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How To Style Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchens are the heart of the home! We spend over 90% of our time in these rooms alone, so making it the most comforting is key. I often say that this room should be well kept because we spend so much time in there. There’s not a day that goes by when we don’t walk …

how to style a coffee bar

How To Style A Coffee Bar

With coffee bars trending in everyone’s homes, it’s essential for us, the coffee addict mama’s to teach you how to style a coffee bar. I personally have created bars out of nothing. So, if you’re worried that you cannot possibly create a space for a coffee bar, think again. Hosting a coffee party is not …

how to have a coffee party

How To Host A Really Fun Coffee Party

There’s fall birthday parties, anniversaries, receptions, graduation, baby showers, bridal, galentines, and even guys night out BUT what about the coffee parties!? We’re about to get caffeinated and social my coffee addict mama’s. Having a super awesome bar set up is the highlight. Rest assured we know how to host a fabulous coffee party ( …