How To Style A Coffee Bar

Let’s learn how to style a coffee bar because sometimes it can be tricky if you don’t have that interior design mindset. I personally love having plenty of stations to quickly access a cup of joe. Hosting a coffee party is not only fun, but trending. I couldn’t believe how many people searched the internet for How To Host A Coffee Party.

We currently live in a small two bedroom apartment and when space is limited, I like to create an ambiance that speaks, “Home Sweet Home!”

Now, most homes these days have coffee bar ‘set ups’ on their counter tops. It’s becoming more convenient and products are just off the chart cozy minimalist. I mean, the bulky options are out! However, if you’re anything like me, you desire a quaint style at home that’s made especially for you, the coffee lover.


The Counter Top Style-

Clean the counter top so it’s free of clutter and be sure you can set up one area of the kitchen just for coffee. The coffee maker is the focal point. I prefer displaying a single cup maker just because of the size and how attractive they are. Many of our clients have the Ninja. We’ve had our Bodum pour over for a long time. It’s absolutely perfect for making a cup in the late afternoon or a quick iced coffee.

Place the coffee maker to the side with the water basin exposed for refilling. You can also choose to put the coffee maker in the middle of the counter. As a stylist it just looks better to me, like this:

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This is a simple, elegant way to showcase your machines. Next you’ll need your accessories.

I put all of our coffee essentials either below, in a cupboard, or on a shelf above. I’ve seen people organize their kitchen drawers just for coffee/tea related items. So, if you have a drawer to spare, use it!

When you are styling your coffee bar, you only want the things you need exposed. Especially if you have a small space. Hide the rest. Fill the sugar and coffee cups as needed. A decorative set is all you need. These are so versatile. You can put almost anything in them. The frugal gal in me just uses a mug!

Sometimes I will leave a bottle of sugar free simple syrup out for decorative purposes only. I don’t always use them in my coffee, I just think they add some pop to the area. You can hang a coffee sign on the wall area if you don’t have a tile back splash. Our apartment is so outdated, we have drywall. If it’s in your budget to get the faux background, do it! It’s so much classier.

The Coffee Cart Style-

In our home we have two coffee stations. One on the counter and one on a cart. You can create your own coffee bar by using any piece of furniture. I currently have the one cup station on a utility cart. You can use a plant stand, an old dresser and/or even a side table as a coffee bar. If you have an older piece that you are no longer using or you stumble upon a fab thrift find, think outside the box of what the original piece was used for. The plant stand I found at Home Goods had 3 small drawers underneath and an area below to place baskets and things. It’s on our IG if you want to get an idea. You can interchange often.

You’ll Need:

  • A Cart To Create Your Bar
  • Coffee Maker
  • Mugs
  • Sugar Packets, Individual Creamers & or those containers mentioned above
  • K-cups, Ground Coffee, Pods
  • Coffee Beans- for decor and smells (place fresh beans in an open cup or bowl for more style)
  • Napkins, Straws + Dishes for spills and used spoons

Place your coffee maker as the focal point and stack your mugs beside it on top of your furniture piece! You don’t need a lot. A few mugs goes a long way. Store the other cups underneath your cart. What’s fantastic about this piece of furniture is that it’s small enough and functional enough to craft out your coffee bar.

Coffee bar styling is simple and fun. Remember that less is more. You don’t have to purchase a ton of equipment or products to feature a gorgeous bar in your home.

Most coffee bars you see on Pinterest are overwhelmed with too much. For me anyways. You can maximize to your liking. Add a coffee book to your little nook. It adds character. I often scour thrift shops for my favorite kitchen utensils. Who here has a real coffee bar station? I’m curious to know how many of you have more than one area in the home for making a cuppa as well.

We have 3 machines in our home:

If a coffee grinder is considered, we have that too! But, essentially I would love to purchase a machine that does it ALL. Until next time, more coffee please.

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