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    How To Make Americano

    If you’re someone who loves the aesthetics of coffee you’ll want to know exactly how to make an Americano at home. The Americano was derived from World War II when soldiers stationed in Italy didn’t particularly care for the straight shot of espresso, but rather drink a drip style coffee. Basically it’s super easy to make by pouring hot water over the espresso which is just coffee forced under pressure through fine ground beans. Starbucks actually pours the water over the espresso. Either way, it’s an Americano. And, it’s insanely strong so if you’re a coffee addict like myself you will notice a big difference in this style of drink…

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    Best Coffee Shops In Southwest Florida

    You know this Mama’s gonna bring you all the best coffee shops to explore in Southwest Florida! Hello loves, long time no see. As most of you know I married my love, my best friend and forever. It was a nice couple of months getting ready as we were still helping family, gathering our thoughts on the future and just living in the moment. I’m truly happy to announce some changes to our site. The Coffee Addict Mama website is going to be all things food, travel, coffee, cocktails, blogging and branding tips (still), house cleaning, DIY’S and more. I love that you’re here growing with us because we’re always…

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    Top 6 Coffee Shops Myrtle Beach

    Hello my coffee addicts! Since relocating to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it’s been a challenge finding good coffee shops nearby. There’s only a handful that really know their coffee and treat customers respectfully. That’s mainly why you find me preparing mine here at home. When moving to or vacationing any area, you want to know where the best coffee is! Today, I’m sharing the top coffee shops in the famous tourist cities, Myrtle Beach to Pawley’s Island. We live about ten minutes from the boardwalk. It’s not always convenient for those that commute to work everyday but when you are visiting, Boardwalk Coffeehouse is a quaint coffee house to go…