How To Make Your Hair Grow Fast

If you’re wondering how to make your hair grow fast, I’ve got you mama! Sometimes we mistakenly chop off all of our hair and, we totally regret it. Even if the stylist says, “You need to cut your hair,” I’m saying NO, you don’t. Now granted, if it’s completely fried and you don’t mind trimming the heck out of it, go right ahead. But, today we’re going to repair your hair so that it appears healthy once again.

Grow Your Hair Lightening Fast

I can’t remember why I wanted to chop my hair off, but I did and I really disliked it. So of course I tried everything to help it grow much faster than anything I was reading on the web. Everyone said, it takes time (sometimes years). Well that wasn’t good enough for this stubborn lady. I wanted my hair back now. For some reason I always thought the bleach was killing my hair and quite frankly it wasn’t even that. It was how I failed to acknowledge the build up that had built up so quickly.

Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair

  • Wash your hair more than once or twice a week if you’re on a NO POO method. This was my biggest mistake. When you allow your hair to go unwashed throughout the week, harsh environmental toxins latch on like a mother. I immediately started washing my hair more and noticed a big difference
  • Know what shampoo to use. If your hair is anything like mine (porous, naturally curly and just a mess sometimes), then you need to clarify it at least once a week. My hair was so porous I actually washed it 2X/WK with a clarifying shampoo/conditioner or I naturally stripped it. The trend I normally went by was purchasing sulfate free shampoo which is all fine and dandy for someone who doesn’t have chaotic hair like myself. So I have to wash it with several different products
  • Use a scalp massager. This is by far the greatest invention ever. I love just the way it makes my head feel but it stimulates hair growth as well. You can use on wet or dry hair
woman massaging scalp with hands for hair growth

Ideally you’ll want to massage your scalp every single day (for best results) when your hair has dried. This will get those natural, healthy oils flowing and promote hair growth. I did this every single day for months. And, what a difference.

In my learning, I realized that it’s unhealthy to let your hair air dry all the way. Apparently it’s not good for your hair but, I’m a natural curly head, so I don’t always enjoy a blow out. Realistically it grows faster, in my opinion, if you never blow dry during the process of growing it out. Just me. Maybe you can leave a comment and let me know your take on this.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep, use a silk pillowcase
  • Brush with a wide tooth comb when wet or a wet brush, and use a boar bristle when drying
  • Spray a detangler product in it. I share this one because it’s important which brand to use (I also learned that during the process)
  • Bun up- when always trying to grow my hair really super fast, I almost daily pull my hair up. This helps tremendously. If you have to pin back so be it
  • Biotin is a really good vitamin to take if you’re ever so anxious to get the length back promptly
  • Avoid using hot tools as much as possible (allow your hair to air dry halfway then blow dry on cool/warm setting)
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair (I made this mistake too)
  • Rub some Tea Tree oil on your scalp from time to time
  • Pull all your hair forward in front of you with your head down and brush/massage daily (brings all the blood to your brain enhancing hair growth)
how to make hair grow fast

Brush your locks before you go to bed. I barely ever did this until I started paying attention to how healthy I wanted my hair to be and this helps. Don’t skip your self care routines.

  • Use an apple cider vinegar rinse especially if your hair has a ton of build up or if you want to remove toner/hair color (not too much probably 2-3 times a week if your hair feels heavy)
  • Apply a mask every week if your hair is stripped to the max to restore (I personally like using Olaplex)
  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Relax…if you don’t think about it as much you’ll notice a dramatic difference each and every month to come
  • Braid if you can
  • Avoid using dry shampoo, hairspray or any other toxic beauty products
  • Run your fingers through it often
  • Avoid smoke
  • Use less shampoo (a little goes a long way)
  • Wash hair upside down massaging scalp
  • Rinse with warm then cool water
  • Clip your hair with these clips rather than using hair ties
  • If your hair is dry use this product by Ouai (I only use on my dry hair)

If your hair is super oily don’t use as much conditioner as this causes more build-up. Heck even with thick, curly hair make sure you’re applying from the tips up to the middle and not using a ton. Ruins your hair making you have to do a strip later.

She’s my go to YouTuber when I need hair help! Until next time, more coffee please.

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  1. I’ve always wanted long, luscious locks, and your blog is a treasure trove of advice for promoting fast hair growth. I’m excited to incorporate these tips into my hair care routine.

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