How To Make The Best Coffee Tonic

Summer trends that include refreshing ice cold beverages such as coffee and tonic are now a thing! It is my understanding since the latest Dalgona TikTok coffee drink became famous, we now have unlimited ways to concoct a delicious coffee recipe from the comfort of our own homes. I love making iced coffee anythings, so let’s try some new flavors if you’re not familiar with coffee and tonic.

How To Make Coffee Tonic

Coffee tonic is just as it sounds; an espresso shot with some tonic water. That’s it. So why so popular? I think anything with espresso is absolutely delish. Especially the affogato. But I will be quite honest with you……I’m not a huge fan of tonic water. I never have been. However, in coffee we trust!!

coffee tonic recipe

Disclaimer: if you happen to stumble across our TikTok {we deleted the app}, we simply used the Jameson Cold Brew for a spiked version of this delicious drink.

It’s the lazy gals guide to a fun mixed drink! I have to warn you though…it’s mighty intense and not for everyone. WHEW! I could only take a few sips. Non alcoholic girl here but I like pretending I’m a bartender. And there’s something about alcohol bottles that make great home decor pieces. Although we rarely have them in the house, I still like to grab some from time to time. I used Schweppes tonic water for this recipe. I’m sure any brand will do. It’s rather simple and fun to make. If you’re attempting to make the best as mentioned in the title of this post, use Schweppes. It’s awesome.

You’ll Need:

1/4 cup tonic water

2 shots espresso ( or cold brew coffee ) or Jameson Cold Brew for a spiked version

Coffee Tonic is also known as espresso tonic or cold brew tonic. It’s a simple glass of ice, coffee of choice and tonic water garnished with your favorite fresh fruit. It’s exactly how it sounds. No rhyme or reason, just a tasty summer drink if you like to try new things.

Cold Brew Tonic

  • Add ice to a medium sized glass or chill the glass in the freezer for about 10 minutes ( I like to do this because it feels fancier, haha )
  • Pour the cold brew into the glass ( typically about 1/2 cup )
  • Top with tonic water
  • Garnish with lemon or lime

Cold brew is simply amazing because it’s less acidic and has higher caffeine content. If you would like to prep your coffee the day before and don’t mind the process, use this method. If you’re anything like me and need this fix in a hurry, use the espresso version.

Espresso Tonic

  • Make one or two shots of espresso using your Nespresso
  • Let cool to room temp
  • Add ice to glass
  • Pour espresso shots into glass
  • Top with tonic water and garnish

Spiked Coffee Tonic

Follow the methods above for either recipe and use Jameson Cold Brew instead of the cold brew you made at home. I have never tried the Espresso Tonic spiked with regular whiskey but I’m sure you can pull it off just fine.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll add a slice of lime to the bottom of the glass and start sipping! It’s a really fantastic way to welcome summer after these long months of being indoors. Let’s toast to a coffee drink that’s refreshing and different! I wasn’t aware that this even existed until I stumbled across Pinterest and was like, um yeah, I need to try!!

Now normally I never measure anything but that’s just me pretending to be a bartender in my own home, so if you’re at all concerned about the measurements use the same ratios. I tend to add a little more tonic water because I’m a softee. It totally depends on how strong you like your coffee and/or mixed drinks!!

This ones for my dad in heaven……Happy Birthday! Cheers

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