How To Keep Your Plants From Dying During Winter Months

How To Keep Your Plants From Dying During Winter Months

Hey plant mama’s! Here’s a fantastic guide to prevent your plants from dying during winter months because I know how much y’all love your purifying plants! Just starting out as a #plantmama? These are the plants that you cannot possibly kill! All you have to do is go the ‘less is more’ approach when caring for these babies.

Prevent Plants From Dying During The Winter Months

Last week I posted on our FB page about placing my plants in a basket bunched together. The first rule of thumb when trying not to kill your plants during colder months is to group them. It’s snuggling for plants. They thrive off each other producing their own water to nourish themselves to prevent dying.

How To Keep Indoor Plants Warm

Whatever you do, don’t drown me

  • Plants don’t need much water during the winter. In fact, when it’s warmer I only water once a week. You’ll want your plants to dry out as much as possible. If they start withering, simply add a little water and they should plump right back up. Less is more in terms of watering.
  • Use cheesecloths, blankets or towels to wrap around the pots if you cannot find baskets or plant holders to keep them in.
  • Grouping together alone will do wonders so, if all else fails, at least bunch them next to each other.

Typically I will repot my plants more than twice per year. I think rejuvenating the soil helps them to grow faster and healthier. If you get a bag of soil that has bugs in it, use a neem spray to saturate the soil before re-potting.

PLEASE NOTE: You must dilute the neem oil that I have recommended. I accidentally poured straight in one of my daughters new flower pots and it killed the whole plant.

They do sell bottles at the home improvement stores that are pre-mixed. Simply spray the soil and WAIT to make sure there’s no more creepy crawlers before adding the soil to the pot.

Best Plant Care Guide

A lot of times I will not be able to repot the plants and you don’t necessarily have to if the plant is doing well, leave it. I just take my fingertips or a spoon to swoosh the soil in the pot around to mix it up a bit. This will also help you feel if it’s completely dried out or not. Waiting until it’s bone dry during the winter months will allow the plants to thrive and come back to life for spring.

When it’s dried out I add about 1/3 cup or less of water to the plant.

  • Make sure the water is not cold. Lukewarm water is perfect. Filtered water is even better.
  • Allow your plants to get more natural sunlight when it’s cold if possible. I group mine in front of our dining room window where we get the most light. The other ones are on a shelf in my bedroom where it’s extremely low light but they’re next to each other and in warm covered pots & don’t get any water.
  • Snip off dead leaves. This is so important even if it’s just a little dead leaf sitting in the base of the pot……clean it up! Don’t be afraid to clip off leaves that are still green with signs of decay. That could be brown spots, yellow parts on a leaf, holes from bugs, just cut them off at the base and then use an alcohol wipe to clean the stem off where you snipped it.

Thriving Plant Guide For Colder Months

This here is one of my favorite tips. I don’t like my plants sitting on the floor if they don’t have to be, elevate them. Elevating them off the floor will keep them from getting the chill from the cold breeze coming in.

These are my all time favorite baskets to place the plants in because they look darling with your home decor. I can find them at home improvement stores, Home Goods, TJMaxx and even Marshall’s & Target sometimes. Grab them even if you don’t intend to use for plants because they’re great for throw blankets, pillows and more!

I’m working on about 15 different styles of posts, so comment if you’d like to read about a specific topic. I’d love to help in anyway possible!

There’s really not a whole lot you have to do with your plants during the cold winter months, just keep an eye on them and revive by allowing the roots to dry out. You’ll have gorgeous plant life throughout your home come next summer. If you’re at all interested in propagating, check out my IG story highlights ‘Plant Mama‘ and watch my videos. They could be helpful as well. And don’t be afraid to message me there! I’d love to chat about plants. Or anything you need! Enjoy. Xo- V

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