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A Coffee Addicts Guide To Cleaning,  In The Home

The Uncluttered Project

In The Kitchen Decluttering

Decluttering the home should be an everyday project until you get to your happy place. In the kitchen it’s easy to start in one cupboard and focus on the entire project being done by the end of the month. So, each day you do one cabinet or drawer. Even if you only declutter one or two items, that’s a start and becomes a habit when you do routinely.

Match like styles- having an organized cupboard with same style dinnerware will prevent clutter. Line bowls, plates and cups together to make things look cohesive and clean. 

An Uncluttered Kitchen Is Pure Sanity

Limit to the amount of people in the home. Using a numbers system helps you go minimal. Sell excess on FB marketplace or toss. Keep only what you have room for. One shelf is plenty enough space for mugs. Another shelf for bowls and plates, another for cups. If you cannot fit them all in there; toss/rid. Keep a little space in between the dishes so they can actually breathe. This prevents damage and helps them last longer.

Open Drawers & Cabinets Daily To See What Needs To Go

When we open a drawer or cabinet daily we can ask ourselves if a specific item needs to go. Are you tired of looking at it? Would you like to toss those and replace with white ones? Ask each time you open a space if it could use some improvement.

Also consider having some open shelving in the kitchen or removing some doors off the cabinets. This motivates you to have a clean, open space.

Things That Should Not Be In Your Silverware Drawer

  • cooking utensils such as stirring spoons, spatulas, whisks, etc
  • condiment packages
  • zip lock baggies
  • papers, receipts, keys, office supplies, junk drawer stuff
  • plastic straws

The drawers in any part of the home have rules. Nothing should be stuffed with all types of things, or not have a real purpose. Bathrooms, kitchens, dressers, wardrobes, consoles and hutches were all made to store your belongings in. Not to exhaust them with unnecessary chaos. Treat them like royalty and with much respect. Just because they can be closed, doesn’t mean they have to become unworthy.

In Feng Shui, clutter clogs your mind and energy, so when we delete the stuff we don’t need (even the smallest of things), we change our entire outlook on life.


Clean the junk drawer weekly. This doesn’t mean that you have to empty the entire drawer because sometimes that’s too much. Instead open and toss whatever is causing overflow. Relocate items that don’t belong and place odd things like batteries, paper clips and such in zip lock baggies or purchase drawer organizers. 

The refrigerator should be decluttered daily. This may sound like a little too much at first but I’m talking about a few things here and there. You look inside this appliance every single day, so while you are in there make a point to toss any expired food, old leftovers, rotting produce and keep it well maintained. 

The Uncluttered Project Is Rejuvenating

  • Rotate items when you get a minute just to go through and see if anything can be condensed, tossed
  • Use plastic clear containers for loose items or small jars
  • Keep the condiments to a minimal. If there’s 2 bottles of Ranch, try to condense so there’s only 1
  • Use the drawers for items that fit properly into them and keep an eye on how low the cheese is getting, how the ham is and if they are LOW, take them out of the original packaging and put inside a zip lock baggy. This gives you more space


I don’t know who needs to hear this but the top of the fridge is not a storage unit

If you’re anything like me then you want to give the top of your fridge some livelihood, eh? Perhaps a purifying plant that works well in low light like the pothos is a good idea. Just try not to store appliances up there. Or boxes of cereal, etc.

Organizing pots and pans in their own drawers and cabinets will keep the clutter under control. I like to think that if you have to pile pots on top of one another, you have too much.

how to declutter the kitchen (1)

Pro Pantry + Food Cupboard Tips

Transfer food from their original box/packaging to a container. This helps so much that I’m not even going to explain. If you are not already doing this, you will now and you’ll feel fantastic. 

Keep canned goods lined together and in a basket if you can. 

Use freezer bags for cereal, snacks and extra things like napkins and straws that are just loose in a space. 

The Toy Decluttering Challenge

Things you’ll need:

  • 2 hampers
  • garbage bag
  • box
  • determination

Use two decent sized hampers to sort what you must keep for the kids and what can be donated or tossed.

Begin a challenge with the kids to help them get involved in the process of learning how to let go as well. Teaching them the value of regifting to needy children will do wonders as they grow older.

One basket is for keeping, one for discarding. Use the trash bag to toss items that are not in good condition.

Once the DONATE hamper is full, transfer to the box and then the car immediately.

Repeat each week until it’s under control! Share your progress in our NO TOX GROUP.

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