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my girls are twenty one and sixteen so, i like to say that i’m overly experienced in motherhood. i’m a very simple lady who loves coffee dates, propagating plants and combing big fluffy fur babies! nature has always inspired me and blogging has been an outlet of mine since 2010. i like writing and sharing little bits of creativity & daily inspiration often. 

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the lifestyle expert

It’s such a nice treat to have you here because anyone who knows me, knows that I have been through enough to write a collection of books and this is my passion…….sharing my life with people who can relate! When I declared myself a Lifestyle Expert, I realized that not only do we get one life to live, but many.

Our past is not our current life and our current life is not our future. Take that all in for a moment!


I come from a big family. By the way, that saying never gets old. My Nana and Papa had ten children and we were always taking care of each other. My mom, the eldest, was and still is the inspiration for a lot of my writing. To say that I’ve witnessed a lot in my life is truly an understatement. I’ve battled loving and hating her throughout my life and now that I’m heading towards my ‘future life’, I’ve come to realize that she’s the woman behind my compassion, understanding and forgiveness. If I never learned to let go of all the ‘what ifs’, then I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today! 

letting go

In life we must learn to let go often……it’s a process that helps overcome stress, anxiety, struggles, mental health issues and battles; emotionally and physically stabilizing our overall wellness. No, I’m not a psychiatrist. Just a master minimalist who has relieved her own demons through decluttering, cleaning and living simply! By no means does letting go mean that you cannot enjoy the things you truly love. It just means that you learn to live without things that you don’t necessarily need; resulting in value and appreciation for items that we choose to keep!!

Without constant change, we will never be able to evolve. 

the house cleaner

When I was a little gal I used to think the smell of coffee was malodorous. Fast forward to today; I couldn’t imagine my life without it…..and yes, I think it’s the best aroma in the world! I was raised in a very structured home, so creating everyday morning and evening routines came natural for me. ‘CHORES‘ is such an ugly word. I like to think of maintaining one’s home as a lifestyle; a healthy one! In 2019, I went fully no tox. Just because a label says that it’s all natural, doesn’t mean that it is. I learned that by doing as much research as possible when I was constantly choking while cleaning clients homes with chemical products sold on the shelves. Newsflash: they are not safe! I then tested many products to find out that there were hidden ingredients and fumes in them that was enough to make a change not only in our home but theirs too. Today, I make my own recipes and concoctions. Heck, most the time all you need is water to clean with anyways. But a few drops of lemon essential oil does make cleaning much more fruity! I’ve been cleaning ( real cleaning ) since I was 12 years old. I cannot believe it took me over 20 years to realize that I should have been cleaning chemical free but now you get to benefit from my trial and errors. I try to share as much as possible about no tox cleaning because it’s super important and you deserve to be healthier than my family was!  

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