Victoria J. Taylor is a lifestyle expert who became addicted to coffee in her early 30’s. She returned to her hometown in NY when she went through a separation thinking there was no way to survive raising two daughters alone. She was determined to ‘figure it all out’, working 70 hours a week to prove that she didn’t need a ‘man’ to take care of her and eventually realized that dousing herself in turbo shots was not going to get her anywhere but six feet under. Instead, she started a side hustle restoring furniture, opening a brick and mortar and quickly learned that there was another way to make a living. After she quit those jobs she relocated to SW FL and then to SC where she is currently running a small cleaning business and working from home.

Coffee Addict Mama

Is for all the busy moms and women looking to build a brand, connect and learn something new. It is possible to be who you want to be and make money at the same time. It originated from IG where she shared coffee pics & sold mugs as another side hustle. A background in networking made her want to start this website to share the everyday life with women alike. Not everything is sugar and cream……there’s a lot of barista’s that can fuck your coffee order up and that, that just ruins the whole damn day!!! Not anymore. I was that bitch that was mad at the world. Everything was always wrong. I think it’s very natural in certain situations to get uptight, angry and frustrated…..that’s life. But there’s so many ways to react and learn from experiences. And today, I’m calling myself a Lifestyle Expert because from a very, very young age, I had already witnessed a lot, feared even more and survived some of the craziest moments of my life.

Six Income Hustler Coming Soon

In any event……Do you ever walk into a local Starbucks and feel awkward? Perhaps even a little stressed, because of all the coffee offerings, public meetings, loud conversations, and strangers ‘eye-balling’ you? Well, here’s our solution. YOUR very own on-line coffee shop community! Come on in, grab a cup of joe, and introduce yourself (without all of those above mentioned stresses). The idea is for you to strike up conversations with people near and far (in real time), from the comforts of your home or office. Sounds cool, right? We hope so. Just pull up a chair, say hi, and meet new folks. Welcome in!

Overall this will be a place that you can find related topics and feel comfortable coming to because…..well, there are no strings attached. You can comment if you wish, stalk or just grab a cup and relax.

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