Although I love hot coffee in the mornings, most afternoons I crave iced. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to start making it at home quite often as well. Doug and I are really old fashioned and still enjoy preparing our coffee pot the night before for a freshly brewed wake up call the next morning. With the left over coffee from the morning you can certainly create some good ol’ iced coffee for the afternoon ( or even the next day ) but that’s rarely ever the case in our home. In any event, here’s 3 delicious ways to make iced coffee at home.

fresh coffee beans
how to make the best iced coffee at home

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, now’s the time to get one. There’s a huge difference in grinding fresh coffee beans and using packaged ground. I use a very simple one and grind only what I’ll be using for that day. One cup is typically all I need to create some delicious iced coffee. If you aren’t grinding, no worries- ground coffee is still very tasty and worth making at home.

Making Iced Coffee At Home

I remember when I started making iced coffee at home. It was nearly nine years ago and I purchased those Starbucks packets because they were so efficient. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with serving iced coffee this way, in fact…….it’s totally yummy! I tend to create ways that give me more of a ‘recipe maker’ style, so here’s some delicious ways to make your very own iced coffee at home……After all, buying a Starbucks daily gets pretty expensive.

delicious homemade iced coffee
  • The Simple, Damn Delicious Way – Brew a pot of strong, bold coffee ( or use the remaining coffee from the morning if you still have some ). Allow to cool by turning the pot off. Fill an 8 oz glass halfway with ice. Use more ice if you prefer. Add one teaspoon of sugar + liquid creamer of your choice; I like plain black but sometimes I’ll add a little creamer ( never use dry ) and always add your sugar first. I prefer mine with a lot less creamer these days. Pour the coffee in before the creamer and fill only half way. This allows you to taste test to make adjustments if needed. If you brewed a strong pot then you should be able to add the coffee to your cup of ice and just enjoy!
  • Overnight Prep – Recently I bought a travel size iced coffee infuser. It has the built in filter to prepare iced coffee fast + easy. There are several on the market, I purchased one from TJMaxx for $6. But the link above gives you an idea of what they look like. Simply add your coffee grounds to the filter part ( about 2-3 tablespoons is what I use ) and fill the bottle with fresh water. Do not add ice unless you’re doing this the morning of drinking it. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, shaking it frequently to mix it up. Morning iced coffee to go at your fingertips. PRO TIP: use specialty coffee grounds over store bought.
  • Single Cup Way – I use a Keurig but feel free to make any single cup of coffee in any maker and prepare over iced. I did a short video to show you how!
So that’s how I create simple at home iced coffee’s. Very affordable and at your fingertips for busy lifestyles! Tell us how you make yours. XO

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