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    Best Lemon Drop Cocktail

    The lemon drop cocktail is one of my absolute favorite beverages because it’s smooth, light and airy, low in calories and refreshing. I like pretending I’m a bartender. However, the simplicity is everything to me, and this drink has only 3 ingredients. I’m super minimal when it comes to making homemade desserts, drinks, pretty much anything and what I love about the lemon drop is that it’s easy to make. Simple Lemon Drop Shot Recipe You’ll Need: That’s it. Here’s how I make mine. BTW, I love a good sugar rim so here’s how to make it sweet: Pour sugar onto a cutting board, squeeze lemon juice onto the sugar…

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    Best Smooth Espresso Martini

    The smooth espresso martini that my husband ordered for us at 10:30 pm one Saturday night during our honeymoon was nonetheless, the sweetest thing ever. He knows I’m a coffee addict and love snapping different photos of coffee, but it was getting late and I was already tipsy. So, I only enjoyed a few small sips of the espresso martini that evening. Making this at home is not only fun but really delicious. I personally love pretending to be a ‘barister’ (bartender + barista). How To Make A Smooth Espresso Martini This version is smoother than the original espresso martini recipes which include vodka as their base. I tend to…

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    How To Make Maple Bourbon Coffee

    Hey there coffee addict! We’re not drinking just because it’s Friday…….or are we?! Mixing concoctions is one of my all time favorites. During the holiday seasons especially. Coffee is a delicious drink that you can really twist up every now and again. So many of us get used to the regular black cup of joe, but we’re going to show you how to make a maple bourbon coffee. It’s sinfully delish. How To Make Maple Bourbon Coffee Now, this is extremely simple to make. I always try to use my leftover coffee (if there is any) from the pot in the morning. The same rules apply when whipping up a…

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    15 Summer Coffee Drink Ideas

    Summer is my favorite season and, as an avid coffee drinker I think it’s only relevant to create beverage ideas that suite the hotter months. 3 ways to make iced coffee at home is the most simplest and definitely budget friendly but I’m going to be sharing 15 summer coffee drinks that you’ll be dying to try immediately, no matter how much it costs. Summer Coffee Drink Ideas 1.) KAHLUA ICED COFFEE– bringing this in at number one because we absolutely love this brand and this gal’s recipes are down right ahhhhmazing. If you’re one of those coffee drinkers that REQUIRES a turbo shot in your DD cups or a…

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    Boozy Summer Coffee Drinks

    What’s a summer without some liquor. I mean, more coffee please! I’m not a hard core boozed up kinda gal but I do like some mixed drinks every now and again. Summer is all about those famous iced coffee drinks and well, let’s face it, that can get boring after time. So, let’s boozy up with these top iced coffee drinks mixed with my all time favorite; Kahlua and RumChata. For starters we have the PLAIN JANE: Rumchata Iced Coffee– fill a 6 oz. glass with ice, pour chilled coffee over ice and add about 1 tsp of rumchata. That’s as boozy as you gon’ get! Well maybe not as…

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    How To Make The Best Irish Coffee

    How To Make The Best Irish Coffee. My mom did say that I have some Irish in me! I love concocting drinks. Whether alcoholic or virgin what better way to bring out an Irish gal than with an amazing, simple cup of coffee. In the mornings I always drink a black cup of coffee. In the latter part of the day I concoct an iced coffee of some sort, depending on the season and in the evening I enjoy an espresso or cocktail. Not daily. Just whenever I’m in the mood. Things You’ll Need Something I just learned is that if you heat your mug before you pour your coffee…

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    How To Make The Best Coffee Tonic

    Summer trends that include refreshing ice cold beverages such as coffee and tonic are now a thing! It is my understanding since the latest Dalgona TikTok coffee drink became famous, we now have unlimited ways to concoct a delicious coffee recipe from the comfort of our own homes. I love making iced coffee anythings, so let’s try some new flavors if you’re not familiar with coffee and tonic. How To Make Coffee Tonic Coffee tonic is just as it sounds; an espresso shot with some tonic water. That’s it. So why so popular? I think anything with espresso is absolutely delish. Especially the affogato. But I will be quite honest…