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    11 Creative Storage Ideas On A Budget

      After you’ve decluttered and gotten rid of everything you don’t want or necessarily need, let’s create some budget friendly storage ideas that make a huge impact on your living arrangements. I’m an eco, frugal kinda gal so keeping a budget in mind is crucial on so many levels! Thrift stores are a fantastic way to start looking for all your storage needs. I like mason jars, big clear glass vases, old crates and buckets too. These not only work well in the kitchen but in every part of your homes. We live in a two bedroom apartment that lacks closet space and storage in the kitchen and bathrooms. Our…

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    Boss Status

    10 Successful Time Management Tips

    Time management can be a struggle for any blogger or business owner. It’s one of those things where you have to make it a lifestyle or else. If you work a 9-5 and love to blog but keep reminding yourself that there’s no possible way…….there actually is. It’s called structure + balance. So, today we’re discussing how you can successfully conquer time management when blogging or running your small business. No stressing, all of this is quite possible no matter how busy we get! Every business needs a blog. It’s that important. Number one, it shows your clients who you really are and number two, it boosts your SEO. Blogging…

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    Coffee Talk,  Travel

    Top 6 Coffee Shops Myrtle Beach

    Hello my coffee addicts! Since relocating to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it’s been a challenge finding good coffee shops nearby. There’s only a handful that really know their coffee and treat customers respectfully. That’s mainly why you find me preparing mine here at home. When moving to or vacationing any area, you want to know where the best coffee is! Today, I’m sharing the top coffee shops in the famous tourist cities, Myrtle Beach to Pawley’s Island. We live about ten minutes from the boardwalk. It’s not always convenient for those that commute to work everyday but when you are visiting, Boardwalk Coffeehouse is a quaint coffee house to go…

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    A Coffee Addicts Guide To Blogging

    How To Master Blogging From The Start

    Hey, hey my coffee addict friends! I hope you’re enjoying your day! So many of our IG friends are often curious about blogging and truth be told, even after I try helping them, they get intimidated. How To Start Mastering A Blog From The Start? If you’ve checked out our step by step blog setup, you will still need guidance but that should help with a few start up things. HOW TO MASTER BLOGGING If you already have your website set up, good! Scroll down below to learn how to master blogging from the get go. I’m going to briefly go over how to set up a blog website again…

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    How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home

    Good day my beautiful coffee addicts! Since many of us are navigating to the work at home environment, I wanted to share some ways you can stay busy throughout the day while remaining focused but more importantly relaxed. I say relaxed because it’s so very crucial that our anxiety levels stay low, we stay healthy and maintain our sanity. I’ve worked from home several times throughout my life and find that rising early is the best way to start your day. Let’s give you all some successful management skills if you need to brush through that real quick. HOW TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY WHILE WORKING FROM HOME As I mentioned above,…

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    Advertising Your Business For Free

    How To Advertise Your New Business For Free You’ve started your business, now what?! I remember watching a television ad when I started my business and it played over and over again. Super annoying, but I caught onto the message. He was a big time lawyer in SW FL and mentioned that if you do not advertise your business, there will be no business. Now, many of us only have enough money to get supplies and/or products for our new business when we’re just starting out. We’ve all been there where we get discussing the budget and finally realize that there’s none left over for advertising. No worries my boss…

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    A Coffee Addicts Guide To Blogging

    How To Create A Blog Header Using Canva

    In today’s tutorial we are going to show you how to create a blog header using Canva. Typically your blogs THEME will have a customize area where it will display what size your blog header should be. We use WordPress. If you do as well, simply go to APPEARANCE – CUSTOMIZE – APPEARANCE SETTINGS – HEADER. This may vary from theme to theme but just look for the header image area to see if yours tells you a specific size. Sign into your Canva account and click on CREATE A DESIGN (upper left side). This is where you can insert your exact measurements. Or, choose the blog banner option. With…

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    A Coffee Addicts Guide To Blogging

    All You Need To Know To Be A Successful Blogger

    Here’s all you need to know to be a successful blogger. Not sure about all these free blogging tips and need to go at your own pace? Join Boss Blogger Bootcamp where everything is all in one place, organized and walks you through in your own time. What’s it like to be a blogger in the first place? Well. It’s pretty damn awesome. I’ve been blogging on and off for about 10 years now. I created a successful community back in 2010 and now I’m excited to bring a fresh new light to Coffee Addict Mama. Define success: success is creating, starting and never giving up I was smacked in…

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    How To Make Pour Over Coffee

    Making pour over coffee is one of my favorite ways to create a delicious cup of joe. It’s no secret that our glass percolator is way better than a regular coffee pot, but I’ve always had an obsession with learning how to make coffee several different ways. The pour over method is fun and tasty. You’ll need: Coffee Grinder ( I prefer to grind the coffee beans for better flavor ) Coffee Beans Filtered Water + Coffee Filters ( if your maker doesn’t have a built in one ) Pour Over Coffee Maker ( Chemex or Bodum ) Kettle Coffee making is all about the quality + what you use.…

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    Top 5 Best Coffee Cake Recipes

    Best Coffee Cake Recipes When I was a little gal my mom always had coffee cake sitting on the dining room table. It was a must have for all the coffee addicts back in the day! Sound familiar? Well it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t share the best coffee cake recipes of all time. I’m in love with baking and this is such a fun food to make. We researched and tested the top recipes so you don’t have to. Perhaps the maple bourbon will go great with these! SUGAR SPUN RUN shares her fabulous cinnamon coffee cake recipe that is to DIE for! The streusel topping is a…