How To Make Your Kitchen Smell Good After Those Stinky Dinners

These smell good kitchen hacks are what every mama needs to know. How to make your homes smell fresh and clean after cooking that stinky dinner. I’m a quick and sloppy house cleaner when it comes to my morning and nightly cleaning routines, but that doesn’t mean my house is dirty or messy for that matter. Plus, it smells good…naturally. If you’re new here, say Hi and check out this fabulous article on how to make your homes smell naturally clean. Today, I’m sharing a kitchen hack that will immediately make your house smell good after a greasy or fishy dinner.

How To Make Your Kitchen Smell Good After Cooking

It’s the topic every mama is searching for and I’ve got the simplest answer for you. If you aren’t a fan of cleaning…(who is); you will enjoy the fast and easy ways I tackle household chores. And no, I don’t like to call them that. The kitchen is the most important area of the home. The bathroom is not. I’ll say it again, the kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat. If there’s anything I require each day it is that the sink remains clean and clear. For the most part anyways.

Our dinner routine is almost always the same; he cooks, I clean. I try to clean as he’s cooking and so will he. I load whatever I can into the dishwasher before we eat and then the dishes we eat off after. Rarely ever do I allow dishes to pile up. It’s too much stress if I do that. So all that’s left to hand wash is the pans (all of my pots go in the dishwasher). We run the dishwasher daily.

Smell Good Kitchen Hacks

The pans get washed after dinner because I soak them in hot water, dish soap and salt if necessary. If it’s not salt then it’s baking soda or I pour straight vinegar in it to make cleaning a breeze.

best kitchen hacks to make your home smell clean after cooking
  • clean as you go- sounds so boring but it’s a lifestyle
  • wipe counters and appliances while the food is cooking with a damp cloth- this helps food from getting stuck on and harder to clean later
  • hand wash what you can when the food is cooking or stick the finished utensils in the dishwasher
  • use smaller garbage bags like a recycled shopping bag to throw disposable waste and food into if you don’t have a food disposal system- this allows you to tie the bag and prevents odors
  • always take the garbage out after dinner- dump a little vinegar in the bin and wipe quickly with a towel to absorb stinky odors
  • once the sink is clear you can dump some vinegar or baking soda (sometimes both) to run that down the drain- helps with food disposal gunk

Stinky Dinners Be Gone

Using a cloth dipped in vinegar wipe the stovetop off when it’s no longer hot. Many of you cannot stand the smell of white distilled vinegar but it fades really quickly and it’s the BEST odor absorbing stuff on the planet.

Before you wipe the kitchen sink dry, take any essential oil (lemongrass is a bacteria fighting machine) and drop into the sink. Sometimes I don’t rub anything in, just let it sit a few minutes and then rinse. That’s if I’m really lazy.

  • Essential oil drops into the sink does wonders all by itself
  • Dump baking soda into the disposal for an added bonus
  • Rinse and done

House will start smelling delicious, fresh and clean once again. The stinky dinner odors will fade with those smart tips above. Let’s recap:

Take garbage out, wash dishes, wipe down surfaces with vinegar, use essential oils in the sink, baking soda in the disposal. Run dishwasher. By the end of all of that the home should be smelling better. If you run fans that helps as well. Open windows if you can.

Boss Kitchen Tips To Absorb Stinky Odors

I usually only mop but once a week if that. Instead, the spot cleaning with a damp cloth is much easier. Floors don’t need a lot of attention.

Remove any leftovers from the refrigerator as soon as possible. The culprit in any home is the food. Food stinks. Don’t let the fridge pile up with excess containers. If you can add a few baking soda boxes in there and wipe the noticeable areas of glass and doors down with vinegar that will help.

Avoiding overflow in the garbage bags and changing them out each night will not only help eliminate kitchen odors but prevents leakage/bigger messes.

Really these are all the basics for easy after dinner odors to disappear. Don’t overthink. Just keep those 3 products on hand all of the time! Until next time, more coffee please.

How do you remove stinky odors?

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