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    Coffee Talk

    How Coffee Addict Mama Came About

    And this is the story how Coffee Addict Mama came about………. Hello & Welcome. It’s so nice to meet you. When I first started the Coffee Addict Mama site I knew exactly what I wanted it to be but I didn’t quite know how to go about publishing it (retired blogger funk!) Hi! I’m Victoria, feel free to call me Vic. I started my first mom blog back in 2010 and ever since I’ve been an avid blogger. I grew passionate about it when I realized that it wasn’t just therapeutic for me, but I felt a strong desire to create empowerment within the blogging communities. The Story Behind Coffee…

  • Coffee Talk

    The Best Online Women’s Community

    Hello Mama’s and Welcome to our Community! For those of you that don’t know how this site came about, here’s a little background. Coffee Addict Mama is a women’s lifestyle site covering topics related to business, non toxic house cleaning, minimalism, decluttering challenges, Pinterest and Blogging tips for new bloggers and business mama’s, along with coffee recipes, health and beauty with some style and design mixed in! We are super ecstatic that you are a member of our club. Make yourselves at home, comment on threads and offer your support! Join us daily on our social media platforms. You can become a member of any of our 5 groups via…