DIY Wood Cleaner

This DIY wood cleaner is simple and not only makes your furniture look good but gives your home a fresh clean smell every time. With 3 ingredients you can easily clean several areas of the house within just a few minutes. I tested this on my small wood table this morning and was shocked at how incredibly smooth it made the surface. It’s also been a favorite of mine since we moved into our new apartment because I like to make everything smell naturally clean.

Natural DIY Wood Cleaner

If you’re not following us on social, get to it! I’ve been an all natural cleaner for a few years now and it makes a huge impact on how you live. When I first started this journey I was much like you, probably. I was purchasing every over the counter household cleaner that claimed to be ‘ALL NATURAL’ but that was only because I wasn’t educated on greenwashing companies. As soon as I found out, I stopped and researched how to make my own. It was also important for me to test brands like Branch Basics, and such because I wanted 1.) to support the business if it was legit all natural and 2.) to make it much easier on me as a professional house cleaner. In testing, I came to the conclusion that NO company on the market was 100% all natural. There was funky odors and hidden ingredients in those cleaning bottles. So, I decided to never look back and create my own DIY cleaners.

How To Make Homemade Wood Cleaner

There’s a list of my favorite cleaning products on our about page and I’ll be sure to share as much knowledge as possible when it comes to concocting your own. Sometimes I don’t even mix anything together because water, alcohol, and castile soap can often be used all by itself.

Allow me to explain why I dislike using Pledge and other wood cleaners. The smell, number one. And, the greasy build up that these cleaners leave behind. Especially if you are using it all wrong. Many people spray directly onto the surface which is a no no. Spray the microfiber cloth with the product first then wipe clean. Also, a misconception in the cleaning world is that you need a lot of the product in order to get something clean. Reverse. Minimal is always better. Less is more. Don’t use so much of a cleaning product because it only damages the surface overtime.

Simple and Easy Tips For Cleaning In A Hurry

Cleaning is one of those things that actually should relieve your stress, not create it. So if you’re someone who gets easily stressed out about cleaning, stop right there.

  • Don’t overwhelm or overthink
  • Use all natural products to clean with (this prevents toxins and allows you to breathe freely while doing a task)
  • Do small things each day (here’s some great morning and evening speed cleaning routines)
  • Go minimal (the less you own, the less there is to clean)
  • DIY all purpose cleaners so you don’t have so many bottles


You’ll need

How to mix

Pour 1/4 cup into the spray bottle followed by 10 drops of essential oil and a little water. I don’t measure but that’s really all you need. Shake well and clean the surface. All you need to clean the wood table is a few squirts and it’s a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth. Air dries beautifully. Surface should be smooth to the touch and remove any cup markings, food splatters, etc.

Wood Cleaning Polish Hacks

The recipe above is to clean the surface but what about polishing it? I have a great hack just for that. Use beeswax or coconut oil on a cloth to shine these beautiful furniture pieces up. You can also use a little lemon essential oil. That’s it for now mama’s. Enjoy.

Other Things You Can Do With The Vodka Spray:

Spray the rooms to clean the air. Also a great linen refresher, floor and countertop cleaner.

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