Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen

Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen

Hello my coffee addicts! This year I am dedicated to living a much healthier lifestyle and creating filling drinks to curb my appetite are high on the list. I recently tried adding coconut oil to my morning black coffee and it was awful. I just can’t. So moving forward with a vegan protein drink everyday is something I am currently experiencing. My problem is that I need energy and drinking coffee alone doesn’t cut it. With my busy cleaning business, I run out of energy around 1 pm. Protein bars are not good for you! I did some research and plus they make me feel extremely fat. However, smoothies are my all time fave and I’m all about a delicious treat mid afternoon.

Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen Booster

If you’re familiar with the famous peanut butter coffee smoothie this is much like that but with added ingredients and of course product preference. I do not use Starbucks coffee at home. I’m very simple and use Folgers. This is a protein based smoothie but you can tweak if you need.

What You’ll Need :

  • a blender ( I use the Ninja ) nothing glamorous or too expensive
  • brewed coffee ( I used the leftover from this morning, which is rare that we ever have any left at all )
  • protein powder
  • a glass 8 oz cup
  • banana ( or fruit of your choice )
  • peanut || almond butter
  • collagen powder ( can use liquid )
  • ice
  • milk ( I use almond milk )
  • anything else you prefer ( like chia seeds, etc )

How To Mix:

Pour 1 Cup of Ice Into the blender, 1 Cup of brewed coffee, 1 Scoop of Vegan Protein Powder, 1 Scoop of Collagen, 1/4 Cup of Almond Milk, 1 TBSP of PB, 1 SM Banana – blend until smooth adding additional ingredients if you prefer. This is just how I like it and it’s a base of protein coffee smoothie with collagen. A daily dose of YUM!

Please remember that I’m not a recipe genius. I like to mix ingredients together and don’t always measure properly. Eyeball it and adjust to flavor.

Coffee Protein Smoothie With Collagen

In an effort to stay motivated with more energy throughout the day, I’m sticking to the protein smoothies in the afternoon with an additional high protein dinner just to see if this helps curb my mid morning/late afternoon cravings. I will definitely let you know how this works out. After drinking this I did NOT feel full or hungry for several hours afterward. So far, so good!

Don’t forget to send in your recipes. We’re looking for foodies, travel bloggers, fashion posts with coffee in your hands, anything related. Get featured on our IG by using the hashtag COFFEEADDICTMAMA.

If you have any leftover just pour the remainder into a dish and store in the fridge for up to 24 hours. How do you treat yourself? I’d love to hear how you drink your coffee smoothies.

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