what’s sisterhood without a drink


My name is Victoria, I’m famous for networking, building relationships and sipping lots of coffee, welcome!

Are you a busy lady looking for the right ‘FRIENDS’? Starting a business as an entrepreneur and need that extra pat on the back?! Perhaps you’re just dousing your way through college one cup at a time. Heck, if you’re just a stay at home mama bear who wants to share her story……..that’s a job all in itself. Gurl, you’re going places!! We’re a coffee addicted, ‘women supporting women’ kinda gang. Start commenting + telling us WHO YOU ARE. None of us are perfect, we all have our moments and truth be told……I’m not sure that all the coffee in the world can contain the ‘insanity’ most of us endure.

Getting involved is one of the best tips I can offer anyone looking to expand. We are your number one fans! This community is all the positive vibes. We focus on productivity, inspiration and motivation. This is a place to be funny and sarcastic, yet uplifting and supportive. No drama zone. We will post blogging + business tips often.

Consider sharing your journey with us. You’ll get multiple shout outs weekly, numerous pins, features on our social media and more. Anyone is welcome to post their story here.

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