18 Things You Can Do To Provide Extra Self Care To Yourself

Ever wonder why we forget to take care of ourselves? In today’s article it’s all about how you can regain that inner self love and provide more care each day moving forwards. One of the things I love about taking care of myself in my 40’s, is that I no longer feel guilty for doing so. If you can relate drop a comment.

Top Self Care Ideas For Moms

  • Get Your Hair Done– Getting your hair done professionally really gives you that self confidence every woman needs. There’s something fabulous about treating yourself to this beauty treatment.
  • Detox Your Body with Sugar Scrubs– World Market has one of my favorite sugar scrubs and whenever I’m feeling blah, I simply use this on my face and body to scrub all the toxins away. Feel free to make your own too!
  • Take Yourself Out– I don’t mean you have to go to dinner by yourself (or go right ahead if you wish), but go for a long drive and get lost. I take mini road trips to think, get my head clear and even cry! I just find that time spent in a car driving by yourself is a way to take ‘YOU’ back. Sometimes I’ll wander a store by myself too.

Self Care Is Not Selfish

  • Create A Bar– I just recently made my plant stand a coffee bar. It’s fun and relevant to me! I need a little space in our apartment for mama. When the cats took over my plants, I took over the coffee station. Create a space that is catered just for you to escape while at home.
  • Turn Off The Phone– So many of us don’t realize how much we are on our cell phones throughout the day. While yes, it’s important to hustle, promote and share. But, we need social detox in our routines.
  • Take A Long Walk Outside– This is a quick way to embrace yourself with nature and one of the most calming, relaxing ways to rejuvenate.
  • Clean Your Bathrooms– I find that cleaning the bathroom and organizing stuff under the sinks makes me feel good again.
  • Donate The Excess– Often it’s simple things like a quick declutter that makes more time and room for self care treatments, new wardrobe capsules and breakthroughs.
  • Facials- Getting a professional spa facial once every two weeks or even monthly is really important when you’re so focused on being mom indeed. I can always tell when my face needs a deep clean. Facials are the secret to beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Discover New Styles– My weekly decluttering routine turned into a monthly habit because I literally got all of my clothing down to a minimum so I could find new clothes. My current style is neutral.

Budget Friendly Ways To Pamper Yourself

  • Make A Coffee + Read A Book– This is often a daily routine of mine. I’m not talking about just your ordinary morning coffee. I’m talking about something different. An afternoon iced (cold brew) or cappuccino with a book or that magazine you forgot to read.
  • Bike Trails- I encourage everyone to pack a backpack and take a bike ride in a location you’ve never been. Be sure to pack that camera to capture the breathtaking views.
  • Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets– Now how does this relate to self care? It’s really about how you like seeing your home.
  • Write A Lengthy Blog Post– I know a lot of you don’t have blogs and I would encourage everyone to start one. And, I’ll tell you why. If you notice in my 5 reason post, I don’t say TO MAKE MONEY! That’s not why I started one back in 2010 and I don’t recommend it for those specific reasons. Writing online is a natural way to deal with anxiety, depression, stress. Keep an online journal for healthier living.
  • Sit In A Sauna– Earlier this year I had the pleasure of relaxing in one of the most best spas here locally and the sauna was such an invigorating treat. Additionally, it helps release all the toxin build up and feels so damn good.
  • Go Swimming– I need to take my own advice on this because a pool sits right across our building and I don’t access it enough. Basically if you don’t have access to a pool, look into your local YMCA. This is nice for water therapy.
  • Breathe– Recently I’ve been doing my breathing exercises and it’s probably one of the best self care treatments any mom could ever incorporate into their life.
  • Make Lists– I purposely buy new notebooks and supplies to make notes of things I need to do or write about. I find that in my older years, I enjoy seeing these lists on my desk. Helps you to get shit done for sure.

What are some ways you provide self care?

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