“You Bitch” Tamra Judge Calls Jennifer Pedranti Out In Season 17, Episode 7

It’s no surprise that Tamra Judge is coming in harsh on Season 17 of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. She came back strong meeting with Shannon Beador to see if the two could repair their long lost friendship and openly called her a drunk once again on a boat trip the ladies went on in Episode 2.

Tamra Calls So Called Friend Bitch In Season 17, Episode 7

The real issue now seems to be with Tamra’s friend Jennifer Pedranti. We talked a little about how Gina Kirschenheiter had problems with Jenn’s personal business and affairs, but Tamra is hinting off smirks that she knows more than what the other housewives know. Tamra claims she loves Jennifer and doesn’t want to see her boyfriend Ryan Boyajian hurt/cheat on her.

After throwing a napkin in her face, Tamra storms away from the table clearly inebriated claiming she knows more than what she’s telling. Jennifer talks about how Ryan accidentally sent a ‘dick pic’ to several of his contacts but meant it to be for Jennifer with the caption, something along the lines of his flimsy penis missing her.

Tamra didn’t buy it stating, “What 45 year old man sends dick pics to anyone?”

Many believe this is Jenn’s story to tell, not Tamra’s business at all.

If Jennifer wants to be with him let her be.

After the outburst at the table Tamra rejoins the group and Jennifer clearly wants nothing to do with her at this point. Nor should she. Airing dirty laundry out just for the sake of gossiping is totally not worth damaging a real friendship. Tamra didn’t care. She just smirked and thought it necessary to keep calling her so called friends man out.

In the end, we all know that Tamra Judge is queen of gossip and the other housewives know to steer far away from her, let her have her outbursts and carry on. In her own words, “I need a Xanax,” Tamra tells the bartender.

Why she’s so frustrated over someone else’s relationship is beyond Shannon. She mentions that this is Jennifer’s business to be sharing publicly not Tamra’s. Everyone deals with infidelity in their own way and it’s not Tamra’s place to bring up petty stuff about their relationship. If it doesn’t bother Jennifer, why Tamra so upset.

So the question of the day is, Why is Jennifer a bitch?

Because she told Tamra to, “Watch it?”

Jennifer Pedranti told Ryan that she was biting her lip because she loved Tamra and Eddie too much. I think it’s safe to say that she no longer feels safe in their friendship. Tamra exposed some really personal information and Jenn evidently feels embarrassed.

Will their friendship be repaired? We will see.

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