How To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine

Blogging has become more and more of a business opportunity rather than just a passion of mine. When I first started a mom blog back on Blogger, it was just that. But, as the years go by, the ideas of crafting any WordPress website into a money making machine is genius.

Building a community, supporting start up bloggers, branding, creating income generation and writing about things that spark interest is the best feeling ever.

Turn Your Blog Into A Money Maker

We discuss this topic quite a bit because it’s important to understand that blogging for business is a full time job. What I love is how creative moms, college students, even 9-5 corporate women are. Once you imagine the money you’re going to start making, the sky is the limit.

If you’re just starting out, I want you to take a moment to really indulge in these successful blogging tips. They are extremely helpful and honestly promote authenticity over anything.

So, how do we turn a blog into a brand that makes money?

  • Get your site well established. You must have content in order to bring in the dough
  • Niche down
  • Write about popular, interesting topics
  • Study SEO
  • Be super strict with your style (people are attracted to investing in blogs who know what they stand for)
  • Start building social communities before you even launch. If you already know that you want to be a blogger who makes money, then create those accounts and get posting on them daily to build an online presence
  • Don’t EVER be afraid to ask for sponsors even in the early stages of your blog (the best blogging communities are found on X and FB groups)
  • The biggest mistake as a blogger is thinking you can do this all by yourself. You need to be active and support others who want to grow. Put your comments on others posts, reach out and ask for collaborations, connect with like minded friends from across the globe

Set the tone for your readers. The way you design and talk to them is everything. Confidence is another thing you need to work on. Many new bloggers fear the rejection and stop creating. You will learn as you go. Not giving up is key.

Blogging For Money

Don’t hesitate to promote. I wish someone held my hand along the way because whenever I thought about sharing my own posts, I felt guilty for some reason. Your stuff doesn’t have to be perfect from the get go. Just share it. Set aside those feelings because the earlier you begin to put your information out into the Universe, the faster it pays off.

  • Put yourself out there
  • Promote accordingly (don’t over share links in one day on the same platform)
  • Know where and when to publish content (pay attention to your stats and make sure every account you have is a business one)
  • Professionalism is essential. Don’t let people walk all over you or try to negotiate your prices. You’re the boss. Remember that
  • Swap ads in the beginning to build friendships and collaborations. The longer your blog is on the internet, the more it grows. Then you can start charging
  • Make it fun and offer deals throughout the month. We do this all of the time to entice new readership and partnerships

Ways To Make Money Blogging

There’s truly so many ways you can create passive income.

  • Affiliate Marketing– I did not do this from launch day and now I’m regretting it. ShareASale has been around since I began blogging but I never took advantage of it. I’m telling you to jump on this asap! You can also join Amazon and Wayfair. Did you know you can Pin links too?
  • Sell ebooks, mini courses, digital products– If anything at least create the ebooks and courses through presentations on Canva and list them for sale in your shop. It doesn’t take much to share a transformation pamphlet or presentation, 10 page ebook. Plus, digital products are skyrocketing because they’re delivered instantly.
  • Sponsored Posts- Many bloggers don’t know that they can charge money to write creative content that promotes a brand or company. Most of the time you’ll get emails asking if someone can write a guest post so they can benefit from the backlinks, but we don’t recommend this. Instead, charge for your post. You can link to the brands you love and share powerful insights into a product or service you believe in.
  • Be creative in your own right. If you just imagine how to make money off your website, you’ll come up with some neat ways to sell.

Things You Need As A Business Blogger

  • Pinterest for Business
  • X – formerly known as Twitter (create the account and build over the years…it’s a fabulous place to advertise your posts
  • HTTPS: a secure website
  • Dedication, Drive, Commitment
  • Money to invest- take it from a frugal mama who tried doing everything for FREE! It ain’t happening. You need a budget just like any other business plan. Pay for the things that matter like a WP managed site, domain name, professional emails and marketing, themes

You’ve Got This

As Coffee Addict Mama evolves, we are introducing a new line of topics. Coffee and crime, Realty Tv and don’t worry, more recipes are in the works. Plus, the money tips are coming.

We’re super eager to promote entrepreneurs at no cost. Our directory is growing monthly since we decided to bring it back to our site. A blogger or shop is chosen at random to feature on our front page. If you’re not checking out their amazing websites, you’re missing out! Truly some of the best bloggers on the internet. As always, you can support us by advertising your business on our sidebar, front page. This not only gets your blog out there organically but creatively.

Until next time, more coffee please!

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