How To Take A Lymphatic Cleansing Shower

I discussed how I’ve been naturally detoxing in my latest perimenopause post but here’s more of a detailed outline on how to take a lymphatic cleansing shower. It’s refreshing to say the least. Whether you’ve been stressed, suffer from tension, anxiety or any other illnesses, the lymphatic cleanse will help immensely. If you’re new here, welcome! I try to do everything as naturally as possible when it comes to health, beauty and cleaning.

How To Take A Lymphatic Cleansing Shower

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help the body get rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body.

I started doing this years ago when I first realized that I suffered from chronic pain. In an effort to do everything as naturally as possible I researched ways to heal my body from the inside out. Lymphatic shower cleansing is not only refreshing but it really does help cure those aches and pains. Full disclaimer: I’m not a doctor this is just something I’ve studied and applied to my life, so I’m sharing how it’s helped me.

  • Dry Brush– dry brushing helps remove all the dead skin cells before jumping into the shower. To achieve full benefits I recommend doing this even if you are not able to take a hot/cold shower. It helps relieve tension, stress and everyday aches and pains.
  • Steam Shower– Steam up the shower while you’re dry brushing to get your body used to the heat. Before you jump in adjust the temp to a lukewarm and then slowly turn the nozzle to hot (up to the point you can tolerate). Expose all areas of the body including your face and head.
  • Cool Down– After your body has been rinsed with the hot water, turn to cool and then cold. A quick rinse of the cold removes the toxins from your skin.

How To Remove Toxins From The Body With A Lymphatic Cleansing Shower

I have read that you should have filtered water when doing this at home treatment and I’m sure it does wonders but not to worry if you don’t. Personally I’m not able to change the shower head in my unit with one of the filtered systems and I still do the lymphatic cleansing a couple of times per week. It makes complete sense to use filtered water because water contains chemicals and the whole point of the shower is to release them.

The hot water treatment allows the toxins to come to the surface of your skin and the cold washes them from the skin completely. By doing the lymphatic cleansing showers at home you’re able to detox for the most part making you feel refreshed, and alive again.

Try to do the hot/cold several times before getting out of the shower. I’ll be completely honest that I cannot tolerate 8 times. That’s too much for me. But I try to do hot & cold then hot & cold, with a final hot & cold. Finish with your cool temperature always. Once I feel refreshed and I’m good, I stop!

  • Repeat the hot/cold temp as long as you can tolerate– sometimes I adjust the water to warm before I get it hot and then back to warm before getting to cold. It just helps me adjust without completely going into shock
  • If you cannot tolerate the temps on your face and head– simply use your hands to splash the water on them quickly
  • Using cold water to rinse your hair makes it silky smooth– not only does this shower treatment help with your body but your hair too

Guide To Dry Brushing

If I can be totally honest I think when I bought my first dry brush I used it as a wet brush. I had no idea what dry brushing was all about and when I finally learned…it was because of Candace Cameron Bure. She was talking about what kept her young and healthy looking and that caught my attention.

All I do is take my dry brush and start from the tip of my toes working up to my heart in a circular motion. WHICH IS ALL WRONG!!! That’s why I love research and learning as much as possible when writing about topics. According to this physical therapist people are teaching you how to dry brush all wrong. You need to watch this method!

Basically you need to stimulate the superficial lymph system and dry brushing does just that but you have to open the lymph nodes first. Start dry brushing near the lymph nodes and work your way away as shown in this video.

I will continue to do as much research as possible and include more posts on dry brushing soon. It’s important that we share information and update our knowledge often. I’ve written many presentations and articles thinking something was the correct way and turns out that I’m doing it all wrong too! No shame, just refresh your YOU game!

Lymphatic Cleansing Tips

Now if you’re more of a bath person you can take a hot bath and then rinse with colder water when you’re finished. I can only tolerate a semi hot bath from time to time but I do enjoy them and always rinse with cool water when I drain the tub.

This is a great way to boost your immune system and give yourself that pampering touch that we all crave so much. Don’t neglect to apply self care to your lifestyles mama’s! Tell us how you enjoy taking your showers. Until next time, more coffee please.

Please check with your doctor if you’re interested in doing this at home treatment and avoid if you are pregnant.

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