Reunion Part 2 Southern Charm: Rodrigo ‘Checks’ Olivia As He Defends Taylor

Southern Charm’s reunion part 2 of Season 9 starts off with Shep walking over to Taylor giving words of advice. After she makes the statement of not needing to be coached, she goes into her dressing room shedding a few tears saying, “I don’t think this friendship is salvageable.”

Olivia laughs and makes more unkind remarks to Madison about Taylor as the set gets ready to air Part 2.

Rodrigo defends Taylor and gives Olivia smart ass facial expressions as the cast sits down to discuss the season of drama even further. And to be honest, I’m glad someone else is seeing her for who she really is. A mean girl. Rodrigo right on.

BTW, Austen clarifies there was no label on their relationship.

The Scandal Between Austen & Taylor Still Hot Topic Of Discussion

The truth about whether or not Taylor and Austen slept together still lingers as the cast weighs in on what they think happened. Taylor spent the night at his house and addressed time and time again that they just kissed. This was right after Shep and her ended their 2 year relationship. Austen was still talking to Olivia which is why everyone is so upset about their ‘Hook Up!’

Taylor remains adamant that they did not hook up. She says again, “You asked if anything was going on and nothing was ‘going on’.” And she continues to apologize but Olivia explains, “We will never be friends again but we can move on…just not together!”

I personally think Taylor is better off without her in her life. She’s so dramatic and Tay is simply laid back, fun and doesn’t need the drama. She says she wants them to be in a good place but I say enough. No one is bowing down to you Olivia. It’s over. Move ahead. Moving on means stop bringing it up. I’m over it. Gahhh.

Shep and Taylor Talk About Their Love For One Another

Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose revealed how they feel about one another during Part 2 of the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion after Andy Cohen noticed how she kept looking at him throughout the entire show. Here’s a video on Watch What Happens live as Craig and Austen give an update on Shep after the show.

Shep Rose’s Quote About Life At The End Of Reunion Part 2

Shep ends the show with a famous quote, “Someone’s asked another person, do you ever cry?” He said, “It is important to use all the range of emotions because I have soared with the eagles and I’ve slithered with the snakes, and I’ve been everywhere in between. And the only guarantee in this life, is that there are no guarantees. Life doesn’t owe you anything. You’re going to fall down, you’re going to trip, you’re going to get knocked down. You get up, you get back in the game and you persevere. And you rely on on those that love you! So here’s perseverance in the face of adversity.”

Shep Rose Season 9 Southern Charm Reunion Part 2

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