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    Avocolada Smoothie

    The Avocolada recipe from Tropical Smoothie is absolutely delicious and packed with the vitamins you need for the day. If you’re looking to juice out your day with a healthy plant based diet, try this green machine drink. I’m not a huge kale lover but you don’t even taste it. The richness from the other ingredients is what makes this smoothie so good. Avocolada Smoothie Recipe You’ll need a blender + all these ingredients: Frozen Pineapple – you can also use fresh if you wish but then you would just need to add some ice to the blender as well. Frozen pineapples will give it that whipped cream consistency that…

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    3 Ingredient Coffee Smoothie

    This simple 3 ingredient coffee smoothie is perfect for that late morning pick me up and can certainly take over your morning meals. It’s rich in protein, caffeine and smoothie deliciousness. My Collagen Protein Smoothie is packed with super rich ingredients if you’d like to incorporate some beauty power into your smoothie routines. Quick & Easy Coffee Smoothie What makes a smoothie a smoothie? Well it’s a must to have some style of fruit or veggies mixed in with a creamy base like milk or yogurt, even ice cream. However, I’m on a very strict diet these days because of my gallbladder, so no ice cream or yogurt for me.…

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    Triple Berry Oat Smoothie Recipe (Tropical Smoothie Copycat)

    This copycat Tropical Smoothie recipe for the Triple Berry Oat is so easy to make. If you’re new here say hello! I love a good smoothie especially during those hot summer months because it just makes you feel better. Refreshing and nourishing is an understatement. The Tropical Smoothie blend of triple berry oat is packed with antioxidants, protein and multivitamins. What I love about copycat recipes is that you can substitute different ingredients as needed. The detox smoothie I make at home is such a healthy way to reboot your system. Triple Berry Oat Smoothie Recipe When I first tried the Triple Berry Oat smoothie at Tropical Smoothie, I knew…

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    Delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes

    Delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes – Hello Mama’s! Today I’m going to be sharing how I make a detox smoothie right at home. If you’re anything like me you like to cleanse your system at least every couple of months or so. No fasting necessary. Just drink this delicious detox smoothie a few times a week! Delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes Originally I was introduced to the DETOX smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. I often look for healthier options when eating out and this just screamed my name one day at the drive through. I rarely treat myself to an afternoon lunch so this just replaces my meal for the day. There are…

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    Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen

    For all my coffee loving, collagen booster sisters out there, try this coffee protein smoothie! It’s sinfully delicious with an added banana for those necessary health benefits. Did you know that by consuming at least 2 bananas a day will help your digestive system tremendously? It’s hard for me to eat one, so I’m taking it slow. And, if you allow the banana to turn a little brown, even better. That’s when it’s richest. After my gallbladder removal I’ve learned a ton about my insides. Eating healthier foods that really make me feel better is super important. Oddly, ice cream doesn’t bother me as much. Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen…