Welcome! You’re obviously here because you want to improve the quality of your life through healthy cleaning and decluttering challenges. I’m so proud of you for making this step towards freedom. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Victoria Taylor and I’ve been cleaning since I was 12 years old. When it was introduced to me, I felt like a slave. Forced to do chores that I didn’t like and if it wasn’t done properly, I sat there until it was. To this day, I dislike cleaning if it involves breaking my back, bruising my knees and causing some style of stress. None of us enjoy daunting tasks or feeling overwhelmed. As I grew older, I stopped doing it how I was taught and created monthly routines that helped with my anxiety and stress.

Declutter Your Homes In 30 Days or Less

Cluttered surroundings overload our senses causing levels of stress and anxiety that our bodies don’t need. These senses send off signals that are unhealthy and toxic. The only way to eliminate the toxins from our bodies is to remove whatever is causing the negative reaction. No. I’m not a doctor, just a lifestyle expert who focuses on minimalism, decluttering and stress free environments. Imagine feeling helpless. Perhaps you already do. If there is no escape route, then we suffer from demons that control our everyday lives. So how do we take back our sanity?

We get rid of everything that causes us anxiety, stress and anger. It’s people. Places. Things. Sounds. Vibes. Energy. Ask yourself what bothers you? Is it a piece of clothing you’ve had for decades that you’re just tired of seeing but never realized how easy it was to toss? Maybe it’s a closet of old memories that you just cannot let go of.

how to declutter in 30 days or less

Monthly Decluttering Like A Boss

By breaking up these challenges into daily lifestyle changes gives us the ability to feel less rushed, less stressed. No one wants to be rushed to do something because then it’s just a hot mess. Mama don’t got time for that! In an effort to eliminate the things we can learn to live without, we experience value and purpose creating specific ways to tackle our homes that are ideal for our space.

This every day commitment increases productivity and wealth in the home. You learn to do something small that gives you a big feeling. A feeling of goodness, power and success.

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Start extremely small – I want you to throw ONE old t-shirt or pair of pants you never wear anymore away right this second (I’ll wait while you go do that.)


The next thing I want you to do is write a note on a piece of paper and stick it to the refrigerator. It will say, “I’m ready to unclutter my life, what shall I throw away today?” You will keep this posted until you feel confident enough to do it without seeing the daily reminder. Once it becomes your subconscious you will feel renewed and enlightened.

Focused attention plays a crucial role in actually altering the structure of the brain. With repetition, these chemical links actually become stable changes in the brain’s structure. { VIA }

The more you remember to do something, the more you create a lifestyle that promotes wellness, healing and progress.

Day One – Take a good look around and visualize everything you see in each room. Stand there and observe by taking mental notes of how your room could look without the STUFF. Ask yourself if you want to keep it that way, or if you’re ready to move forward. That’s all I want you to do today. Tomorrow, we start the next challenge.

Unclutter For Thought : How many times do you open the drawers in your kitchen? Or even the bathroom? The kitchen is the heart of the home and where we go often. So, open the drawers, not just to get a butter knife but to see what’s going on in there. And do this everyday. Do you like what you see? Is it too crammed. Too little in one and not the other. Looking crusty? The crumbs have you cornered? Take a look. Are they to your satisfaction? 

– Place odd things in a small basket or zip lock bag until you can find a new home for them ( if they need to be kept )

– Simplifying your drawers to a count system : take the number of people in your household and X 2. That’s how many pieces of dinnerware, silverware you should own

Same in the bathrooms! The more you visually look into something that is closed, the more you’ll want to clean and clear them. 

Tip Of The Day : Every item in the home has a home of it’s own. FREE FOR ALL spaces are banned. That just means that you cannot just throw things into any drawer or closet to basically neglect it from having a real home.

Blankets and Throw Pillows are my weakness too. I managed to get our sheet sets down to 1 per bed, yes……praise the cotton thread fairies. Can you believe that? The blankets are another story! I want you to take the mini challenge above. Pull them out and fold them nice to kiss them goodbye. Only keep what you really need. NEED. Not want. So pick and choose. And then POST a pic to share your progress. 

unclutter your space

Unclutter My Space

Initial Boast Of Energy Challenge

If this is not for you, skip to the next step below! 

Step 1: Grab a trash bag, a fairly decent sized box and head into your bedroom. This seems to be an area that most use to store things that they may need but cannot place anywhere else in the home. This is bad energy so, we need to create a new location for said items. Please note: if you have space under your beds, do not use it for storage. The underneath of the bed should always remain clutter free. Because this is where we sleep and we need good sleep in order to function well. Now, here’s the challenge. If you do NOT use something at least monthly then it goes into the trash bag. Those shoes that you think you’ll wear next summer, forget it. You’ve already committed to decluttering because you’re here reading this post, so stop thinking and just toss. Holding onto something is just a sign of unwillingness to LET GO. Give yourself 2 seconds to ask yourself if you actually need it. If you don’t, it goes in the bag. 

Step 2: Open the drawers. If they are full to the top with clothes stuffed in, toss them on the bed and sort through. Toss anything that gives you an IFFY feeling. Fold whatever you say 100 % yes to keeping and place back in the drawer. Do this for each drawer until it’s no longer overflowing. 

Step 3: Remove excess furniture. Yes. If you have more than 3 pieces of furniture in your bedroom, choose the 3 that are most important. The bed, nightstand and dresser. You do NOT need 2 full size dressers in one room. If you have that many clothes, get rid of them NOW! 

-Your wardrobe should consist of 5 at the most. 5 shirts, 5 pants, 5 tanks, etc. If you have more than the days of the week, it’s FAR too much. You’re decluttering your space. Remember that!! You don’t even wear that many clothes. 

-Limit your shoe collection to 7 pairs

-When you enter your closets you should see some space between the clothes that are hanging and the shelving should not have things piled to the ceiling. Use one corner of the closet for storing boxes that you’re saving. That’s it. One corner. The other corners are for travel bags { that which BTW, can be used to store items in when you’re not traveling }. Shoes that you are keeping should fit nicely on a shelf or a shoe rack. Not piled on the floor. The shoe rack door hangers are also fantastic. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t need to fill the entire slots because you are downsizing. Use the other slots for socks, bras and smaller items.

Since many of you mentioned that you use your bedroom for storage…what are you storing? Holiday boxes and things you only use once a year? Stuff you are hoping to use at a new house? It doesn’t matter. It cannot go in this room. You either get a storage unit or let go. A storage unit aside from your bedroom. So, create another location in the home where you can eliminate another closet to store the new stuff in. If you don’t have room, you have too much. That’s the point of decluttering. You MUST let go. Down size. Eliminate. Forget about whatever it is you’re holding on to. It’s just stuff. If it has sentimental value. Keep. If it doesn’t you are being challenged, right here, right now to let go. If you do…..I promise you will feel an immense amount of gravity lifted.  

Learning to let go is part of the process. You are not here to negotiate why you need these things. You are here to start fresh, discover the power of less and adapt to an entirely new lifestyle.

The Slower Pace Challenge

Whew! That boast of energy challenge is intense. But not everyone can tackle a project like that without taking a few breaks. Sometimes it’s days at a time when we don’t quite get back to a project we’ve started. I get it. Been there, cluttered that!!! 

That’s why this is a course to take at your own pace. We all need to breathe, start and start again. Don’t give up! There’s more tips below that will have you where you want to be within the 30 day challenge. 

Oh you feel like this? You’re not alone mama. We’ve been tricked into believing that we need so much stuff to live. The truth is, we don’t. We need very few items to survive. If the “STUFF” is overflowing, we’re going to take these challenges and help you eliminate the clutter for good. 

Now that you’ve thrown a few things away, let’s do little things every single day for the next month. Moving forward you will establish a healthy routine that gives your mental well being a new, positive outlook on your homes. 

The Uncluttered Project Gives You Back Your Life. Your Power. Your Sanity!


Tip 1: Empty the trash bins in the bathrooms daily or at least every other day. This creates a routine when decluttering. Transfer the garbage into the kitchen bin. Get into the habit of emptying the bins in your rooms often { even if it’s only 1 tissue } because this creates a lifestyle of structure + balance. 

Tip 2: Look into the medicine cabinet and check for expired products or things you never take/use. Toss. Do this daily until it’s clean with items you absolutely need.

Tip 3: Check under the sinks daily to slowly start eliminating items and products that are being wasted. Use plastic bins to organize the things you need to use and toss what can be tossed. Try to get this under control within 1 week. You have 1 week to throw a few things away everyday until there’s ONLY 2 bins or baskets holding the products you need. 

Tip 4: Open the shower curtain and make sure there are no half bottles in there. Convert and place excess containers in a basket ( in the closet or under sink ). The shower is not a storage unit for beauty supplies. Your shower should only have products that you use on a daily basis in there. If you only use that body scrub weekly, put it back under the sink. 

Tip 5: Your floors are not storage units. Look in your rooms every single day to see if there’s stuff on the floors that don’t belong. One hamper per room, rolling carts for papers, office supplies, books and even beauty products. 

Tip 6: Take a peek inside the kitchen cabinets daily to see what you have too much of. If you hoard mugs like I do, take one mug out today and give to someone or sell online. Tomorrow take 2 mugs and do the same. If they’re old and you couldn’t care less about them anymore just throw away. 

Tossing things that clutter my space ( and obviously my mind ) helps relieve the anxiety when I’ve had a bad day. Sometimes I don’t have time to think about donating stuff. It’s just better, easier and faster to send to the dumpster.


Here’s 26 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Space Now and Some Budget Friendly Storage Ideas


If you’re bothered by the fact that things shouldn’t be thrown away because you believe someone else could use them, remember this important thing; You are NOT doing this for them. You are doing it for YOU! It’s okay to be selfish. Put yourself first. 

How To Master A Successful Closet Purge

Closet purging is the hottest trend on YouTube. It became extremely popular years ago and when I was introduced to it, I started doing it as a monthly project. Nothing overwhelming because if you do try to tackle it the way some people on there do….it just gets intimidating. Leading to an unsuccessful nightmare.

Gather things you’ll need for a successful purge:

– Baskets, bins, boxes and/or trash bags

– Sticky Notes + Marker to label donate, toss, give to sister, etc 

– Shoe Racks

Closet Purging 101

Do not attempt to enter your closet and pull everything out. This is a complete disaster. Instead, take a peek inside and look at the overall design, how much is in there and envision the outcome. 

  • Piece by piece – when you take on a closet purge, go from left to right, bottom to top. Starting at the left corner of the closet as you walk in, take the clothing on hangers and skim through those that need to go. You cannot keep everything, so mindset must take over. Pull at least 5 items that need to be thrown away or donated. Put them in a basket outside of the closet. Try hard not to throw any clothing on the floor because this leads to more stress. Use garbage bags or baskets/bins, boxes.  
  • Now that you have eliminated 5 pieces of clothing take a break and look at the floor along the left side of the closet. Pick up everything in that small corner and relocate outside of the closet. If it’s shoes, decide which ones to keep and which ones have seen better days. Place the keepers in or on your new shoe rack.
  • If you had just removed boxes or pile up that needs to go in boxes or baskets, line them up along the side of a wall to go through later. Do not put back in the closet unless it belongs in there. Remember your closet is not a storage unit and this is a purge. Either relocate or toss, donate the things clogging space in your gorgeous dressing area. 
  • 15 minute breaks are crucial when attempting even the smallest closet purge. It allows you to rethink, refresh your YOU game and breathe. Walk away and get some water/drink/cocktail. 
  • As you head back into the closet area, look up above where the clothes hang on the left side. Remove and refold, relocate, organize in baskets and call it a day!
  • Do not attempt more than that in one day. You can schedule the middle and right side of the closet for another day. The key is to take it in slow steps to provide a stress free experience. Not rushed. Just a daily project. 
  • Lastly, do one small thing each day in the closet until the 30  days is up. If you take one pair of pants that you haven’t worn in like, forever and toss them, you’ve made progress and doing something small each day sets you up for a lifestyle of less clutter. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You’ve Got This Mama

minimalism is not about living without the things you love

As mentioned in the video above, minimalists do not live a life less valuable than the ones with more stuff. We really appreciate the things we love to look at on a daily basis. This is something that I’ve really become more mindful about because I am a frugal gal. I cannot purchase shirts and clothing just because they are on clearance { former clearance snob }. It’s essentially important to think of things we need to hang on a wall, like a nice shelf to display our thrifty finds, or a big wicker basket to toss our throw blankets in. These are things I avoided purchasing in the past because it was $30 or more. But I finally realized that if I wanted the RIGHT things for our home, I had to invest in the quality { over quantity }. 

You’re Now On A Shopping Ban- Like Us On Facebook to watch our video that offers ways to shop ( WITHOUT buying anything )…….well because we all know a gal loves to shop!!

How to Stop Impulse Shopping

If you get the impulse to shop, you are ONLY allowed to second hand shop! That means you cannot purchase anything at full price or online. You must enter a thrift shop, consignment store or yard sales only. Target shopping is not allowed. It’s the root of all evil. When you find yourself there, follow step 6 above. 

decluttering in the kitchen

how to declutter the kitchen

Decluttering the home should be an everyday project until you get to your happy place. In the kitchen it’s easy to start in one cupboard and focus on the entire project being done at the end of the month. So, each day you do one cabinet or drawer. Even if you only declutter one or two items, that’s a start and becomes a habit when you do routinely.

Things That Should Not Be In Your Silverware Drawer

– plastic straws

– cooking utensils such as stirring spoons, spatulas, whisks, etc

– condiment packages

– zip lock baggies

– papers, receipts, keys, office supplies, junk drawer stuff

The drawers in any part of the home have rules. Nothing should be stuffed with all types of things, or not have a real purpose. Bathrooms, kitchens, dressers, wardrobes, consoles and hutches were all made to store your belongings in. Not to exhaust them with unnecessary chaos. Treat them like royalty and with much respect. Just because they can be closed, doesn’t mean they have to become unworthy. In Feng Shui, clutter clogs your mind and energy, so when we delete the stuff we don’t need ( even the smallest of things ), we change our entire outlook on life.

Match like styles- having an organized cupboard with same style dinnerware will prevent clutter. Line bowls, plates and cups together to make things look cohesive and clean. 

Limit to the amount of people in the home. Having 100 mugs is insane. You do not need that many. Sell on FB marketplace and keep only what you have room for. One shelf is plenty enough space for mugs. Another shelf for bowls and plates, another for cups. If you cannot fit them all in there; toss/rid. Keep a little space in between the dishes so they can actually breathe. This prevents damage and helps them last longer. 

Consider having some open shelving in the kitchen or removing doors off cabinets. This allows you to see daily and it will reinforce a healthy display. 

Clean the junk drawer weekly. This doesn’t mean you have to empty the entire drawer because sometimes that’s too much. Instead open and toss whatever is causing overflow. Relocate items that don’t belong and place odd things like batteries, paper clips and such in zip lock baggies or purchase drawer organizers. 

The refrigerator should be decluttered daily. This may sound like a little too much at first but I’m talking about a few things here and there. You look inside this appliance every single day, so while you are in there make a point to toss any expired food, old leftovers, rotting produce and keep it well maintained. 

By the way, the top of the fridge is not a storage unit. 

how to declutter the kitchen (1)

Organizing pots and pans in their own drawers and cabinets will keep the clutter under control. I like to think that if you have to pile pots on top of one another, you have too much.

Use Code DECLUTTER20 to access the 30 day decluttering checklist here!

Pro Pantry + Food Cupboard Tips

Transfer food from their original box/packaging to a container. This helps so much that I’m not even going to explain. If you are not already doing this, you will now and you’ll feel fantastic. 

Keep canned goods lined together and in a basket if you can. 

Use freezer bags for cereal, snacks and extra things like napkins and straws that are just loose in a space. 

Bathroom tips

The bathroom is another place we should declutter, if not daily, weekly! Products come in and out of this space like it’s the Ritz Carlton. 

bathroom decluttering

Things that should NOT be in our home bathrooms :

  • Travel Size Products – this is not the Ritz, don’t try to decorate your home bathrooms with travel size beauty things…..it actually takes up more space and if no one is actually using them it’s a waste of space. When you want to add touches for guests or style like a spa, simply use full size containers and soaps. 
  • More Than 3 Bottles – The shower stall is not a place to store your products. Limit to what you use and put back in a basket under the sink or closet when you are finished.
  • Full Size Trash Bins – I’ve seen this a time or two in home bathrooms. A small bin is all you need. Empty it daily by transferring to the kitchen bin or a small garbage bag.
  • Beauty Gadgets – Do not leave your curling iron on the vanity. Put in a organizational basket or back in the closet when you are finished. 
  • Towels – Yes, do keep one on a hook, the others go in a linen closet. 

Things to keep in mind when decluttering the bathroom space: 

Closets, under the sink and medicine cabinets do not need to be overfilled. Just because there’s open space, doesn’t mean you fill it. 

Don’t allow the trash bins to overflow. Empty often. 

Check expired products and medicine weekly.

Don’t keep things on the back of the toilet. Put extra toilet paper in closet or drawer.

You don’t need 5 bath rugs. One in front of the shower is all you need. The others just collect dust.

Don’t keep things on the sink area. All you should have displayed is soap, a wash cloth or hand towel and that’s it. Toothbrushes are not public display. They go back in a drawer. Forget the holders and tissue boxes.  

My Personal Decluttering Story

When I had my first daughter the day before my 19th birthday, I would only fill up half the space with her things. Her bookshelves were never packed and her closet was nothing overwhelming. I mean, they grow out of clothing faster than you and I can light a switch, so there’s really no point in one child having massive amounts of clothing, shoes or toys for that matter. She probably didn’t have more than 5 learning toys the entire time growing up. She listened to a lot of Mozart cd’s and watched Disney Channel. Judge all you want but it made her smart. She’s more book smart today than I’ll ever be. Her DVD collection was one I did hold onto for many years. Everything else was either passed on or donated. I finally let go of her cute outfits when she was a teen. I kept the one she came home in and one other dress. That’s all. Everything else was time to let go. The things I wanted to keep were travelled with me everywhere I relocated for a very long time. But they were in a blue ziplock tote. Whatever didn’t fit was now gone. I purchased two and still have them to this day. One carried photo albums and small memento boxes, the other carried important papers, art and things. I never understood the term minimalism until my 30’s. After reading about it, I realized that I have been living this way my entire life. When I was little we barely had enough furniture to sit on, let alone sleep on. Each of us kids had one pair of sneakers, 5 shirts, 5 pants and 5 undergarments. We moved a lot and didn’t keep the same stuff for years. My mom got rid of them and always started over. Maybe that’s why I do this often in my adult life. I like keeping a piece of furniture for a year at most and then getting a new piece. I get tired of seeing the same things all of the time, so I just resell or donate. A part of me will always enjoy a fresh new start. Whether it’s with dinnerware, products or furniture and clothing, I just have been taught this lifestyle from a very young age. Out with the old, in with the new. But I had a really hard time letting go. Although I knew I had to downsize, I didn’t really want to. I liked collecting perfumes and lotions, jewelry and shoes. All of a sudden I found myself as a professional re-seller on Ebay and from then on it was addicting. If I couldn’t keep it, at least I was going to make money from it. I made my garage a small shop and put all of the items I listed on Ebay on bookshelves lined up against the wall. I was selling something everyday. After time, that gets old but my love for antiques and vintage interiors never did. While I was thrifting, I began looking for popular items to sell on Etsy. Because I have an obsession with mugs, I couldn’t stop myself from impulse shopping. I just couldn’t. It was a sense of relief and joy for me. However, I knew that my small apartment was not enough room for them and now I’m in a new place with no garage. I cannot keep finding deals and buying things I have no use for. It was indeed a revelation when I sold it to someone who would value it as much as I. Now I can live with less and still enjoy doing what I love. It’s important to remember to keep the things I have for sale separate from inside my home. Today, our apartment has a maximum of 3 pieces of furniture per room { the dining room only has 2 }, our closets have plenty of space in between hangers and even my plant collection has been limited. I focus more on the things I enjoy displaying and not so much the quantity anymore. It’s not only visually appealing but heartfelt. I feel a sense of relief, freedom from everything that has ever made me feel unworthy and helpless. I’m in control of what I own. And that’s an incredible feeling!

cleaning guide (1)

I declutter every single month to combat stress and anxiety. Beauty and cleaning products need to be cleaned out all of the time since those are the things we purchase more of. The main reason I unclutter so much is because it’s a natural healing agent for myself. If I experience negative situations, this helps me regain my strength and control.

Going Green eliminates over 90% of clutter

In late 2019, I officially went All Natural. I had practiced transforming my style of cleaning this way over time but now that I’m fully educated and know how to clean with no chemicals, it’s a life changing experience that I’ve come to love and appreciate. I wasn’t a huge fan of vinegar until recently. I had to read about it before I understood that the scent really does fade after a few minutes. Now it’s the only thing I clean with. Well, that and baking soda! A quick squirt of alcohol on a rag also does our small two bedroom apartment justice in terms of cleanliness. We no longer have products overflowing under the sinks. For me, that just looks messy. When you only clean with certain products, your space becomes more valuable. So much that you CAN breathe better. The inside of our homes is more toxic than the outside. Bring in oxidizing plants and go green. The feeling is indescribable. The reason people go green is to simplify your cleaning routines. It may not click with you but the toxic cleaning products that you own today are probably the reason you prevent actual cleaning. Toss the chemicals. I promise you won’t look back.

You can join our new group here

As The Uncluttered Project develops with new members joining, we will update this course often. It’s a GO AT YOUR OWN PACE guide to help you master the clutter once and for all. Use these same tips in the garage, attic, storage unit, etc. 

How much did you accomplish this month? Share it in our group. 

indoor plant guide

A Special Thanx and Updates

I wanted to THANK you so much for joining the uncluttered project and sharing your homes with us! Let us know if you need anything at all during this journey! It’s a monthly challenge, so we are going to edit this course every single month with new content, tips and projects. 

Whether you’re new here or have been decluttering for some time now, come say HI on our FB page and tell us what you need help with so we can add that to this course. Check back often for updates. Since we don’t want anyone losing sight of what the purpose of this challenge is all about, we recommend commenting and supporting others in our groups. Thanks again. Victoria-

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