6 Ways To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Account { & Why Followers Are Not Really That Important }

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If you’re not on Pinterest, you should be. It took me a long time to understand the reason businesses and blogs should be on this search engine site. Yes, it’s a search engine and not social media. It’s much like Google, so when someone is searching for a recipe or home design, Pinterest boards are typically the first to pop up. You’ll want to get a business account straight away if you own a blog, shop or even a local brick and mortar.

Over the last year I have tested strategies that work and have written this post to help bloggers and businesses skyrocket their accounts. When you click on an account you will notice the monthly viewers under the name. That is important because it helps you grow your brand. You will not have access to this information if you have a regular account. 

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Using Pinterest has been a game changer for sure. After doing research over the past few months, I realized that there is no need to try and push getting followers. Sure you need a few but chasing them is not necessary. Learn how you can make money on Pinterest too, you won’t be sorry.


Start by switching over to a business account. Go To EDIT SETTINGS —> ACCOUNT SETTINGS —> CONVERT TO BUSINESS. This enables you to treat it like such and you’ll now have analytics access. The benefits of going ‘BUSINESS’ is highly recommended. If you haven’t already done so, get a move on it. Here’s a great outline on this topic.

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Now that the business account is set up, be sure to create a great bio with a link to your website, shop, blog or even your IG account. Wherever you want your traffic to go. Down below as one of our 6 ways to skyrocket your Pinterest account with little to no followers will be about descriptions and keywords. This is an important factor that I started using later than sooner. I’m telling you this now because it will save a boat load of editing. Trust me!!!

My cleaning business account only took a couple weeks before it skyrocketed to 1 million monthly viewers. I basically tested these tips I’m going to give you here just to see how I could grow it and these WORK!!! Currently I’m working on Coffee Addict Mama Pinterest account to see if I can do anything different to skyrocket that account even faster. Stay tuned.

Update: We reached a stunning 2 MILLION monthly views within two months

It’s not at all hard to maintain your Pinterest business account in terms of using the app so much that you feel overwhelmed. I manually pin in the morning, afternoon and evening…..when I have the time! It takes a few minutes to get some pins onto your boards and if you want to grow REALLY FAST, simply start pinning your own photos, videos and stories.

1.) Pin Manually Often or Use a Scheduling App– this here is going to be my biggest and most valuable tip. This can be very time consuming but you can master it by using the same time management tips I use for blogging. Using a scheduling app such as Tailwind or Viraltag will help, but I personally do not use because I believe in organic growth and I’m cheap, so I don’t pay anyone for anything. You may not even see monthly views up to a half a million with those apps. Manual pinning is also great for control. You know what you’re pinning, when you’re pinning and how you’re pinning. Something that bothers me a lot about Pinterest is the unsecured links when clicking on a photo to visit a website. I can tell if a site is secure just by looking at the link the pin is connected to. If it’s not, then I don’t pin it.

2.) Create a good amount of high traffic topic boards- You may read that keywords are important in descriptions and such but I follow high traffic accounts that don’t use any! Create boards with topic titles. Those are the most important keywords. Your title to your board will be extremely important. You can follow The Crumby Kitchen, she’s one of my faves. Her boards will give you a great example of title topics. You should focus on the keywords in titles and descriptions when necessary but don’t overdue it because Pinterest will find it spammy. I stick to the simple stuff and limit the keywords.

3.) The Pinning Boss– While pinning others pins is quite the norm, you have to also directly pin { among-st other hacks }. Pinning directly from your favorite websites is going to boost your accounts really fast. So instead of just re-pinning everything on your feed, check out some of your go to sites + blogs and start pinning their photos from their most popular posts. AND, you must follow this trick as well: your main feed is a great place to grab pins for your boards but go to the following button and start pinning what they pin.

4.) Rich Pins– Enabling rich pins on your account will be a game changer for reals. I’m just learning more about this myself so, you’re not alone. All of this seems really intimidating to someone like ourselves who have no idea how to master Pinterest, until now. Rich pins are basically pins that give out more information to the user before they click on your website. I am going to specifically be using the article rich pins to help you as much as I can. I started this community to share tips and if that means I learn along the way, then awesome! We’re in this together.

5.) Pin Popular Themes– I’m already a huge home decor fan but it helps to pin extremely popular niches like; FASHION, FALL { seasons }, BEAUTY, ART + HOW TO’s, etc. When creating some of those topic boards we talked about earlier, make sure you have these really popular topics to pin from. Also, do not let one board go unnoticed for over a week. Pin in all boards, all the time or at least frequently.

Best Pinterest Hacks To Grow Your Accounts

Before we get to my very last tip, let’s discuss those followers we don’t really need to grow our traffic. While many users focus on gaining followers because they believe those followers will click on their pins, the focus needs to remain in the actual numbers. Goal setting to 1 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWS was my target. If I reach that in one month or less, my target becomes 2 million, so on and so forth. Your actual engagement becomes 1/4-1/2 of those million views which in fact turns into more monthly views to your websites, shops and blogs. Remember to actively pin your content. You can take a look at many famous accounts to see that just because someone has a lot of followers, doesn’t mean that they have a lot of views. And those with a ton of views, only have so many followers. When it comes to Pinterest, don’t pay attention to followers.

6.) Pin Videos– This is my newest favorite tip and when you pin more videos you will see an increase in stats. Also use the new emoji feature on these videos. If you cannot create your own videos at least pin others. This is on fire right now and my favorite to pin. Much funner than photos. Which btw are going back to the regular pics instead of those famous graphic ones you see like below –



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I’m just taking a screenshot of the numbers to see where I am in about a month from this post! I started writing the post at 90K and by the end of the post I was at 96.5K. So PIN – PIN – PIN!!! ( It actually took me a little over a month to complete this goal but I still think that’s pretty FAST! )




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This website platform is a search engine and constantly changing the algorithm. Staying on top of this app is more important than any other app when trying to grow your blogs and businesses fast. 

  • Start using it more frequently
  • Upload your own stories and videos linking back to your websites and make it fun
  • Don’t give up on the app if you don’t get it….neither did I until I wanted to learn more about it
  • When you upload your own photos, see the pin, edit and add your hashtags and titles 

PINTEREST STORIES IS THE HOTTEST NEW TREND- create stories to boost your numbers 

Group boards are not my thing and I think they are too confusing so, if they are not your cup of tea, don’t join. Until next time, more coffee please. What are some of your pinning secrets? We want to learn!!

BTW: even if you don’t have enough content of your own to pin right now, you still want to build the account. Because when you do get the content, even just a few….they could go viral!

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