8 Self Care Routines

I think it’s often easy to slip away from our own self care routines and truthfully it’s not just a mom thing…it’s a person thing.

We tend to get wrapped up in life, work, the kids, and taking care of others; which is all fine and dandy but, the real person who needs special attention is YOU! Here’s 8 things I’m currently doing to perform my own self care routines that make me feel better instantly. I would love to hear what you have been doing this past month as well.


Personally I go through bouts of neglecting myself and from experience, your body will tell you when it’s time to naturally take care of it. Typically it takes about a week to start feeling myself again just by doing these simple things that make me feel nourished. But, the showers make me feel better immediately! Revitalize if you will. I suffer from chronic pain and, if I don’t take time off from the world, I experience this unhealthy lifestyle that I’m not so in love with.

I’m a life lover, so when I notice negative reactions I will immediately take action to fix the situation. For me, it’s working outside the home that triggers me the most. The slightest things will bother me, so I have to get to my safe haven and that’s home. I feel most comfortable in my own settings because that’s just the introvert in me.

  • Drinking Broth– My latest addiction is bone broth and even beef broth. It’s not only helping my digestive tract but making me feel better as far as my immune system goes.
  • Writing Articles– If you have been around for some time now, you know that I often recommend owning a blog just for journaling. Promoting business related content is one thing but blogging for personal gratification is naturally healing all in itself. I think I’ve owned over 6 personal blogs in my lifetime and it’s helped me grow tremendously. Does anyone else find writing to be soothing?
  • Sleeping– This may seem like a no brainer but, I lost all control over how I slept when I became a mother. My eldest is 23 and I still catch myself waking 2-4 hours later to make sure she’s okay. However, I know my body needs rest and since perimenopause disturbed my sleep patterns once again, I’m having to adapt to a whole other routine. I’ve started to train my brain to just pass out. When it hits 11 pm, I’m ready to clonk and I have been doing really good lately making myself sleep at least 5 hours before getting up to go to the bathroom (bladder control probs here) or checking the house. I then fall right back to sleep because I know my body needs it so desperately. This mama need not have any bags under the eyes. Here’s some really awesome sleep tips if you need.
self care routines for all the busy moms

Healthy Mindset Routines

Having a healthy mindset is the foundation of our overall wellness. It’s the brain that controls everything we do, how we think and how we function. Each morning I wake with gratitude moments, and each evening before I head to bed I do the same. I also find time during the day to express thankfulness because it’s that important. If I prepare myself to do good then goodness flows.

  • Deep Breathing– This allows us to get the proper air to our brains in order to think appropriately. I catch myself all of the time not being able to breathe and that’s something I struggle with. I have to pay attention to my breathing patterns otherwise I start getting headaches. I focus on taking a deep breath in through my nose and then holding for a second, then slowly breathing out through my mouth. Repeat 5-6 times before getting up to do anything.
  • Drinking Water– I have a HARD time swallowing so, getting the recommended 8 cups of water per day is super DIFFICULT. Talk about real self care?! That’s like a job all in itself. I have to be really mindful in order to get the hydration my body requires. Immediately I’ll know when I haven’t had enough to drink. My body goes into complete havoc. I’ll be honest, I barely get to the 8 cups but I try. Drinking warm water is better for me since I have a sensitivity to cold. And, I’ve also started doing this 15 minute challenge. You drink half a gallon within 15 minutes. I do this before dinner and it helps a lot. UPDATE: I’ve been adding cucumbers to my water and love it.
  • Learning– I spend a good amount of time per week trying to learn new things about positive energy, all the good vibes, mindset growth, improving my communication skills and how to be my own boss. It’s something that I must do often in order to be the best coach, mom, wife and person in general. It’s what I love and since we’re always evolving, it’s essential to include that into my self care routines.


  • Decluttering always helps with my stress. I do a monthly clean out of anything we don’t need or use. Honestly, anything I’m tired of looking at. It’s something I do often because it naturally cures my anxiety. When I unclutter I just feel better instantly. Sometimes I don’t even care if I may need it later on because that just opens the space to buy something even better in the future.
  • For me, taking care of my plants allows me to take care of myself. I know this doesn’t sound like your typical self care routine but it is for me. I repot them at least every six months by rearranging the plants from one pot to the next and updating the soil.

Self care is really all about what you’re doing to make you feel better. If it’s an exfoliating scrub, a book you read in pure quietness, running or brisk walking, listening to a podcast; whatever makes you feel good, DO THAT MAMA!

Self Care Routine Update

Since I last wrote this article I’ve been taking a few vitamins that have been really making a difference in my life. Be sure to check with your doctor before taking new medicine please. Vitamin E, B and D are the ones I take on a daily basis and I notice a tremendous difference in my glow, immune health and energy.

What makes you feel your best? Do share your secrets with us in the comments below.

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