Olivia Flowers Has Some ‘Not So Nice’ Things To Say About Taylor At The Season 9 Reunion Part 1

I had to go back a couple of seasons to watch how the relationship between Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll unfolded. She and Taylor Ann Green were the best of friends in Season 8 Southern Charm when both joined the other cast members. But, in Season 9 Part 1 of the Reunion, Olivia speaks some heavy, ‘not so kind’ things at the end of the show. The uncensored version can be watched on Peacock TV.

Season 9 Reunion Part One, Southern Charm

It’s a bit harsh watching her react the way she has about Taylor and Austen kissing. I didn’t get the whole impression that Olivia and Austen were in a ‘committed relationship’ at all throughout the entire show. However, he could have been connecting and acting a completely different way towards her off camera.

I’m not giving Olivia a pass but she is going through some rough episodes in her own life. After losing brother Conner to Lyme’s Disease last year, she’s more emotional about the entire fling between Taylor and Austen.

Do I think she’s being overly dramatic in Season 9, absolutely. As time passes she will realize it was a bit much and have moved on.

To be honest, she (Olivia Flowers) was actually one of my favorite cast members when I started tuning into Southern Charm. Something had told me to go back and watch previous seasons to catch up on how it all began with her and Austen. Because she was so hurt over the situation, I needed to understand the whole story.

Learning that it wasn’t much of a ‘Serious’ relationship, I disliked her more and more as the episodes played out.

They weren’t exclusive as Taylor stated to her brother in this clip:

Leva explains, “You continue to lie to these two people (referring to Shep and Olivia) and it makes us all want to step back from you two (Taylor and Austen).” However, Olivia has given passes to Austen because she feels a connected bond with him.

Olivia Says Some Nasty Things To Taylor At The End Of Reunion Part 1 of Southern Charm

As Olivia exits the stage she calls Taylor a “F*cking C*nt!”

During break Shep goes over to Taylor and offers some sweet advice about silence being powerful: “Silence is Golden.” Taylor responds with, “Thank You. Don’t need to be coached up on anything, but thank you!”

What do y’all think about these nasty words Olivia has called Taylor? Weigh in Bravo friends!

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