I was reading through comments last week and to my surprise witnessed a lot of women that were in the same boat as me not too long ago. Are you constantly struggling with fulfilling your brand because you have so many different ideas? I’m a Gemini so it’s very natural for me to want to create, create, create and in essence, lose my main focus { which is building a brand I’m in love with }. Sound familiar?! Well, I think we all have it in us to try different things but in order for us to choose the right brand…..we must think about what is most important. Is it the one paying our bills?! Probably not. At least not off the bat. I’m going to show you how to choose the right brand for you because this is genuinely the most important to our success.

Back when I started blogging, I knew that I absolutely had a passion for it. I knew how to build communities but I had no clue that I could build a brand for myself. I went on to open a small business and do side hustles like, selling on Etsy, painting furniture for clients and doing a lot of FB marketing. It wasn’t until I started a cleaning business that I got back into real blogging. I knew that I had to have a website and create content for me to build this new business but in all reality, that wasn’t where my heart was. I love to blog. It’s something that relieves my stress and it excites me to share my life with y’all.

I’ve had the name Coffee Addict Mama on Insta for years now. I just had no idea what I wanted to do with it, until now. Just this year, I launched the website and started writing again. On a platform that I like. A website that I can build for me, myself and I. I can turn it into anything. That was my goal. I set out to build a brand { even though everything was still up in the air } and just rolled with it. Is it possibly everything I want? No. But I can BUILD it. It’s mine.


If this doesn’t sound confusing, great! But for those that struggle with, “I have so many ideas, I just don’t know where to start!” This should help:

  • WALK AWAY- take a step away from everything when you have so many ideas in your head. You’ll need to relax and breathe in the nature’s air before you can move ahead. A nice long walk will really help clear your mind and re-focus.
  • WEIGH OUT THE PROS + CONS – making a list of what you like to do versus what you’re actually good at. Write down the pros and cons of everything you could possibly build a business with and then look at your results.
  • DO SOME RESEARCH – not everything we want to build is going to actually flourish. It’s not easy, there’s a competition out there that’s driving you crazy, the marketing, the editing, the social media and website building is overwhelming…….can you take on what it is that you’re looking to grow? Google the field and do some reading on it. When I started my cleaning business, I had searched for everything, read blogs and tapped into the details to know what I was talking about. I wanted to be professional and learn as much as possible.
  • SOUL SEARCHING – I often find myself envisioning my future and what I’m doing ten years from now. I wish I would have never given up on what I loved doing. It was a huge mistake for me and I’ve learned to always get back into it. Because it’s in me. No matter what it is that you love doing ( we can have multiple options )….however, there’s only one true love that we really want to do and when you dig deep, you will find it.
  • GET INSPIRED – I’m not saying do what everyone else is doing……and believe me, I get ideas from a lot of different people……It’s those people that help us realize what it is that we want out of our own businesses. Yes, get inspired. But don’t just do something because you see someone else is successful at it. Doesn’t mean it’s right for you! If it is, you will know it!
  • TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – in relation to walking away, put the phone down and go do something to clear your mind. We’re human. The natural instincts click in when we least expect it.

I also want to say that you will have set backs. That’s life. We have to endure the struggles to get back up again. Building an empire, a brand, a business……takes a lot of frickin’ work!!! But you got this!