How To Make Your Nails Grow Extremely Fast

This is how you can make your nails grow fast. Like really fast.

It was always hard for my nails to grow and keep them at a good length. But, I found this one trick that makes them long and strong. Happened by complete accident. I was working a rather hectic work schedule and my main goal in our cleaning business at the time was to start cleaning naturally. So, I started cleaning with white vinegar. Somehow I was wiping surfaces with a cloth that had this product on it and all of a sudden I noticed my nails becoming stronger, healthier, longer.

Does white vinegar make your nails grow long?

I was trying to think if I did anything different in my routines and just figured it must be the vinegar.

Keep reading there’s more tips below.

I researched ways to grow your nails fast (just out of curiosity) and to my surprise, I couldn’t find anyone that shared tips with this one key ingredient. However, here’s a great read for several other ways to grow your nails naturally.

How To Make Your Nails Grow Fast

It wasn’t until I hit 40 and started trying all different kinds of things to help with my hormones did I find an even better way to grow my nails.

  • Fish Oil
  • Dip in vinegar from time to time to help stop biting

Now I’m not a vitamin person at all. This was really hard for me to commit to and it wasn’t to improve my nail growth, rather my internal gut problems. I’d lie awake reading article after article to not only help with my perimenopause, but my gallbladder removal as well. The constant battle to feeling good. Like seriously. If you’re an all natural woman like myself, it’s not easy to figure out what works best. Knowing that these supplements also helped with growing my nails fast was a win win for sure.

After a week of taking 2 fish oil capsules per day, my nails were instantly longer. I cannot even tell you how amazing this is for someone who had ugly fingernails for the longest time. It’s the only thing that has made me feel whole again. BUT WAIT! If vitamins are not your thing, SCROLL down for another great treatment.

Fish Oil Omega 3’s To Grow Your Nails

Here’s how it works:

  • purchase a brand that’s well trusted like Nature Made or Krill
  • take 2 capsules daily with food (I take mine with dinner)
  • don’t skip a day
  • after 30 days you’ll really see a difference but almost immediately into taking fish oil (has to be omega 3’s), you will begin to see nail growth

Incorporate this one supplement with healthy diet and exercise, strengthening nail hardener and filing to see the best results. I always try to make sure I have a clear coat or some paint on my nails to prevent chipping or breaking but the fish oil hardens them as well.

This is the only thing that absolutely works really fast for nail growing. It’s simple and easy if you can commit to this nutrient supplement.

Other tips to growing your nails and keeping them long + strong:

  • file daily
  • rub cuticle cream on them
  • clip hangnails asap
  • whenever you get the urge to bite, do a vinegar rinse
  • take supplements to nourish your hair, nails and skin throughout
  • apply clear nail polish to harden

I started taking Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules for my gut issues but, WOW. After 1 week of taking 2 a day, my nails have been LONGER & STRONGER than ever before. Now, I don’t have to do the vinegar rinse and I’m feeling more like a woman.

Have you tried this? It is fantastic. Do tell us your experience below!

Try This Nail Growing Hack

Dip your fingertips into white vinegar for fast nail growth. Unbeknownst to me, I was cleaning with this stuff and constantly rubbing surfaces with a cloth dipped in white distilled vinegar. My nails started growing immediately. Give it a try if you don’t want to take the vitamins listed above.

  • Dip your fingertips in a bowl of vinegar (it burns so dilute if you can’t handle it)
  • Let sit for a few seconds, rinse off
  • Wash hands and repeat as necessary

Happy Nails To You…

Other ways to make your fingernails grow fast:

  • Avoid washing your hands to the extreme
  • Apply lotion if your hands dry out
  • Drink more water (add lemon)
  • File daily (can be a nuisance but helps)
  • Take biotin
  • Eat meat, cheese and milk if you’re not allergic ( I eat grass fed burger with no bun) and a glass of milk does wonders
  • Use press on for a temporary fix to biting nails

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