s essential in our well being. I have trained my brain in the last few months ‘that you are going to sleep and you are going to like it’. I had to wash away all the things I was thinking throughout the day and put on that ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ attitude in order to rest. If we allow ourselves to constantly worry, we harm our well beings and that’s not good for anyone- Cast your worries onto Jesus.

7. Wake Up + Fall Asleep At The Same Time Everyday– most everyone has a structured routine but if you don’t, you can get a little more stress than you actually need. For instance, being late is never a good thing. I’ve lived by this for over 25 years. Never be late to anything. Getting up and going to bed at the same time daily will help you in your success.

8.) Turn Up The Music– WHO on earth goes without listening to some jams. Music is good for the soul. But I also am a firm believer in SILENCE. When I am cleaning a house I tend to play it by ear. Am I in the mood for music or quiet time?! You just kind of know. If you haven’t listened to some songs in quite some time, turn it up girl!

9.) Buy A Bar– No, not that bar silly. A lemon bath bar. Or bath salts, body rejuvenation items. Shopping for me is just a de-stressor because when I need to escape the chaos, Home Goods is there for me! I don’t go on shopping sprees. Just a simple few bath essentials to sniff.

10.) Enjoy A Low-Carb Meal– Foods low in carbs, sugar and fats are always a great way to unwind after a long day of work, taking the kids to practice, etc… healthy my coffee loving friends. 30 Low Carb Dinner Recipes In 30 Minutes or Less will have you feeling like, WHOAAAA!

11.) Vacuum– Cleaning is an all natural stress reliever. I tend to overdo it with my cleaning business but, this is actually a life lesson that I know everything about. When you take your time doing it, it’s really helpful. Vacuum the floors every other day or so. This and doing dishes ( even if you hate them ) will give yourself a chance to relax the mind. We have a dishwasher but do a few dishes by hand. Of course having the right supplies helps. Stock up on the best cleaning products for you and your home.

12.) Write– Even if it’s some notes on your desk, a chance to sit down, clear your mind and write is a beautiful way to release unwanted energy. I find that writing is a tool to beat anxiety, depression and so many more health related issues. I try to encourage everyone to start a blog. If you don’t know how, that’s fine. You don’t necessarily have to publish it. Just use as a journal.

13.) De-Clutter– Last but not least, decluttering is a ‘MUST’ in all of our lives! You have to clear your mind, home, and everything around you. If stress is something that you would consider that takes over, I highly recommend throwing things away. That could even relate to people. Toss the unwanted negativity. Clutter rules us. It’s an everyday struggle for some. Take a garbage bag around the house and throw things you never use or barely ever use AWAY! No thinking, just toss! Go through the cupboards, under the sinks, and drawers to clear the (debris). It’s causing the stress that we don’t need.

Some stress can be a good thing. But when you become overwhelmed with it, it’s time to step away and rejuvenate your entire surroundings.

  • Eating healthier
  • Drink more water
  • Cleaning
  • Breathing in FRESH air will help you relieve stress ALL NATURALLY!

Love yourself more || Pay attention to your body || Know how to take care of you!

Take a moment to share your stories below and help us add to this list! Until next time, more coffee please.

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How To Host A Really Fun Coffee Party

how to have a coffee party

There’s fall birthday parties, anniversaries, receptions, graduation, baby showers, bridal, galentines, and even guys night out BUT what about the coffee parties!? We’re about to get caffeinated and social my coffee addict mama’s. Having a super awesome bar set up is the highlight. Rest assured we know how to host a fabulous coffee party ( for all ages ).

how to host a coffee party

How To Host A Really Fun Coffee Party

Now, whether you’d like this coffee party to be at your own home, office or a coffee shop ( lots of venues to choose from ), we want to incorporate all the necessities to have friends and family talking about this event for years to come! My house always has a coffee bar but I have visions of throwing big coffee parties like, whoaaaa! I’m a coffee addict….what did you expect?! And although I am genuinely a true coffee addict, I will be completely honest with you – I do NOT know everything there is to know about coffee. So, this post and every post to come will be a learning experience for myself as well as our new readers.

How To Host a Fabulous Coffee Party

But First Coffee……What’s a party without the beans?!

First things first: decorations, coffee and people! Coffee bar decor is essential because this is what everyone will see when they arrive. Depending on how many guests you may have will depend on the size table for your bar area. You could also create additional snacks and drinks on a kitchen island or counter top. Pic above via.

Where to find coffee decor + party supplies-

  • Amazon is overloaded with coffee signs, paper dishes, disposable coffee cups + more. Simply type what you’re looking for in the search and browse weeks before your party date.
  • Etsy is my all time favorite online place to shop because people create handmade/vintage goodies just for these types of parties.
  • Your local Target, TJMaxx, Marshall’s & Home Goods- these places are filled with great supplies, decor and things you’ll need to host this awesome coffee party! Don’t forget the mugs.

Things You’ll Need:

  • regular mugs and disposable coffee cups ( have additional solo cups for things like lemon water, etc )
  • coffee ( ground and beans for decoration purposes; pour some beans in glass jars to set around the area for aroma and who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous coffee beans )
  • plates and dishes- set these up around the coffee station for easy access
  • thank you gifts- I mentioned the mugs above because you’ll want to give a little gift bag away as a momentum thanking them for coming. Be creative….maybe a mug with some goodies in it and a nice thank you card
  • a table to set everything up on- use your kitchen islands and counter tops if you have enough space
  • coffee makers- typically you would want a Keurig or one cup maker to allow everyone to get fresh coffee when they choose. Keep in mind that hosting a coffee party requires some commercial equipment, so buy a better machine. Also a 12-18 cup maker to keep brewing throughout the event. Possibly 2-3 depending on how many guests are invited
How To Set Up A Fabulous Coffee Party Bar Via

Here’s some awesome displays to give y’all ideas on how to decorate your coffee parties.

More Things You’ll Need:

  • snacks, food and desserts- here’s a breakfast party idea that involves delicious morning foods. However, if you’d like to host this party in the afternoon or evening that’s totally acceptable because not all coffee lovers only drink in the mornings

Once you get a clear idea on how you want to host this party, get invitations out at least 6 weeks in advance. Also make sure that you create the event on FB under events and invite everyone you want to join.

A coffee party can be morning, noon or night. I have friends with kids who drink coffee and I know how ( to some ) that might be crazy but some parents believe it helps regulate hormones, and gives them the balance they need throughout the day. So, a mini bar for children with DECAF coffee or even hot cocoa would be fun if you’re planning this event for adults with children coming too!

Coffee Parties For All Ages

Hosting and catering a coffee party doesn’t have to be difficult. Just have multiple choices like: Regular Coffee, Decaf, and even Tea as an option for friends that want something different. Heck, throw a drink of your choice in a disposable coffee cup for your kids and PRETEND there is coffee in it.

tips on how to create an awesome coffee party

Remember that this is the perfect time to get to know each other, meet new faces, mingle and enjoy GOOD conversations over DELICIOUS coffee. Not everyone needs to meet a new friend at a bar or church. Host your own coffee party and start a new trend.

While an event like this may be expensive; good things rich in flavor are worth it……..preparing to host a coffee party way in advance is the key to a fabulous outcome. It’s fun, a truly terrific idea and who says you can’t rock out a coffee bar every now and again for more excitement?! I know that there are tons of folks craving a party like this, so get preparing and get hosting!

Pro Coffee Addict Tips:

  • ask local coffee shops if they’d like to sponsor this event for you- in return you can display their business cards and promote them on your social media accounts
  • ask a friend to go in with you- girlfriends + sisters + moms love throwing parties. Everyone pitch in to create the best party of the year
  • collab with other bloggers and small business shops for those gift bag treats we mentioned above. Mugs and goodies can get expensive but if you ask people to donate a little gift of some sort in exchange for some advertising, you’ll knock out a really awesome giveaway
  • look for clearance deals- my inner decor on a budget always kicks in and I scour the racks at Target and TJMaxx for anything worthy of hosting a party ( dishes in particular )

And That’s How You Throw A Fabulous Coffee Party

Be sure to share your pic parties on IG using the hashtag COFFEEADDICTMAMA and Like Us ON FB. Until next time, visit our sidebar and chat with other coffee addicts daily! XO

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What Is Minimalism and Why It’s So Important For Me In My Personal Life as well as blogging!

You may still be wondering about that word minimalism. Having heard of it by now, I’m sure that some of you often think it’s not the right option for you. Minimalism is the act of being free in our personal lives, homes and even with people. I’ve lived this way for several years now and incorporate it into my blogging as well. I create simple clean designs that make it better for myself and our readers because I don’t do well with complete chaos. Having a lot, is too much. So what is minimalism really? And why is it so important for our well beings.

Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom.


For me personally, I use the less is more. In a lot of my writing you’ll hear me talking about how I get rid of things quite often. It’s been a lifestyle for over 20 years now. I never really thought of this word until most recent years. Decluttering is a way of life for me. If I ever feel stressed about anything, I run around the house with a garbage bag and start throwing things I no longer want away. Never thinking about it for a second. I just tolerate this act because it’s basically a stress reliever for myself.


Many of you know that I am a professional house cleaner, so I see things all of the time. Classic hoarding, pile ups, overstuffed closets with things that aren’t considered a ‘necessity’ to live. The reason people hold onto ‘things’ is because they have a hard time with letting go. It’s not normal for them to throw something away if they believe they can use it again in the future. You may think you’ll need it but the truth is, you probably never will.

Think of a time when you had to clean all of your child’s toys up before a guest arrived. Or a time when you crunched in cleaning on one day because the rest of the days you’re too busy working, picking up the kids from school and taking them to practice. This is life. And it’s okay. It happens because we have too much stuff. Why does one child need over 100 toys and books. Because it’s a collection. We love to collect. I’m going to share ways you can still collect the things you enjoy and live minimal at the same time.

Healthy living has become very essential in my life. I experience less depression and stress when everything is clean, my home is easy to walk through and my surroundings are clear. What I mean by that is, not having anything blocking entryways, stuff not being where I can stub my toe, not having too many furniture pieces in one room. The more items you have, the more you have to clean. Or in some cases, some people neglect to clean them and the dust is 3 inches thick, things fall behind the furniture and never gets picked up, etc…..etc. This is not healthy. Did you know that the air we breathe inside our homes is more toxic than the air outside. Tis’ true. I learned that when I went with all natural cleaning products.


  • get rid of big pieces of furniture and opt for smaller, easy fitting pieces that don’t take up extra space- I love mid century modern because they’re built just for this in mind.
  • use the 3 trick rule- as a number to go off, if you have more than 3 pieces to a room or more than 3 bottles of shampoo in your shower, toss them or organize them under the sink.
  • declutter at least once a week until it’s maintainable. I take a garbage bag and go from room to room ridding things we don’t use or need any more. This includes dishes, kitchen stuff, books, clothing and beauty products. Food items, drawers that have all those things we throw in there……just toss everything you do NOT need.
  • learn more about Feng Shui– this helped me realize that the energy was extremely important in my lifestyle. I wanted nothing but positive and good vibes all around me. If you store things under your bed like most do, it’s bad energy. Your closet space should not be over crowded just because it has a door it can hide behind. These things help you realize that a clutter free home makes such a difference.

I’m a collector, so initially my love for books becomes a problem. But I create unique ways to stack them to enjoy without the stress of hoarding. I take about 4 books and set on a shelf with a plant on top. I also love the look of them being piled on the floor in one straight stack. Even works as an end table if you have enough books. If you love to display things you collect, find unique places to store them. Curio cabinets are much of the past. I personally don’t like them. They’re bulky, collect dust and so instead, use an open shelving appeal. This allows you to hang open shelves in 3’s or 4’s on a wall and place the things you truly like on those shelves.

Living minimal is truly a way of life that has changed and challenged me in so many ways. I used to be a lover of shoes { still am } but do I really need 20 pairs? No! I kept 3 that I like to switch out from time to time and have about 3 pairs of flip flops. I was a hoarder of jeans. But now I only have like 2 good pairs. It’s balance and structure that we create to be creative with what we do have so that the things we can let go give us the freedom we’re searching for.


  • extra clothing you never wear
  • shoes you barely get a chance to throw on
  • products and cleaning supplies that have practically nothing in them
  • papers that have been piling up for years
  • kitchen appliances you never use
  • old spices and food boxes
  • cups and plates with chips on them
  • cords and old remote controllers
  • your tv’s ( we still don’t have one )
  • floor lamps
  • empty boxes
  • non working gadgets
  • nothing sentimental IE: birthday cards, etc…….
  • picture frames ( store photos in project books, albums or shadow boxes )
  • office supply and craft tonage, scraps and things you think you’ll work on ‘one day’
  • old bags and book bags, luggage
  • candles that have burned out completely
  • excessive sheet sets
  • blankets that sit in a linen closet and never get used
  • old dress clothes you never wear
  • books that are in storage
  • those old curling irons
  • brushes that you’ve been using for more than 5 years
  • sponges ( this is a health thing for me….we don’t buy any sponges because they harbor germs more than anything in the house, so we buy scrubby brushes- my fave: Full Circle )
  • cds you don’t listen to
  • non working electronics
  • if there’s only 2 people in the home that drink coffee and you have about 50 mugs, get rid of more than 3/4
  • things in drawers like old crumpled papers, paper clips, scraps and stuff you never use
  • old pots and pans
  • excessive pillows
  • too many pieces of furniture
  • wall art that takes up more than half the walls
  • stained towels
  • old worn out socks and undies
  • your handbag collection that has met it’s warranty
  • wallets laying around
  • glass and vases under the cupboards
  • memorabilia

By having less items in your home, you help the flow of energy to move smoothly. You’re less stressed and the coziness becomes really welcoming. I have never left my home a mess at nighttime before we fall asleep because it’s so much easier to maintain with less belongings. My laundry is almost always caught up and I go to sleep better knowing that there’s not stuff I need to clean in the morning.


I’ve been mastering this for years. Coming soon I’ll post creative ways to advertise on your blog without the messy ad business. I consider minimal blogs to be my favorite. Easier to navigate, less stress on the eyes and it’s a better experience overall.

  • have a clean, white background
  • don’t overwhelm your site with too many ads in too many places
  • limit your pages to the most important ( don’t have 50 pages )
  • organize your categories and tags
  • simplify your strategies
  • don’t use colors that we can barely read ( I had a light pink link color that was just too LIGHT….it was irritating me because I actually really loved the color on everything else but no one could read what the link was )
  • don’t clog your widget areas with too many things, keep it very simple
  • edit and edit and edit and master a clean blog over and over again…’s an everyday process! you’ll learn to love things, dislike them the next and edit time and time again until you’re really happy

Minimalism is the practice of freedom. Financial freedom comes when you stop buying things you don’t need. Minimalists enjoy life in different ways. Have you tried this experience. Are you ready. Let’s live with less and be still in simplicity.

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18 Things You Can Do To Freshen Up Your ‘You’ Game

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for joining us on Coffee Addict Mama. Today I wanted to discuss self care more than anything because this weekend was it for me! I took myself back. I was so focused on work, growing my business and making everyone else happy; I somehow managed to lose myself in the game. This has happened before. It has and will happen to all of us often, so it’s essentially important to remind ourselves to take care of ‘YOU’! Now don’t worry. If you’re thinking you’re all good…..and you might be, your body will let you know when it’s time to rejuvenate. I’m definitely an introvert at heart. I love my people. But I do indeed love myself more.


  • Do your hair– if you follow us on FB you know I spent most of Friday afternoon touching up my roots, trimming my dead ends and straightening this head of curly hairs. Long overdue and well worth it because it made me feel instantly better about myself. I mean, I love my curly hair but there’s something about a silky smooth that makes ya wanna go……’mmmmmmhhhmmmm’!
  • Buy Sugar Scrubs + Take A HOT BathUlta has my all time favorite variety of sugar scrubs and whenever I’m LOW, I go stock up on more, take a hot bath and scrub all the toxins away. Feel free to make your own too!
  • Take Yourself Out– I don’t mean you have to go to dinner by yourself ( or go right ahead ) but go for a long drive and get lost. I take mini road trips to think, get my head clear and even cry! I just find that time spent in a car driving by yourself is a way to take ‘YOU’ back. Sometimes I’ll wander a store by myself too.
  • Create A Bar– I just recently made my plant stand a coffee bar. It’s fun and relevant to me! I need a little space in our little apartment for myself. When the cats took over my plants, I took over the coffee station. Create a little piece of spice in your home just for you.
  • Turn Off The Phone– So many of us don’t realize how much we are on our cell phones throughout the day. While yes, it’s important to hustle, promote and share……but instead of turning your phone completely off, just turn social media off. Use your phone to take more selfies, capture pics of the sky, flowers + nature. It feels good.
  • Take A Long Walk Outside– This is important to do often if you don’t already and a sure reminder to make myself do it more as well. I know I probably won’t because I don’t feel comfortable in our community but to take a walk around to the back of the house where the golf course sits and just stroll along the trees is good enough self care for me.
  • Clean Your Bathrooms– I find that cleaning the bathroom and organizing stuff under the sinks makes me feel alive again. I don’t know what it is but try it!
  • Shop At ReStore– This is a place I like to escape when life really gets busy and I have no other plans. I make a date with our local Habitat For Humanity shop to see what new stuff they got! The furniture here is definitely worth stalking. You have to go often too because they get donations all the time. If you haven’t been to one in weeks, it’s time to go!
  • At Home Facials- I can always tell when my face needs a deep clean. Facials are a must weekly or even every other day.
  • Go Through Your Closets– My weekly decluttering routine turned into a monthly habit because I literally got all of my clothing ( and the girls ) down to a minimum. It really helps to get rid of things to take back your lives. It makes such a difference in our well beings. If you don’t wear it….toss it! Teach your kids to do this as well.
  • Make A Coffee + Sit In Silence– This is often a daily routine of mine. But I’m not talking about just your ordinary morning coffee. I’m talking about something different like, an afternoon iced ( cold brew ), cappuccino, etc……All you need is one cup of a specialty drink ( doesn’t even need to be coffee, make a mixed drink of your choice ) and relax.
  • Bike Trails Be Like- I encourage everyone to pack a backpack and take a bike ride in a location you’ve never been. Be sure to pack that camera to capture the breathtaking views.
  • Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets– We recently looked at each other and said, “This is a mess!” After opening one of our lower cabinets to grab a strainer or something and realized it had gotten uncontrollably messy. Do you ever just hoard things for that ‘SOMEDAY’ project? I placed all of these glass jars down there in hopes to use them sooner than later and they’re just taking up too much space. Clean your cabinets out one at a time. Feel the weight lifted. Incredible.
  • Write A Lengthy Blog Post– I know a lot of you don’t have blogs and I would encourage everyone to start one. And I’ll tell you why. If you notice in my 5 reason post, I don’t say TO MAKE MONEY! That’s not why I started one back in 2010 and I don’t recommend it for those specific reasons. If you end up bringing in some extra dough because of it, good for you…..but not a reason to start one. ANYWHO…..writing a blog post will help you with anxiety, depression, stress and whatever else you need to overcome. Writing is a natural way to take yourself back and be a better you.
  • Visit A Shelter– Or even a pet store. This is just nature. Something about these creatures make us feel worthy, alive and puts a wellness back into our souls. If you or someone you know is struggling with anything, a pet might be the answer.
  • Go Swimming– I need to take my own advice on this because a pool sits right across our building and I don’t access it enough. I will say that I don’t like when a lot of people go because I need to relax, so I need to pay attention to when no one is there and take some time to swim comfortably. If you don’t have access to a pool, look into your local YMCA.
  • Give Something Away– I will admit that I don’t donate things. I throw them away. However, I do place boxes of items in a nice area near our dumpster so that people can go through them. It makes me feel better to host a giveaway on my social media or give to a neighbor or someone I know rather than donating it to a place that overcharges and really doesn’t take care of their stores.
  • Make Lists– I purposely buy new notebooks and supplies to make notes of things I need to do or write about. I find that in my older years, I enjoy seeing these lists on the fridge or tacked to a board in our bedrooms, etc. Helps you to get shit done!

There’s so much more that we can do to take care of ourselves. I have to remember to love me first or I will never be happy. I found that taking a weekend just to do my hair, paint my nails, do a mini photo shoot and pick some flowers helped me realize that that’s what I L-O-V-E. That’s me. Share ways you pamper yourself below! And join us on FB + IG.