How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home


Good day my beautiful coffee addicts!  Since many of us are navigating to the work at home environment aka working remote, I wanted to share some ways that you can stay busy throughout the day, yet remain focused. More importantly, I enjoy a creating a relaxed nature in the office. I say relaxed because it’s so very crucial that our anxiety levels stay low, we stay healthy and maintain our sanity. I’ve worked from home several times throughout my life and find that rising early is the best way to start your day. Let’s give you some successful management skills if you need to brush through that real quick.


As I mentioned above, waking up at the same time everyday (with the exception of a day to call your own), is helpful in the growth of your business and makes for a much more productive day. I always set our coffee pot the night before. This just gives me a chance to clean up the kitchen after dinner and prep the area for our morning joy, the cuppa!

  • Get Enough Sleep – I cannot stress this enough. If you’re lying awake at night tossing and turning, you must first set a tone for your brain. It’s something I used to struggle with for nearly 20 years. I would never sleep. Sleep deprived because I thought I would miss out on something or that I had to check on my children in the middle of the night, thoughts about what I was going to do the next day or even the next ten years. My head would not shut the fuck up!! And, I am just now 43 realizing how important our beauty sleep truly is. I just force myself to go to bed now because it’s relevant as I age. 
  • Drink Water First Thing In The Morning – I love and will always promote lemon water. It’s the only way I will drink it because I cannot stand water alone. This jolts your metabolism and cleans your system out. You’ll feel so much better. One 8 oz glass in the morning with your coffee will make a whole world of difference.
  • Brew That Coffee – You cannot possibly have a productive day without coffee. Um, no ya can’t. Haha. Some of you do not enjoy a hot cup of joe and that’s alright. Enjoy whatever you wish but I’m gonna crank up the pot and brew me some deliciousness. NOT to MENTION…the scent of coffee brewing alone PERKS your senses into productivity mode. DRINK mo’ COFFEE!

coffee and breakfast

Everyday Tips To Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home

  • Laptop Mode – I give myself 2 hours a day to work on the laptop. This should be plenty of time to do your writing, emails, etc. If you need more time, take plenty of breaks away from your desk area. Having a designated area in the home for laptop work is really important in your routine. It cannot be an area where you can’t focus. It must be away from the rest of the house. Most days I do my blog posts in the morning with my coffee because that’s when I feel most comfortable writing. This also allows me to focus on other things that need to get done throughout the day such as chores, projects and organizing. It’s basically setting you up for a more productive day by getting it done in a place where you feel focused.
  • Take Plenty Of Breaks – It doesn’t help if you’re sitting on your phone or laptop working a straight 10 hours. Not to mention eye kill. You will lose your focus completely. Remain mindful when working from home. Take several mini breaks from what you are doing to begin fresh again. If you’re in a meeting, try to elevate your legs. Also have a water nearby to prevent dehydration. Make your space comfortable but also alleviate yourself from this area. If I hadn’t gotten up within 15 minutes, it’s time to take a breather.
  • Stretch – Even if you’re sitting in a chair, stretch. Don’t allow your joints to go stiff. Get up and stand, walk around and stretch your body. I do a 60 second squat exercise whenever I go to the restroom. This helps my legs get back in gear and also helps you focus mentally. I also take my leg and place on the bathroom vanity to stretch. Here’s a stretching routine to help you feel better.

ways to remain productive

Healthy Ways To Improve Productivity

EAT FRESH – this has been one of the best ways to improve ones productive state. It’s not only going to make you feel better but your mind will be overflowing with ideas and things to do. It really increases ones creativity. I often find that staging my fresh foods for photo props helps me to eat healthier and live well. I also find that working from home increases ones ability to eat better. Now, I cannot eat breakfast everyday. I can have a small meal such as berries or fruit. And then a no carb lunch and a lean protein at dinner. My sugar cravings come in at night. So my focus remains on eating berries or an orange to avoid sweets. But that’s not entirely possible with a sugar addict.

Here’s My Pro Tip:

If you need to eat sweets then wait until the latter part of the day. Our bodies need 12 hours of fasting time to refresh our systems. So eating a snack after dinner is ideal. You can still enjoy your treat..but, later. Drink water before you go to bed and then do not eat until 12 hours later. Do this everyday and you will feel incredibly amazing.

Get Fresh Air and Plants – Working from home is a place you want to feel well, at home! Plants help people breathe better and we all know that the inside of our homes are more toxic than the outside. Get purifying plants to help oxidize and neutralize the air you breathe. If it’s muggy and cloudy you won’t be able to think straight. So look for exotic plants that provide a cleaner air for you and take deep breaths without the toxic allergens our homes are known for harboring.


Last but not cannot be productive in clutter. Make a clean space to work from and clean your home in between working. Those breaks that we mentioned above are the perfect times to leave the desk area and go to another room to put dishes away, wipe counter tops, take the trash out. It’s a great time to get that brisk walk in and do a load of laundry.

Do not stress. It’s home. Make it as welcoming as possible with mood boosters like:

I hope that everyone is adjusting to the work from home environment and if you’d like to chat more about productivity, join our Coffee Group On FB. Until next time, more coffee please! XO

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