Welcome to the Coffee Addict Mama Shop friends! This is where you’ll find my online services. I offer simple graphic design for banners, headers and ads. Perfect for advertising, FB pages, Etsy shops, blogs, websites and Pinterest. I also offer home decor goods, mugs, jewelry and things in my closet. Feel free to browse often and contact me for bundle deals.



Graphic Design Services

Graphics like the above picture can be used for advertising your business on Pinterest, websites, blog posts, social media and more. If you’re interested in this style of graphic here’s your options:

  • 1 presentation graphic for $8 or 3 for $20
  • 10 graphics for $65

Shop & Blog Banners $18 Each

Shop, blog and social media banners are all $18 each! These are perfect to help grow your fan base and give your customers a professional experience. We can create Etsy shop banners, blog headers, YouTube Channel Art, FB cover photos and more. 

Pinterest Services

Are you looking to grow your brand? Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 place to advertise your rad business? It sure is my friend!! Let me first start off by saying that Pinterest is NOT social media. It is indeed a SEARCH ENGINE much like Google and your boss vibes should be all over that. 

I’ve created a great post to help you flourish your accounts manually for free. However, sometimes it takes a master pro to do the work for you! I’m your gal. I love skyrocketing accounts to the millions. I’ve tested several different accounts to see what strategies to use for boosting monthly views without the Tailwind app. Yes, manual pinning is the way to go. 

Here’s what I can do for you boss- 

Pinterest Polish $189

Polishing Pinterest boards and organizing your new business account so that it’s professional and ready for you to earn business. This option is perfect for newbies who want to run their accounts themselves and learn how to use the app as a business owner. 

I will go into your business account, clean it up and start pinning to your new boards. I will also do some creative work to get your Pinterest up off the ground. You will start seeing results almost immediately. BUT when my work is done; you will need to take over and start using the tips ( I will email them to you ) to keep your progress going. Remember that Pinterest is the main app for all of your advertising needs, so don’t let weeks go by without utilizing it. 

Pinning Your Business On My Boards

This option is a creative strategy that big accounts use to elevate their boss sisters to the next level. When I pin your photos from your website to my { already established } boards, your views will skyrocket, leading to more sales for you!!

  • 10 Pins $25
  • 20 Pins $48
  • 50 Pins $105


Please send the exact amount to pay for your service and then email coffeeaddictmama@gmail.com to further discuss graphic options, etc! Thank you for your business. I love working with you babes.