How To Strip Your Hair From Toxins All Naturally

Hello Beauty Lovers! A couple of months ago I started detoxing my hair from all sorts of pollution. As most of you know, I work in the cleaning industry, live in the south where the sun is incredibly damaging to your hair and my body’s immune system needed a boost. I quickly started adding vitamins and minerals to my daily routine and over the past few months I already notice a difference in how I look & feel! My hair has been blonde for years. I am constantly replenishing the nutrients back into my curly locks but, I didn’t realize that I was doing it all wrong. Until now.

Naturally Strip Your Hair From Toxins

I’m sure many of you Google HOW TO’s like myself all of the time and when I was researching how to maintain my blonde hair, I was told (and read about) how to use Sulfate Free shampoo’s; which is fine but, I was also told to do massive conditioning treatments. What I didn’t know was how much conditioner was actually ruining my hair.

I’ve Done The No POO Method Many Times Throughout The Years 

When I finally did have a chance to style my hair it felt sticky, clumpy and harsh. I kept brushing it thinking it was snarly because of my naturally curly hair….wrong! It was breaking so bad that I had to react immediately to fix it!


I looked up how to remove build up from my hair and tried all the wrong things first! My hair was so damaged that it took several weeks before it started feeling amazingly smooth once again. Since I did everything that the internet recommended, I’m going to share what DID + DID NOT work for me. Hannah just had her treatments done the way that I am going to recommend and it works fantastically!

Things I Would NOT Do Again to my hair-

  • Dawn Dish Soap- I would definitely not do this again because it takes several attempts and there’s a much quicker way to detox your hair all naturally. PLUS, dawn dish soap is NOT all natural.
  • A lemon- While I believe it does the trick, cutting a lemon and squirting the juice is not enough so instead buy the lemon juice and use that to squirt all over your hair.
  • Sulfate Free Shampoo- This is really good for hair that doesn’t need to have build up removed and I honestly never knew there were so many different types of shampoo but stopped using that immediately.

Things I Was Able To Do To Hannah’s Hair + Mine That Repaired It Much Quicker-

  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Clarifying Shampoo ( an affordable one like Suave )

After my daughter came to me with the issues she was facing with her own hair, I told her I would do the treatments that worked for me because the products we were spending money on were just a waste. I’m talking hundreds of dollars on high end products that never did the trick!


STEP ONE: The baking soda treatment

Take handfuls of baking soda and apply to wet or damp hair and allow to settle in before rinsing. Be sure to get enough baking soda throughout the hair to fully receive the effects.

Rinse and Repeat

STEP TWO: Lemon juice wash

Squirt lemon juice all over your hair and thoroughly rinse using cool water. Spend a few minutes making sure it’s rinsed all the way.

STEP THREE: Apple cider vinegar rinse

Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse using the same steps as the lemon juice. If you’re sensitive to these products be aware that they may irritate your skin so RINSE repeatedly.

Final Step: Clarifying shampoo wash

Using a rather inexpensive shampoo such as Suave Daily Clarifying will do the trick. I’ve used expensive brands and they don’t do any better than this product. In fact, the cheaper one works better. Take a quarter size squirt and start washing your hair. Be sure to get enough shampoo throughout to get all of the residue completely gone by placing parts of your hair in your hands and rubbing gently back and forth. This assures you’re removing the build up.

Rinse and Repeat as necessary until your hair feels soft again. You may have to trim your hair to get the dead ends off but your hair will THANK YOU! It’s such an amazing thing to learn more about the beauty you need in your life.

If you’re new here and would like to join me on this NO TOX journey, all I can say is that it’s the most gratified experience I have ever been through. I wish someone would have led me to it sooner. Fortunately, I was able to teach myself how to transform my entire life {as far as cleaning goes}, but now I’m learning how the beauty aspect of it all works. Like our FB page and feel free to share your tips as well.

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