Money Saving Laundry Tips

These money saving laundry tips will have you loving the household chore if you didn’t already. If you’re that mom that hates doing laundry because it piles up faster than you can put the clothing away, this post is for you! Hi! I’m a mom to two grown girls and laundry was, and still is one of my favorite cleaning tasks.

Money Saving Laundry Tips

I remember walking into a clients home and seeing the clothing scattered all over the floor in the laundry room, so much that you couldn’t walk into it. And, not on one occasion either. This seems to be an ongoing problem for many busy families and, I also mentor clients who struggle with this specific chore. Honestly, I rarely call them chores. It’s a lifestyle and because it is something that we have to do, I created ways to do them in a fashion that I would enjoy doing it.

Less Laundry, More Living

I’m just going to dive right in and tell you that it is nearly impossible to maintain a simplified cleaning routine when you have TOO MUCH stuff. That’s just a fact. I’m sure you hear it all of the time, yet you still have way too many pieces of clothing. Decluttering is a fantastic way to eliminate the load. We purge our closets every single month because we grow out & fall out of love with them often. Looks change. And that’s a good thing.

  • Clear Out– Go through your drawers and closets as much as you can to toss things you never wear or can live without. Everyday mindset. You have to think about it daily and do small things weekly that help you minimize the clothing in your homes.
  • Same Styles– Use the same styles/colors of towels, linens and even when it comes down to clothing because it helps a ton when washing them. We only have white towels in our home. This is because whites come out smelling 10X better than colored towels and sheets. When you wash whites you can definitely wear them/use more than once and get your use out of them more than you ever would with colored. The scent lasts longer.
  • Set A Weekly Mindset Not Schedule– Many households have days of the week that they do their laundry but only do this with linens. Do NOT set your laundry day to a specific day. That just means that you are losing an entire day on babysitting the washer/dryer.
  • Separate Clothing– If you do not do this already, start separating everyone’s clothing into sections. Use smaller baskets or piles to help keep whites separate from colors and use a visual guide to see if the pile can be thrown in as a small load.


Above I mentioned avoiding doing laundry on a scheduled day of the week because if anyone in your home does have a lot of clothing by the end of the week, it just creates overwhelm. Unless you like washing everything in one day, that’s totally awesome. I personally would rather not spend an entire day on laundry.

One learns to enjoy doing laundry when the overload is less dramatic.

Balancing time and efficiency is key when washing clothing. If you have it in your mind that you have to do laundry on a Saturday because that’s the cheapest time to run the appliances, think about the time and money you save when you learn to do this more simplified.

  • Smaller loads– There’s a small load setting for a reason. When you do laundry in smaller loads you don’t have to fold as much. You save water, which saves money and you aren’t overwhelmed with washing clothing ALL day long. Instead you are doing smaller loads throughout the week to maintain the sanity. It’s like taking a shower everyday. You aren’t saving that much money by doing massive loads in one day versus spread out over 7 days. In order to get the laundry under control, you must do smaller loads. This also teaches you about minimalism and gives you a chance to think about what you want to keep and what you can toss.
  • Use less laundry soap– Don’t use more than what your clothing needs in terms of washing. One tablespoon of detergent is all you need in a small load. Add 1/4 cup vinegar instead of using fabric softener which is highly toxic and eventually ruins clothing and causes allergies.
  • Switch to wool dryer balls– These SAVE so much on money and time. When you wash a small load and dry, the drying time is like 10 minutes, I kid you not. Invest in dryer balls and ditch the dryer sheets, which are also highly toxic. One of the most toxic chemicals in your home right now.

Learn How To Slowly Incorporate The No Tox Life Into Your Daily Routines

This has been a game changer in my personal life and also in many clients that I work with. Not only does it change the wellness within your home through, most importantly breathing better, but it mentally stabilizes you. The thought process in almost everything you do is positive and healthier.

I don’t know about you but having the right equipment also plays an important role in laundry goals!

  • Use Wicker Baskets– I love my big wicker baskets because they make folded ( and unfolded ) dry clothes just look prettier. When I have something cute to fold my clothes in, I appreciate the task at hand better.
wicker laundry basket

They are so versatile and can be used for anything! Sometimes I store throw blankets and pillows in them. The towels always look fresh, crisp and clean.

  • Ditch the plastic baskets– This helps the laundry doing more fun. I always recommend to stop buying those ugly baskets and invest in higher quality ones that fit your home decor better. You’ll thank me later my friends.
  • Take your time– Many people (even myself at times) will recommend putting clothing away as soon as possible. I say, relax. Do what you can when you can so that it doesn’t feel like a daunting task. Much more of a stress reliever instead. When you take the tips I’ve shared above and apply them to your routines, it makes doing laundry fun.
  • No clothes on the floor rule– Everyday someone in the home tosses clothing onto the floor. This can make laundry seem really bad if not picked up right away. I’m not saying you have to wash them at that given moment but you should definitely toss in a basket or the washer to eliminate the dirty clothing from being on the floor. Start the load when it’s at least half full.
  • Have the littles help out– This teaches them responsibility and guides them to a healthier routine when they pick out their own clothing, toss their dirty laundry in the basket and then fold their own shirts, pants, etc. Remember not to fill their drawers so much that they are overflowing. No need. Kids grow far too fast to have that many outfits. Keep it simple, keep it minimal.

You’re going to have these money saving laundry tips down packed, I know it! It’s such an amazing feeling when you enjoy the ‘to do’s’ instead of dragging out the process. If clothes are piling up and you cannot get a grip on it, feel free to reach out. Sometimes it takes someone else telling you what to do, in order for you to actually do it. Don’t let the mess make you stress.

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How do you do your laundry? Do you purge often? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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