Coffee Addict Mama is all about positive mindset, no tox house cleaning, uncluttering our lives, building a brand and being your own boss. It was originally established on Instagram back in 2012 by a mom who loved posting photographs of her life with a mug in hand. Her name is Victoria J. Taylor and she’s been a lifestyle blogger ever since 2010. With a background in networking she created this online community of entrepreneurs, mom bosses, women supporting women, housewives and healthy living enthusiasts. You can read more here.

About Coffee Addict Mama

We write a variety of lifestyle topics relating to house cleaning, minimalism, plants, all natural living, blogging and Pinterest tips, organic marketing hacks, how to build a business fast, money making strategies and more! We share shops and blogs on our social media platforms weekly and feature those who use our hashtag on IG.

Our Boss Life Community

Each month we feature new boss bloggers and entrepreneurs in our directory and welcome you to check back often. You can also nominate your favorite sister in the comments on that page. If you’d like to get listed, contact us. Looking to start a blog or build your brand through Pinterest? (highly recommended) – Simply check out our blog and scroll those posts.

My Minimalist Home

Victoria is a master minimalist who went completely no tox in her house cleaning routines and shares monthly decluttering challenges for anyone interested in this lifestyle. Minimalism is a daily challenge so be ready to commit. Chemical free cleaning will change your life in so many ways; you won’t even know how good it feels until you ditch the tox! She provides healthier living sessions and programs if you need help in these areas. No mama should ever feel ashamed for reaching out. She’s a non judgmental woman who’s seen enough throughout her lifetime that nothing could possibly shock her. Plus she’s easy going, supportive and offers a ton of simple tips to really change your living situations.

Learn more about us by reading our articles and please contact us to write yours.

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  1. Welcome Mama’s! I would love to learn more about you as well. Comment here to introduce yourself and let us know where we can find you on the web (if you’d like to share your links). Enjoy the day

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