Before I started calling myself a ‘coffee addict’ I would see people carrying Starbucks disposable cups around like it was part of their wardrobe. Wait a minute. It Is. It’s essentially an accessory. An accessory to sanity, I say! Kind of like a kid who carries a security blanket. Us adults carry coffee.

5 Reasons To Love A Coffee Addict

In my early 20’s I discovered a love for all things coffee. I craved the sugar, the creamer, the rush. And then, I started adding the famous espresso shot to my coffee. More caffeine and at the time what I thought was more sanity. I quickly realized that I was going to kill myself if I didn’t cut back and pay attention to how much I was ingesting. Anyways, today I normally just drink 2-3 cups of coffee which is the ideal ‘healthy‘ amount to drink.

  • Coffee makes people happy- ever attempt to approach someone who hasn’t had their coffee yet? yeah…..we don’t recommend. If you have then you know how quickly their mood changes once they do drink a few sips. Instant sanity, lol?! Surrounding yourselves with people who drink coffee in return makes you happy. It’s a win win. Like therapy for the average joe. A study of nurses found that over 66% of women are less likely to commit suicide by drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day! I had always heard that drinking coffee helps with depression and I can truly attest. I don’t believe I would be here today if I didn’t have coffee & Jesus in my life. I’m ever so grateful and truly do appreciate a good cup of coffee!

Coffee Makes People Happy

  • The Aroma- the smell of coffee alone is just divine. Walking into a place that has the fresh scent of coffee beans is instant ‘good mood ‘status. Heck, I brew and grind at home all of the time just to get a boast of energy through my nose!! Studies show that just smelling this amazing stuff can be positive for our brains. Sniff sniff.
  • Giving- people who love drinking coffee are fairly giving, friendly people. These people like sharing…..usually they will offer to pay for yours. Coffee addicts don’t mind lending a hand, they typically have gentle souls.
  • Warm + Friendly- not all but a majority of coffee lovers are warm in nature, friendly, smile more, give more, genuinely care about others ….. #butfirstcoffee and have a good sense of humor. They aren’t apt to get angry fast, pretty sweet and they like to spread kindness offering more cups of joe quite frequently.
  • Full of Energy- and ready to go! You know coffee addicts have a ton of energy and have an urgency to explore. This is what makes them fun people! If you need a shopping date just holler! When you want to go thrifting, biking, hiking, anything nature friendly, just grab a few cups of coffee at your local shop and away we go.

So, reasons to love a coffee addict are quite obvious! The people of the world cannot function without it. It’s a necessity, a burst of energy, a reason to breathe. Want more kindness? Drink more coffee. Want to make friends? Join our community. Why do you love coffee addicts? I’m curious because 5 reasons just aren’t enough. When I was little I disliked the smell of it on my moms breath and today, I have that same breath…..ironic don’t you think?

Are you a coffee addict? We’d love to learn more about who you are. Leave us some comments.

Great conversations start with good coffee

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