5 Home Hacks That Will Leave Your Space More Tidy

Is your living space feeling overwhelmed, a bit cluttered lately? I’m sharing 5 simple ways to maintain the sanity within your home so that you can free up your spare time with more things you love rather than cleaning.

Declutter more often. It’s not unusual to have stuff accumulate each month leading to more and more clutter overtime. Simply be more mindful of what you’re bringing into the home so that you can take stuff out at the same time. Not necessarily a ‘hack’ but make it one. If you think of it often then you’re more likely to tackle the mess.

Calm the living and sleeping space. This is also a more mindful way to live and create rooms that represent spa like natures, resting areas where you feel relaxed. You bedrooms and living areas should be kept cozy (not magazine worthy), but organized using unique bins, baskets, furniture that hides the clutter.

  • use diffusers to relax you (avoid lighting candles as they omit gases)
  • sage the home every week to renew the energy you’re creating
  • eliminate bulky, overwhelming furniture pieces
  • use organic linens
  • gadgets and tv’s, electronics out
  • let the natural light in during the day
  • bring in live houseplants
  • sip tea while creating a calming tone in your home

Ways To Keep Home More Tidy

Rather than hanging your sweaters, throw blankets, jeans or cottons, place them neatly in a basket to welcome in your rooms with open glances at them. This helps you go more minimal by ditching everything that doesn’t fit and keeping a minimalist mindset to craft that tidy home you’e looking for.

Find functional furniture that helps you tuck things away when not in use. This isn’t an excuse card to hide all the clutter. It’s simply a hack to remove the items from view when not using.

White wooden furniture cabinet with doors

This white functional piece of wood furniture has open compartments for decor and closed cabinetry for hidden items. The garment rack is perfect for creating your minimalist wardrobe. The key is to organize the clothing you want to keep on the rack, donate excess.

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Ditch the tox. Chemicals in cleaning products actually make it harder for one to enjoy house cleaning. Slowly get rid of everything including greenwashing products.

Perfecting your morning and evening routines will really help with more simplicity. I started doing the same habits daily over the period of one month to get myself used to the lifestyle I was trying to create: a tidy home.

Call it a hack, schedule your tasks, whatever the case may be…I like to just think of it as living and focusing on what makes the vibe in my house safe, clean, breathable, comfortable.

Instead of thinking about all the things you want to get rid of, think of the items you want to keep. Not because you like it, but because you really feel something for that piece.

Separate special things that represent who you are.

Donate and toss the things that don’t.

Organizing never came easy to me. So, I really had to dedicate my time to decluttering all the stuff that invaded my space because I impulse shopped or thought I could re-sell it. Overtime the organization fell into place because I no longer had a lot. Even when you organize a lot of stuff, it still feels overwhelming. For me anyways.

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