5 Plants That Naturally Freshen The Air

This article will list the top 5 plants that naturally freshen the air we breathe inside our homes. These are all new and not mentioned previously. I personally love each of them because they are super easy to care for, low light tolerant and such pretty houseplants. When I first got into houseplants I was specifically drawn to the vining plants. There’s something about these live creatures that make your house a home. Let’s dive into my list of naturally purifying plants that clean and freshen the air. But, allow me to state this right off the bat; in order to achieve a healthier air inside the home, you must bundle the plants that naturally freshen the air. Just purchasing one probably won’t do the trick.

naturally freshen your home with plants

If you’re in our new plant group then you may have noticed when I shared a post about the good ol’ snake plants. These plants are Sansevieria and people are attracted to their sword like leaves. Perfect for low light apartments and cleaning the air. In that post it mentioned that if in fact you had enough of these plants around your home and we no longer had air to breathe, you could still get air from them. I haven’t tested so I have no idea if that rings true or not. However, I do know that these plants make your homes smell fresh and clean.

  • Snake Plants aka Sansevieria – these purifying houseplants help naturally freshen and clean the air inside your home! My personal tip with these plants: people will list them as a low light plant but the truth is, they LOVE natural sunlight. Yes. You can place these babies in a well lit room with lots of indirect sunlight, even direct at some points throughout the day and they will grow tall and gorgeously, fast. If you don’t have a lot of light in your home that’s fine. You will still reap the benefits of these incredibly amazing live beauties. They’ll just take longer to grow!
  • English Ivy – this style plant vines beautifully and is a perfect desk plant when in a 4″ pot. You can easily upgrade it to a hanging pot so that you can watch how luscious it gets. The leaves are a pretty green and simply prune back for best results at growing rapidly.

Live Plants That Naturally Freshen The Air In Our Homes

You guys are going to kill me but I have to confess! I still don’t own a spider plant. It’s not because I don’t think they’re cool enough, it’s just because I haven’t found the right one. I’m extremely picky about the plants I bring home and if it’s not healthy at the nursery, I am not buying. I’ll rescue some plants but I haven’t spotted the perfect spider plant to bring home yet.

  • Spider Plants – the spider plant is another really easy to care for houseplant. I know I’ll have one someday (perhaps my apartment is just not right for it) but these plants also love a good splash of morning sunlight. Place in a well lit room for best results. I’d imagine this one is similar to other hanging plants I’ve owned and do well in humid bathrooms as well. Here’s a more in depth article about them.
  • Boston Ferns – here we go again…I haven’t owned this one but my neighbor has and I see them everywhere. I guess they’re just too big for my small apartment. Boston Ferns are notorious for cleaning the air we breathe naturally. It freshens your rooms like whoa! If you purchase a hanging plant and happen to have a lot of sunlight, these bad boys will grow very big. Prune back for best results and embrace the natural elements of this houseplant. PS: they’re also gorgeous patio plants.
  • Chrysanthemum Aka Mums – so pretty and naturally fresh. Clip and place in a vase for a clean style in your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in there, these are perfect pick me ups. Chrysanthemums need bright sunlight (another reason my poor apartment doesn’t host these year round). However, you can place in a clear vase to decorate your home with them temporarily. Wait, you have a bright room to grow these in? Jealous. The natural fresh fragrance these blooms give off is so refreshing. I would die for a home that had well lit rooms.

Freshen The Air With These Naturally Clean Plants

Be cautious if you have pets. My cats are criminals when it comes to specific plants. I had an English Ivy but ended up disposing because my bitch cat Cleo got into it once. I can no longer decorate with plants in our apartment and if I do, I have to relocate the plants when we leave. Complete chaos. But, I do love each of them very much. Instead of leaving the plants on the counter or low table/shelf, I just hang them high enough on the wall with a macramé plant hanger or hook. I do believe the spider plant is pet friendly but still, be on high alert with the pets and plant combinations.

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Ways Plants Help Keep Your Home Clean

Live houseplants are well known for keeping the home clean if you don’t hoard them, keep them clean and prune/wash monthly. They inspire us to create, live well and healthier.

  • Place a plant in the bathroom to help you keep the clutter off the vanity
  • Declutter the countertops to make room for your pretty kitchen plant
  • Plants give us a reason to care. Simply tend to them and you’ll find yourself tending to everything else that needs you
  • Bunch snake plants together for a better breathing experience. You’ll notice in 6 months or less that the plants are helping clean the air all naturally

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  1. I love this article on naturally purifying plants! Snake plants and spider plants are fantastic choices for cleaner indoor air. Aloe Vera is another great plant for air purification, plus it’s incredibly handy for soothing minor burns and skin irritations. It’s like a natural first aid kit and air freshener in one! Having a few of these plants strategically placed around your home can be a real game-changer. Thanks for sharing these tips, and here’s to healthier and fresher living spaces! Matt

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