Top 3 Manual Pinning Hacks

Grab another cup of coffee and let’s talk Pinterest once again. If you’re new here, I’m an Organic Pinterest Pro who has elevated numerous accounts to the millions! What was once a strategic curiosity ended up turning into a bad ass side hustle for this mama. I share tips and tricks on my page, as well as in our groups. But, here is where you’ll find my top manual pinning hacks that will not only boost your business accounts to the millions, rather help you make the money you’ve been looking for.

Optimize Your Boards

Pinterest is a search engine. I repeat, it’s a search engine. So if you’ve been calling it social media or are confused at all about the platform; it’s ranked #1 in promoting your brands. Yes! Numero Uno. The reason- if you’re trying to grow your new business organically (with no paid ads), then this is where you want to devote most of your time when promoting. It only makes sense for you to learn about the app. It’s as simple as understanding it. Which took me nearly 8 full years, and boy was that a bummer. I’m here to share all things Pinterest for newbies because I don’t want you to miss out.

If you don’t already have a business account set up, go to settings and get that squared away. Once you do, I almost always recommend getting familiar with the app just by pinning to your boards. Everyone thinks that they have to only pin their website photos and links but that’s furthest from the truth…….which leads to my first manual pinning hack :

  • Pin other businesses and blogs to your boards – when you take the time to manually pin other websites relating to your boards, it increases your stats with Pinterest. They value the accounts that aren’t shamelessly self promoting. However, they also want you to create your own content.

Pinterest For Business Secrets

You may read or see most businesses pinning their own goods, which is totally fine and dandy, but I’m probably the only Pinterest for business queen that does the reverse and here’s why; When you’re trying to grow your brands, you must also grow your social media && Pinterest, as well as your websites, blogs and online presence. If you only pin your ‘stuff’ then your Pinterest account doesn’t have enough content to BOOST the way you need it to. Basically the chances of you hitting the lottery on Pinterest is slim to none if you approach it this way.

The chances of your pins getting ‘lucky’ and scoring clicks is higher when you boost your accounts to the millions. When you support other Pinterest accounts, your account will flourish. So just pin your favorite food recipes to your boards, etc, etc. And also post your own in between. It’s called balance.

How To Grow Pinterest Manually

Pin where you left off. This is another hack that many people don’t know about. When you open your app to start pinning, typically pin a handful of the same category before switching to a new board. Once you have spent enough time pinning and you close the app, remember to pin where you left off when you open the app again. This is an algorithm trick. If I ended pinning on my Eat Cake For Breakfast board, I usually start pinning again to that board once I re-open the app again. It doesn’t have to be a lot, about 5-10 pins per board is really all that’s necessary. Anything over that could be considered SPAMMY and they will DING your accounts. It also helps you maintain a professional, cohesive look when growing your accounts.

Best Times To Pin

Knowing when to pin has everything to do with your own pins getting clicks that end up in sales. I’ve always pinned 3 times a day, everyday (for the most part) when trying to grow my accounts. The only way to really hit big is to spend a good chunk of your time mastering this app because when you post your business on Pinterest and consumers do a Google search on whatever it is that you have to offer, the chances of you authentically growing your brands is evident.

The best days to pin were Saturday’s for me but I learned something totally new this past week.

SPOILER ALERT: break up when you pin mostly because that’s just how the algorithm works. I think Pinterest likes a balance and structure more than you only pinning on certain days. One week could be better than the next so just balance your pins and creative content out during the week. No day is better than the next. It’s just the nature of the business.

I also notice an increase in clicks on my own pins when I post them later in the evening, EST. Here’s more ways to find the best times to pin.

Best Topics To Pin

If you’re at all curious about scoring those top pins to boost your business, here’s what you need to know. Damn straight, I’m giving you a bonus tip. That’s how I roll. Popular topics on Pinterest are right there when you use that # hashtag sign. When creating your pin (for yourself), upload the photo, link it to your website, optimize those titles and descriptions that we spoke about and when you use the hashtag sign in the description area the most popular topics will pop up. Depending on what your niche is, you’ll want to apply those high ticket pins to your own boards.

For ex: I post a lot about cleaning, so I would publish a pin that looks something like this

Now notice how I switched the board that I was originally going to pin this to (which would have been house cleaning), to bathroom. Ideally I like to pin my stuff to boards related but I wanted to see if it had an impact on views and such, and guess what… did. So don’t be afraid to create popular boards and pin several of the same topics to different boards with different photos. It’s strategic.

Let me know if you want me to polish your boards for you and if you have any questions, drop them in the comments for further discussion! Until next time, more coffee please.

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