How To Attract Money Into Your Life

How To Manifest More Money Into Your Life

I questioned why some of the things were happening in my life many years ago, and the more I heard about The Law of Attraction, the more I wanted to learn about it. You know this mama did a real test when it came to money. Now, if you’re someone like myself and barely ever focused on money, this article is for you. Coming from a frugal gal, I wasn’t sure if this would really work but, who doesn’t want to try something new.

Attracting money into my own life wasn’t ever something I focused on because I had been pretty happy with ‘what it was‘ and how much I made was generally speaking, “Good Enough”. But to be frank, it wasn’t really ever enough. Why can’t I have more. Why don’t I deserve millions? The questions we ask ourselves is rooted from our upbringing.

Attract Money-

In simple terms, I am going to tell you that in order to attract money, you need to be thinking about money. It’s honestly something I never thought about on a regular basis. When I did start embedding it into my head that:

  • I am worthy
  • I deserve money
  • I am rich
  • I am wealthy
  • Money comes easy to me
  • Money will always be there

Things started to shift. I grew up thinking that if we had a lot of money then we were greedy. We were raised Christian, so what we had was always supposed to be ‘enough’!

What you think, you become


This famous quote couldn’t be farther from the truth. Constantly thinking about something will end up in your life at some point or another.

So, how does one go from no money to an abundance of wealth?

  • wake up each morning being grateful for what you already have
  • affirm (repeat your affirmations daily) and don’t just say them, feel the emotion attached to the words: for example

I am worthy of having lots of money. This needs to be said on repeat in one session. Set aside time each day to do a 30 minute affirmations session and really feel the vibes around what you are expression. Envision what it will be like to have that money. What will you do with it. How will you feel when you own it. Keep doing this everyday for 30 days straight.

Manifestation is intentionally thinking and living towards what you want out of life and experiencing it happening. If you think it, it’ll come true.

Attracting Abundance

Abundance is a very large amount of something and since we’re focusing on money today, I will share with you that it will come from the most unique places. In 2022, I started thinking I needed more. More wealth because I just wasn’t happy with maintaining a basic bank account. Believing you have more than what you actually have is a strategic method to attracting more dollars into your life.

Let me explain:

Say you go into the grocery store and you have a strict budget. You simply follow this amount to a T each time you shop. This creates a border that doesn’t attract.

Instead you go to the store and grab the things you need and also throw in a little something extra for the simple reason, “Because I can!”

Now I am not saying be irresponsible with your shopping.

I’m simply implying that your thought process about having the money to cover that extra item will allow the money to start flowing organically.


Again, In order to bring the wealth in we need to be affirming those desires. Say affirmations daily.

  • I attract money
  • I deserve a lot of money in my life
  • I am wealthy
  • Money comes easy to me

30-50 times a day focus on one affirmation. You’re basically embedding this frame of mind into your brain so that your subconscious believes that you are worthy and able to receive money.

Feel The Sayings

Don’t just say them. Meditate on this and feel the emotions attached with these words you are speaking.

Vision Boards– create photos and words on a vision board that remind you to think of money often. Save a photo to your phone. I did this because the picture was attractive in nature to me and 2 weeks later I was physically able to mock the photo in a similar place.

Walk The Talk

When you walk around with your mindset as a millionaire, you open the gift to come to you naturally. If you think like a boss, talk like one. Surround yourself with wealthy people. Positive mind around money.


Make room for new things to come. Decluttering is a big thing for money driven people. You need to clear the space to receive.

Bring In A Money Plant

Plants are actually wealthy related living things that you can bring into a space to drive that ambition. Golden pothos, money trees, bamboo are good plants to nurture in your home to attract money into your life. Pro tip: prune dead leaves and keep your plants thriving.

Trust and Believe

Trusting the organic nature of receiving money from unknown places will bring the funds to you faster. You just have to believe it will arrive no matter where it is coming from.

Watch this video as she explains exactly what I’m trying to tell you! Poverty, bye bye.

Invest In Yourself

This works. Stop pushing yourself to the back burner and take care of the self baby! Instead of saying, “I don’t have money for a facial”, go get the damn facial. The money will flow more easily.

Respect Money

Keeping your money in a safe, clean space is crucial. The whole purse thing she’s talking about, YES! Your purse needs to be decluttered everyday.

After you’ve cleaned up and affirmed, started shifting that mindset, come back and comment! I want to know how much money came into your life after focusing on more abundance.

I will share how much came into mine when I first started this journey of trusting the universe. XO- V

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