5 Reasons To Say ‘More Coffee Please’

Give me one more reason to say, “More Coffee Please!” I’ve been trying to hold this family together; shout outs to the ones trying to hold down the fort & remain sane. I know exactly how you feel and you deserve more coffee mama!!

Honestly I don’t care what time of day it is, I’ll drink a good cup of coffee in the evening. It’s that serious. And, I can fall asleep just fine. I must say that I enjoy espresso shots after dinner sometimes rather than tea. But, if coffee is all that’s available, gimme more. You think I’m crazy right? It’s actually not that uncommon for people to drink up to 6 cups of coffee in one day.

Coffee is not just for morning mama’s! It’s an all day kind of thing over here

More Coffee Please

If you’re not a regular coffee drinker you probably won’t understand any of this but since we’re friends, I’m going to have you loving coffee the more we grow together. Remember that everything is healthy as long as there is balance. Some people see the word ‘ADDICT’ and think obsessive in nature. I’m not that kind of mom! I roll with the punches. Days are different. I don’t always have the same amount of coffee everyday. One day could really be just 2 cups. And, I have done a caffeine detox before. It’s not recommended. I need my damn coffee. However, I cut down when need be. When I say more coffee please, it’s been one of those days! And when I’m running out of the house with a cup instead of a tumbler mug, you know what’s up.

more coffee please

Coffee Addicts Need Reasons To Say ‘More Coffee Please’ and these are the reasons:

  • You’ve already drunk 2-3 cups of joe and you’re not feeling any energy! This is normal for us addicted to coffee and it’s simply because our bodies have become immune to the caffeine. We’ve all been there and grabbed more coffee, but in all honesty, sometimes that just makes it worse. We need to drink water with our coffee. This helps a ton in terms of feeling better, alert and more energetic.
  • Us moms (and dads) are running around with our heads cut off most days. Coffee is a natural way to start the day fresh and refreshed. That first cuppa is incredibly necessary to start a productive day. I like 2 cups first thing in the morning and then I pace myself the rest of the day. Depending on ‘How Busy’ I am, I will incorporate more cups of coffee throughout the day. Typically in the afternoon is when I grab my iced coffee.
  • You’re in a damn good mood. Absolutely love this reason because who doesn’t love to enjoy more coffee when they’re feeling their best?! I know I do. I usually grab the coffee at a local shop to support small businesses and treat my fellow mama’s or even the kids with a treat. Heck, if you watch our IG, Jack gets his pup cup every now and again.

More Coffee Isn’t A Bad Thing, It’s A Fab Thing

Here’s where I introduce the benefits of drinking more coffee. Many think of coffee as a stimulant and it totally is. But drinking black coffee at least twice a day helps reduce the risk of suicide in women, combats depression, stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling at your all time low, trust the coffee process. It’s incredibly amazing how one drink can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

  • Coffee is a natural way to cope with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mental health awareness is on the rise and in my personal life I know that if I didn’t have coffee in my life I would be dead
  • If you need a best friend or a new pal, coffee is it. Take pics with it, talk to it, love it

Now there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself to more coffee throughout the day if you’re being mindful of how much you intake. Who’s counting their cups though? Please do share in the comments if you do. I’d love to know! Seriously. Real coffee talk. It’s super helpful to our readers too. Help another mama out. I cannot personally drink black coffee all day. It just won’t happen. 2-3 cups of black and then I have to concoct some other ingredients into my cup. As of late, I have been doing cream and sugar (1 cup) and then a blend of eggnog in my iced coffee with almond milk. That will obviously change when summer hits and it’ll then be caramel. If you have been following me for a while I tend to treat myself to an iced coffee at Dunkin called the coffee addict mama.

Different Kinds Of Coffee To Drink Throughout The Day

Yes, I made myself a famous name at Dunkin. It’s a shot of espresso with iced coffee, cream, sugar and extra caramel. Not for everyone but if you’re in dire need of a sugar rush, grab one!

Break up your coffee with an attempt to try new flavors. I stick to my usual but if you absolutely need more coffee, please explore. The shaken espresso oatmilk at Starbucks is so good.

  • Black Coffee – a must if you want to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Iced Coffee – if you’re in the mood for a little flavor, cold treat
  • Cold Brew – less acidic and refreshing
  • Double Espresso Shot – for when you’re super productive
  • Eggnog Latte – holidays are here and these are so good (hot or cold)
  • Maple Bourbon Coffee – when you need some alcohol

Don’t be afraid to coffee explore and say, ‘More Coffee Please’ : I’ll definitely be joining you my friends. We so desperately need this in our lives. Enjoy it. Live it. Create it. XO until next time, more coffee please.

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