5 Perfectly Good Reasons To Love A Coffee Addict

Why Coffee People Are Easy To Love

Before I started calling myself a ‘coffee addict’ I would see people carrying Starbucks disposable cups around like it was part of their wardrobe. Wait a minute. It Is. It’s essentially an accessory. An accessory to sanity, I say! Kind of like a kid who carries a security blanket. Us adults carry coffee.

In my early 20’s I discovered a love for all things coffee. I craved the sugar, the creamer, the rush. And then, I started adding the famous espresso shot to my coffee; more caffeine and at the time what I thought was more sanity. I quickly realized that I was going to kill myself if I didn’t cut back and pay attention to how much I was drinking. Today, I normally just drink 2-3 cups of black coffee per day which is the ideal ‘healthy‘ amount to drink.

  • Coffee makes people happy- ever attempt to approach someone who hasn’t had their coffee yet? Yeah, we don’t recommend. If you have then you know how quickly their mood changes once they do drink a few sips. Instant sanity?! Surrounding ourselves with people who drink coffee in return makes us happy. It’s a win win. Like therapy for the average joe. A study of nurses found that over 66% of women are less likely to commit suicide by drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day! I had always heard that drinking coffee helps with depression and I can truly attest. I don’t believe I would be here today if I didn’t have coffee & Jesus in my life. I’m ever so grateful and truly do appreciate a good cup of coffee!

Coffee Makes People Happy

  • The Aroma- the smell of coffee alone is just divine. Walking into a place that has the fresh scent of coffee beans is instant ‘good mood ‘status. Heck, I brew and grind at home all of the time just to get a boast of energy through my nose!! Studies show that just smelling this amazing stuff can be positive for our brains. Sniff sniff.
  • Giving- people who love drinking coffee are fairly giving, friendly people. These people like sharing…usually they will offer to pay for yours. Coffee addicts don’t mind lending a hand, they typically have gentle souls.
  • Warm + Friendly- not all but a majority of coffee lovers are warm in nature, friendly, smile more, give more, genuinely care about others … #butfirstcoffee and have a good sense of humor. They aren’t apt to get angry fast, pretty sweet and they like to spread kindness offering more cups of joe quite frequently.
  • Full of Energy- and ready to go! You know coffee addicts have a ton of energy and have an urgency to explore. This is what makes them fun people! If you need a shopping date just holler! When you want to go thrifting, biking, hiking, anything nature friendly, just grab a few cups of coffee at your local shop and away we go.

So, why coffee people are more loving is quite obvious! The people of the world cannot function without it. It’s a necessity, a burst of energy, a reason to breathe. Want more kindness? Drink more coffee. Want to make friends? Join our community. Why do you love coffee addicts? I’m curious because 5 reasons just aren’t enough. When I was little I disliked the smell of it on my moms breath and today, I have that same breath. Ironic. Maybe.

Are you a coffee person? We’d love to learn more about who you are.

Great conversations start with good coffee

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