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    Easy Homemade Dog Treats

    If your dog is anything like ours and thinks he deserves a treat after every time he goes potty, here’s how to make some easy homemade dog treats they’ll love. I enjoy a good ol’ DIY anything. Our dog is super high maintenance and picky af when it comes to eating. Yours too? I feel you fur mama. Let’s whip up some snacks for not only the holiday season but year round. Homemade Dog Treats + Food You probably have some ingredients already in your homes. I love to mash Jack some rice, veggies, and chicken or beef when we’re whipping up our dinner. He gets so excited. We’ve tried…

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    DIY Sugar Body Scrubs || Coffee Exfoliate

    If you’re a fan of our page then you know how much I love creating good ol’ coffee body scrubs. With sugar being the main ingredient, it’s super easy to whip one of your own up right at home to enjoy the ‘day spa’ experience. I’m really into the ‘all natural’ way of life so, here’s a DIY sugar body scrub coffee beauty product that will make your skin feel sugalicious! I will make enough that lasts several months and even with no preservatives, it maintains it’s potency. The key is adding enough coconut oil. If you do make a sugar body scrub and weeks later notice that it has…

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    6 Clever Last Minute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

    Do you find yourself at the very last minute deciding that you want to celebrate the holiday season yet, you don’t even know where to start. Relax Mama’s! I’ve got you. Here’s 6 clever last minute budget friendly gift ideas that will definitely bring this holiday season the joy you deserve! This Christmas is already here. Where did the year even go? We’re keeping the gifts affordable because no one loves a frugal household as much as I. Last Minute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas Maybe you thought that you weren’t going to host Christmas this year and then changed your mind at the last minute. I do this when there’s…

  • how to treat fleas all naturally

    DIY Flea Shampoo

    Homemade DIY Flea Shampoo for today’s topic! It’s rainy season here in Florida and never did I think that my indoor cats would get fleas from lounging on our screened in lanai. DIY Flea Shampoo here we come! I had Doug go over to our local grocery store for a quick flea treatment but that barely did the job. It amazes me how many bugs come through a very well screened in area. Little bastards. Our plants have had their fair share of ghost ants and soil mites, so there’s that. Panic attack is an understatement for this mama. I freak the F*** out. Pardonnez Moi! How To Make Homemade…

  • how to get rid of bugs on houseplants
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    How To Get Rid Of Plant Bugs For Good

    How to get rid of plant bugs for good. It’s nature my plant mama’s. Houseplant pests will invade your indoor space and you’ll want to know these very important facts if you want to maintain some style of sanity. They do a fine job of teaching us what patience truly is. Confession: I didn’t have any in the beginning. I’ve tossed plants that could have been saved and started over by re-soiling pots that were just potted with fresh soil. The soil could be the culprit in many instances and so, now I just buy the less prone to gnats soil by Miracle Grow and it is fabulous. HOW TO…

  • best all natural wood cleaner
    A Coffee Addicts Guide To Cleaning,  DIY

    DIY Wood Cleaner

    This DIY wood cleaner is simple and not only makes your furniture look good but gives your home a fresh clean smell every time. With 3 ingredients you can easily clean several areas of the house within just a few minutes. I tested this on my small wood table this morning and was shocked at how incredibly smooth it made the surface. It’s also been a favorite of mine since we moved into our new apartment because I like to make everything smell naturally clean. Natural DIY Wood Cleaner If you’re not following us on social, get to it! I’ve been an all natural cleaner for a few years now…

  • hand soap recipe

    DIY Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

    I love making my own cleaning products but I’m also obsessed with homemade hand soap and DIY beauty recipes. If you have yet to try my coffee sugar scrub, it’s delicious! Quite invigorating if you’re interested in a quick pick me up without ingesting all that caffeine. Since making your own soaps at home is now more a thing than ever, I thought I’d share a post on how to make some foaming hand soap. You’ve probably heard me mention castile soap time and time again in our cleaning tips group, and that is because it is da bomb. It’s been my go to for months now. I use directly…