The Uncluttered Project

The Uncluttered Project is a lifestyle movement designed to help you declutter your entire life with challenges, mindset shifts, simplified cleaning routines and so much more. Founder Victoria DeCroce is a decluttering expert focused on minimalism, healthy living and crafting stress free ways to cope. Their mission is to set you free from all the clutter that has been building up for years.

The Uncluttered Project

Hey pretty mama’s. If you were a part of the project here on Coffee Addict Mama it has now been moved to it’s own website. This is to keep everything more organized than ever before with free 30 day decluttering challenges, weekly guides, checklists, coaching, mentoring and more. You can easily pick up where you left off by joining the FB community designed as a course for you to follow each and every day at your own pace. There’s a join us link on their main page.

How To Declutter Your Entire Life

When I first started my journey, I had no idea that it would lead to such a therapeutic lifestyle for me. The natural healing I received from clearing out the physical clutter led me to unveil my mental clutter. Emotionally I forgave myself and others without needing them to apologize. I learned how to let go with ease. My heart finally started to feel authentic happiness. And, you’re about to experience the same because you need to declutter your entire life to discover true purpose.

  • break free from all the guilt
  • letting go is no longer hard for me
  • my space deserves to breathe too
  • self care is reinvented
  • finding the value in being alone
  • forgiveness
  • less cleaning
  • slowing down
  • clarity
  • understanding, compassion, patience
  • wellness, good energy, peace and sanity

When you join the movement you take on a role of caring more for yourself than you ever had before. You deserve this. It’s yours to commit to.

Inside Access

  • decluttering challenges, cleaning tips, daily inspiration
  • loads of checklists, charts, printables
  • bonus courses like mindset and energy work, slow living guide
  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • wellness + healthy living + meditation guides
  • go at your own pace
  • private, supportive
  • easy to navigate
  • live videos, presentations and more

Here’s 26 ways to declutter your living space

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Are You Tired Of The Constant Cleaning, Tidying Up and Feeling Exhausted?

I feel you mama! Let me be very clear…I’m probably the laziest house cleaner when it comes to even the simplest tasks. I refuse to wash the pots by hand and my husband freaks out. There’s a dishwasher for a reason. But I am frugal when it comes to saving time, money and the thing is…why make life more stressed than it has to be?

Start ditching the toxic chemicals because they are so harsh they actually make us avoid doing any heavy scrubbing or vigorous household chores. I promote natural cleaning tips far more than anything. It saved me and I know it will you too.

learn more about the uncluttered project by clicking this pic

The most amazing thing we can do for ourselves is get rid of anything and everything standing in our way of being who we deserve to be. I can’t wait to see you inside this project. Until next time, more coffee please!

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