All You Need To Know To Be A Successful Blogger

Here’s all you need to know to be a successful blogger. Not sure about all these free blogging tips and need to go at your own pace? Join Boss Blogger Bootcamp where everything is all in one place, organized and walks you through in your own time. What’s it like to be a blogger in the first place? Well. It’s pretty damn awesome. I’ve been blogging on and off for about 10 years now. I created a successful community back in 2010 and now I’m excited to bring a fresh new light to Coffee Addict Mama.

Define success:

success is creating, starting and never giving up

I was smacked in the face last week by someone who was snarky towards me for not making money off affiliate marketing ( from this new blog of mine ) and was thrown back by the way she thought that she was being funny! Do I know how to make money off a blog, well certainly. Do I have to do it through AdSense or Affiliate Marketing? Um HELLO, No! I can make money however I want and for them to think that it’s a shame that I don’t use ads, well I’m sorry….and who are you? The audacity of some people. By the way, this is not my first blog, has yet to be my only blog and if someone doesn’t like ADS, you can be a successful blogger making money without them.

I’ve been testing the affiliate marketing strategies on this blog and Pinterest. I’ll update you later in another post about how I feel towards messy ads and non-stop links. Today, we’re talking all things on :

How To Be A Successful Blogger

Starting a blog can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. First thing you need to know is that it takes work. But it’s fun work if you actually love blogging. You can learn how to love this. It doesn’t have to come natural to begin with. Overtime, I fell in love with it because I like writing, sharing life experiences and photography. I am a self taught html coder and find interest in designing graphics for not only myself but clients too.

  • We all start somewhere– you cannot expect to become famous overnight and to be honest, the smaller blogs are sometimes more attractive, down to earth and real. The first step is starting one.
  • Be you– I cannot stress this enough. If you are fake, people will pick up on that. There is nothing better than a true following. If you are anything like me, you’ll blog for yourself and if someone wants to read it, welcome! If they don’t, continue blogging. This blog is for you…..and when you be yourself…..others will be attracted to that.
  • You learn something new everyday– this is no lie. I cannot tell you how much I learn just by being a blogger. You will learn the ins and outs as soon as you start blogging regularly. It’s almost insane how much you learn + grow.
  • Posting– it has changed a lot since my first blog! If you’re not a daily blogger that is totally fine. Just post every couple times a week with worthy posts and do a really good lengthy one at least monthly (2000+ words). Include photos and graphics to pin.
  • Pin– Pinterest is my number one blog supporter. I post quality posts here on my blog and then immediately pin my graphics. This has been a game changer for me since I was so used to social media marketing over the years. Of course I share some of these blog posts elsewhere but pinning is my main focus. So when you blog, you must also pin!

Successful Blogging Tips

  • There is no right or wrong way– it’s just your way! I offer tips and such on this blog because I’ve learned so much but you don’t have to listen to anyone. Do what you wish. If you want to make massive amounts of money and like ads, etc…….go that route. No one can tell you how to do something. These are just tips if you like them, follow them. If you don’t, simply do whatever you want. If something works for you, follow it. If not, do some research and keep learning.

Mastering blogging straight away is possible. But it’s also a dedication. If you would love to figure out how to grow your business with a blog, just start, read helpful posts like these and no, not every blogger has to blog just to make money! A lot of people do it for business reasons ( which does bring in the money ), personal reasons, fun, and more. The possibilities are endless with a blog. You run it however you envision. If it doesn’t work out that I am sharing this space to promote healthy brands + offering advice, then I can always re-brand this bad mama! Nothing is set in stone and I do whatever I like.

The beauty of blogging is creativity, finding you and discovering a love that is fun, enjoyable and healthy!

What I’ve learned about being a successful blogger is this

  • You can never be unsuccessful unless you give up! I’ve deleted many blogs in my life. I’ve started some for business reasons, personal reasons and have owned many on different platforms. You are not a success because you’ve had your blog straight for X years. You are not successful because you make X amount of money off of it. You are not successful because you think your content is better than someone else. You are not successful because you have ads all over the place. You are not successful because you write daily.
  • You are successful because you figured it out. You are successful because you shared your story. You are successful because you didn’t give up. You started again. You got up and faced the thing you’re most passionate about. You are successful because you learned something new. You met some great friends and you did it. Your success is measured in all of those things that money cannot buy. You made someone smile, laugh or cry because they felt the same thing you did. You impacted someone’s life when they were at their worst. You crafted a neat DIY and made that recipe so we could enjoy baking in our own kitchens. You taught another mom that it’s okay to be imperfect, the dishes don’t always get washed and the lights may not always be on.

Success can mean so much if you just figure out how to claim it. It doesn’t matter how much money someone makes. It doesn’t matter if someone writes a little better than you. It matters how you look at yourself and how you define your own success. It matters how you treat people, how you learn, how you grow. It matters who you are. You are the only person that can make yourself successful….you just have to figure it out. And you will. Just don’t give up. Until next time, more coffee please.

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