Everyday Motivational Coffee Quotes

If you loved our funny coffee quotes, these motivational everyday ones are just as lovely. I personally am always coming up with new sayings and inspirational posts to keep you moving ahead, so feel free to share yours in the comments as well. Everyday Coffee Quotes and Sayings MORE COFFEE PLEASE one of my personal …

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Best Coffee Shops In Southwest Florida

You know this Mama’s gonna bring you all the best coffee shops to explore in Southwest Florida! Hello loves, long time no see. As most of you know I married my love, my best friend and forever. It was a nice couple of months getting ready as we were still helping family, gathering our thoughts …

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How To Style A Coffee Bar

Let’s learn how to style a coffee bar because sometimes it can be tricky if you don’t have that interior design mindset. I personally love having plenty of stations to quickly access a cup of joe. Hosting a coffee party is not only fun, but trending. I couldn’t believe how many people searched the internet …

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starbucks copycat brown sugar espresso

Starbucks Copycat – how to make brown sugar oat milk espresso

Brown Sugar Oatmilk Espresso Recipe. When I first tried the new Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso, I thought “Thank the coffee heavens!” You get excited beyond belief when you find a good “go to” coffee drink that doesn’t actually stink: I suck as a barista. There’s no messing this one up. I wanted to …

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facts about coffee

9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About The Benefits of Coffee

Ever wonder what the benefits of coffee are? Interestingly enough there’s plenty of health and wellness facts about coffee that maybe you didn’t know about. Today we’re breaking down all the good that comes with this most popular drink and you’re about to learn something new. Many of you may remember that I went all …

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How To Host A Really Fun Coffee Party

Coffee Party Here We Come There’s fall birthday parties, anniversaries, receptions, graduation, baby showers, bridal, galentines, and even guys night out. But, what about the coffee parties? We’re about to get caffeinated and social my coffee loving friends. Having a super awesome bar set up is the highlight. Rest assured we know how to host …

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How To Make Americano

If you’re someone who loves the aesthetics of coffee you’ll want to know exactly how to make an Americano at home. The Americano was derived from World War II when soldiers stationed in Italy didn’t particularly care for the straight shot of espresso, but rather drink a drip style coffee. Basically it’s super easy to …

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bartender making espresso martini

Best Smooth Espresso Martini

The smooth espresso martini that my husband ordered for us at 10:30 pm one Saturday night during our honeymoon was nonetheless, the sweetest thing ever. He knows I’m a coffee addict and love snapping different photos of coffee, but it was getting late and I was already tipsy. So, I only enjoyed a few small …

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