DIY Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I love making my own cleaning products but I’m also obsessed with homemade hand soap and DIY beauty recipes. If you have yet to try my coffee sugar scrub, it’s delicious! Quite invigorating if you’re interested in a quick pick me up without ingesting all that caffeine. Since making your own soaps at home is now more a thing than ever, I thought I’d share a post on how to make some foaming hand soap. You’ve probably heard me mention castile soap time and time again in our cleaning tips group, and that is because it is da bomb. It’s been my go to for months now. I use directly on hard soap scum. The stuff is fantastic but can be expensive. I purchase at TJMaxx or Marshall’s in the beauty section.

How To Make Foaming Hand Soap

Coconut is another one of my all natural go to’s. I’ve stocked up on these jars at those above locations as well because it can be costly in grocery stores. You’ll want to get fractionated coconut oil as it maintains a longer shelf value.

Things you’ll need:

  • 2 tablespoons of castile soap ( use the unscented if using essential oils or they make a castile soap with essential oils – I prefer the lavender one )
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • essential oils of your choice if you choose to use the unscented version of the castile soap ( use a couple drops as you don’t need much )
  • bottle with foaming action pump lid

Place the castile soap, coconut oil and essential oils in the bottle and top with water ( boil and chill the water if you aren’t using filtered ). Put top on and shake.

Foaming Hand Soap

It’s that simple! I love creating things that are super easy to make and use! I often go back and forth between soap bars and pumps but trust me…..we always have soap.

homemade hand soap

Super fun for the kids to make, a fabulous all natural cleaner for surfaces as well. I’m going to be rolling out so many posts this summer on how to clean specific things and adding full blown courses to the checkout. I think it’s so awesome to share tips and how to’s but I find that guiding clients to a healthy lifestyle is far more rewarding.

Antibacterial Soap Making

The eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender oils have anti fungal properties and are also great to use for dish soap. I have a great recipe for that as well. BTW……if you cannot get your hands on a foam pump, simply create the soap anyways and use a dish near the sink if you have to. Everyone is so crazy about using the proper supplies but if you cannot find them…..use whatever you may have around the house. I’d rather wash my hands with a concoction from a jar than nothing at all. Some use old ketchup dispensers and reuse their old soap bottles. Not something I am against, just clean with soap, hot water and vinegar.

Castile soap is wonderful for skin and surfaces. Considering converting from the typical dawn dish soap to a castile soap? It’s healthier, cost effective and you’re able to create so much with this. It’s versatile and refreshing.

All Natural Foaming Hand Soap

This homemade recipe is easy to make and gentle on the skin. After talking to so many people who are getting chapped and chaffed skin from washing too much, I recommend using this hand cream afterwards. Over washing your hands is just as bad as not washing them enough. It’s not something you should overthink. In terms of creating healthier lifestyles for my clients, I often reiterate not to overdo any style of cleaning. Germs are healthy to some degree. When your hands feel icky, wash. And if you are normally a clean person, don’t stress the 20 second rule.

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  1. Never buying name brand hand soaps again! Just gave this recipe a try because I recently have been wanting to change up my lifestyle and be less tox! Smells amazing and feels great on my skin. Coffee Addict Mama has the best homemade recipes! If you are considering making any of her recipes this is your sign to! You won’t regret it. πŸ«§πŸ’§β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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