10 Purifying Plants That You Won’t Kill

Indoor plants that you won’t kill are easy to find if you know what to look for. We have so many clients that would absolutely love to have living plants but they’re so afraid they will kill them before they get them home.

In my recent years, I’ve learned how to basically raise plants to thrive and nurture our home. Purifying plants are the absolute way to go when trying to clean the air inside your house. There’s so many good quality, easy to grow plants but I’ll share my favorite top 10. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out how ‘not’ to kill them, so these tips should really help if you want to invest in some beautiful greenery.

Indoor Plants You Won’t Kill Easily

I think the common misconception of new plant lovers is that we can grow any plant. That could not be further from the truth. I personally love colors and pretty flowers but cannot grow them in our location. Location is key. Indoor plants that require low light still need some natural sunlight. They also need to be placed in rooms properly. If you have no windows in a room you want plants in, I recommend using another room. The fact that you can use lamps and lighting will help them grow but there’s honestly nothing better than natural light. So try to stick with open, airy windows that bring in good lighting.

10 Purifying Plants That Are Easy To Grow

Ivy {Hedera} plants are my number one favorite plants right now! They come in all different kinds and have an elegant look to them. I’m not as plain Jane as you might think. I do love me some good lush from time to time and these are far from boring. Watch our IG highlights for videos.

  • Golden Pothos– these plants are extremely cool looking as they grow long and carry silky smooth leaves. You do need to water them 2X/week in warmer months and cut off dead leaves as they will appear. They don’t require a lot of light but a good amount to stay healthy. I placed ours back in the dining room because we get morning and afternoon sun there.
  • Philodendron– I’m new to this plant but love it already as I’ve transferred from a poor beat up pot from Home Depot and placed in a clean, rustic bucket. So far it’s coming back to life. It’s easily adaptable and requires just a room with some sun and water weekly.

To Clean Your Plant Leaves:

Simply use a damp rag or washcloth to rub the dust off. You can also use a small amount of coconut oil to shine them up a bit and prevent dust from clinging. I have tons more cleaning tips coming soon, so please subscribe.


Bringing in plants like spider and aloe vera can easily freshen the quality of air inside your homes within 6 months. Bunched with other purifying plants, these create a clean smell that will have you breathing 10X better than ever before. If you are someone who suffers from allergies or just want to live a no tox life, I recommend these amazing plants.

  • Dracaena is also called a dragon tree- for me personally, I love bringing nature in. Wild and exotic trees make me happy. It’s easy to grow. Just slap in a corner with windows and watch it do it’s magic. Maybe dragons have that positive energy vibe, ehhhh!
  • Boston Fern- these are fluffy and really hold the home well. Easy and gorgeous in a kitchen window.
  • Rubber plants- also having that shiny leaf appearance and so easy to maintain.
  • Areca Palms- these plants remove toxins like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, so maybe invest in two. Plus, they add a tropical vibe to any room.

Aloe Vera plants are really easy to grow in low light rooms. They can also be dried out, so if you forget to water them, it’s totally okay. Water once a week if needed.

indoor plants that are hard to kill

The bonsai tree is one I truly enjoy because it’s easy to maintain and brings good energy. I had a really hard time getting this one to flourish but I didn’t give up on it. Here’s some simple tips about these beautiful plants –

  • Wash the leaves 1X-2X a month- these leaves need a little more attention than most plants because they get dusty quick and the tree in fact grows better with washed leaves. Nothing dramatic just a dab of water on a cloth and wipe
  • Place with other plants- this tree does better when grouped with other plants
  • High humidity and lots of light- I didn’t give this as much light as I thought it needed during the winter months but during the spring and summer, the bonsai will soar

My next indoor plant is going to be a Fiddle Leaf Fig {how frickin’ gorge are these}. Currently I’m working on propagating the snake plant. I’m loving that I won’t easily kill it by neglecting this one. It can be dried out completely and still THRIVE!! In fact, the snake plant does really well when potted in good soil and dried out for some time. When it gets warmer I will add water. 

Yucca plants are a prime example of what I tell everyone- simply place in a larger pot to actually grow. For some reason whenever I get a new plant or I’m saving a plant from it’s death bed, I just repot with new soil and a slightly bigger pot for it to stretch and grow. Here’s 30 indoor houseplants you may find interesting as well.  Nevertheless, if you neglect them completely…..chances are they will in fact die.

But the key is to take care of them so that they can take care of your home through fresh/clean air, detoxification. I am a huge plant lover and hope to convince you to become one as well.

Simple tips to keep plants alive-

Water once a week in the summer months unless it’s a water plant and requires more. You can usually tell by the way the plant looks. Feel the soil and if it’s completely dried out, add water. If it’s still moist, leave be. You don’t want to root rot. So avoid over watering. Plants that get droopy leaves tend to need a little water and then they perk right back up.

When a plant looks like it’s arrived at it’s death bed, just repot with new soil. As long as the roots are good (if they’re overly saturated, dry them out by placing the plant in the sun on a soft towel or paper). They most likely can be revived. Add new soil to a new (maybe a little bigger pot) about 1/4 of the way and place the plant in. Surround and fill with more soil until it reaches near the top. Some plants I overfill with soil and some I leave rather skimpy. Depends on whether I would be repotting again anytime soon. If you are planning on locating it to another pot, bucket or basket……..just use minimal soil. Once the plant is in it’s new home, add a small amount of water to lock it in. Let it do it’s thing and check on it often.

plants really are your best friends

Tell us if you have live plants or need help with them! I’d love to share some advice. If all else fails, toss and buy a new one and start all over again. Don’t give up on these beauties. They are amazing!! Happy planting. See you next time. XO

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