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and get cozy! We are a stress free community of women who love our homes, enjoy making money and learning how to navigate this thing we call life. It’s not always about the white picket fence or the fancy cars…..sometimes it’s all about the cheerios for dinner and the F Bombs in rush hour traffic. 

We craft a life well loved through minimalism, no tox cleaning, branding our business with organic marketing strategies all while dousing another cup of joe! Welcome.  

Minimalist Mom Life

When I first realized that I was a minimalist I wanted to make sure that I shared as much about this lifestyle with other mom bosses because it’s that empowering! Welcome mama. I am so glad that you are here and if you’re not yet familiar with minimalism, I’m going to fill you in on how fantastic of a life it truly is. Be sure to follow my pages to get a glimpse inside of my personal life as a minimalist mom. 

Meet Vic

a master minimalist who became addicted to coffee in her early 30’s. she’s in love with nature, being a mama, her ragdoll cats and handsome fiance! 

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Becoming Minimalist

minimalist lifestyle coaching

Become a minimalist in six months or less by joining our structured programs! We host monthly decluttering challenges, offer free tips in our minimalism group (linked through our page) and invite you to 1:1 sessions with Victoria J. Taylor. She’s a pro who walks you through each day with simplified routines to help you overcome the fear of letting go. In all of it’s authentic glory you’ll walk away feeling like a million dollars and a whole new mama! Don’t wait another day

Coffee Fund

Coffee Addict Mama is a proud supporter of small businesses, blogs and shares everyday tips for the upcoming mamapreneur, stay at home bosses and women who want to bring back sanity in their homes! We are a no ad website and function solely off of our coffee fund & directory. Show some love and keep this community alive! We love that you call yourselves #coffeeaddictmama and are super excited that you decided to be a part of our community! 

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