Did David Woolley Marry ‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown For Fame

Sister Wives on TLC aired Christine Brown’s wedding on January 14, 2024 from Season 18, Episode 22 “Christine and David’s Wedding Special. Part Two.” During the wedding reception David’s daughter talks about how the two came about and many are now questioning whether or not he married her for fame.

David Woolley’s Daughter Tells Us How She’s ‘To Thank’ For Them Meeting

As the guests stand up and share their stories about the new couple, Kati states, “I don’t know if any of you know this, but I’m actually the reason they’re together. I manifested this. When I first heard that Christine was a single lady, I ran into my husband’s office (he was on a work call and I was like), ‘She’s Single!’ and he was like, who’s single, like what are you…I was like Christine Brown.”

She goes on to say, “She seems amazing, I don’t know.”

David discusses what Kati mentions to him before he even gets on the dating site. I don’t know if anyone else caught this but here’s the clip and you have to play it over and over again if you don’t get it.

Kati mentioned that you were single. I told her about how that you messaged me and she was excited, way excited more than anybody was. Um. She made me believe that I could do it. I did my own profile.

David Woolley

Go back and read that again.

He catches himself during this questioning and places the, “I told her about how that you messaged me” before Kati sharing information about the newly divorced sister wife. But then he says that the daughter encouraged him to create a profile after she had found out that Christine was single.

Something smells fishy?!

So did the daughter stalk Christine and know that she had created a dating profile and then encourage her dad to create one just so they could meet? Hmmm.

Here’s their dating story leading up to the announcement of their wedding.

More about David Woolley’s daughter wanting to become ‘famous’.

Weigh in Sister Wives fans. What are your honest thoughts about this.

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