American Nightmare: The Real ‘Gone Girl’ Story

A Netflix Original about the real ‘gone girl’ case that spiked national news is riveting, emotional and something everyone needs to watch. It’s a story about a young couple whose home gets broken into; they get tied up, drugged and the perpetrator takes the woman hostage.

The story was all over every news station immediately when the boyfriend looked to police for help. He said that the man told him if he called police he would kill her. He placed a camera in his home watching to make sure he didn’t report this kidnapping to authorities.

The Real ‘Gone Girl’ Story : American Nightmare, a new Netflix documentary

Denise Huskins was taken from her home after hours of being tormented by the kidnapper and held for ransom. Aaron Quinn, the boyfriend calls 911 the following day to tell the story of her abduction. He thought it would be the only thing that would save her despite the attackers demand not to reach out to Vallejo PD. He explains the man breaking in with a wetsuit on, tying them up and covering their eyes with goggles taped to block out seeing him.

American Nightmare, a new Netflix documentary reveals the truth behind the ‘So Called’ hoax and reliving this horrific crime has everyone in tears. Denise goes into detail about the rape, the room she was held captive in, the sounds of music she heard as the rapist walked around the house and most unbelievable, how he released her down the street from where her family lived days later.

Vallejo Police held a press conference saying, “This event appears to be an orchestrated event and not a kidnapping!” They never believed Aaron and when Denise showed up, they questioned whether this was all made up or not. Instead of treating her like a victim, they treated her like a criminal.

How This Case Got The Nickname ‘Gone Girl’

Immediately after being questioned, the couple felt the need to get a lawyer to help with their case. It was obvious they didn’t believe their story. That allegation prompted many in the media to label this the Gone Girl case, comparing it to David Fincher’s 2014 film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike in which a scorned wife fakes her kidnapping to punish her husband.

The two are extremely similar in details. Great movie if you haven’t watched. But, now some are asking if these types of movies should be allowed because of the real life mimics we see in today’s world involving crime.

‘So Called’ Hoax Shocks America As The Truth Is Revealed

Matthew Muller was later arrested because of a woman officer, Misty Carausu who was investigating other cases relating. Denise says she’s her hero. When the Sergeant found a blonde piece of hair on the goggles that covered Muller’s victims eyes, she set out to find the person it belonged to which led to this case revealing their truth behind the entire story.

I won’t share the ending details because it’s emotional and heartbreaking. You can watch and then weigh in below. All I have to say is that this is why people are afraid to look to police for help!

Stay tuned for more crime posts. Until next time, more coffee please.

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